Friday, May 14, 2021

DJ Interviews: The Yenner


1. I started as early as a year ago but have had over a decade of experience behind the scenes with degree in media and editing , radio broadcasting and mix mastering . But after lockdown my life shifted and so did my aspirations. And I couldn’t be happier 

2.from early years I was raised on rock n roll and 80s soundtracks but growing into my teens this progressed to Electro house and Deep bass music. Recently it’s now became more lo-go subdued music . 

3. My advice would be ‘Just do it’ what is there to lose and if you worry about what others think including family what’s the point we all live one life and are going in the same direction so enjoy your land. 

4. I see YENNER as not only my artist name but a viewpoint for all things nostalgic and euphoric and expression. I can share however I feel when I feel it through my music . At the moment it’s mostly house and lofi combined as I feel there’s not enough of this form out there. 
My new Indie releases are a side experiment at the moment ‘Tonight’ and ‘Buried In Memories’ are my first song written and vocal tracks thus far and I’m excited to see where it leads . 

5. I have began working with a few artists on collaborations due to be released early summer and then eventually a new Collab Album with tracks with other artists and myself so keep posted . 

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