Tuesday, April 30, 2024

DJ Interviews: Ronni Rossi

Here's my interview with singer Ronni Rossi 

How'd you get started in music?

Because my family was never there for me nor was the world and music was my only friend

Who are your inspirations or influences?

God and Huey Lewis and the news and a little bit of Jeff Buckley

What advice would you offer aspiring performers?

Don’t be a pussy don’t listen to anybody, but your heart and be bold even if it’s terrifying

How do you set yourself apart from other bands or singers? 

Because I am me just be yourself because everyone else is fucking taken.

Any new gigs or albums in the future? 

yes Saturday nights on Stageit.com and hopefully an American tour in the near future stay tuned.

Monday, April 29, 2024

DJ Interviews: Atmospheriic Daft

 Here's a quick interview with the band Atmospheric Daft as thy shared their musical beginnings

I got started making music 2 years ago. I was curious how Lo-Fi music was made, and began research on creating it. Once I started making music, I fell in love with it.

The artist that inspired me to make music is Closed on Sunday.

For aspiring performers, I would advise just get out there and make music. It's scary putting yourself out there, but it's best to get the fear over with. It gets better as you go.  Also, ignore the haters, but listen to constructive criticism. But take all advice with a grain of salt. What works for one person, doesn't for another. 

I try and set myself apart by adding an Atmospheric quality to most of my tracks along with several experimental sounds.

No gigs planned currently, though I hope to do some in the future. I have new singles releasing every Friday currently. Will likely release more albums in 2025. 

Sunday, April 28, 2024

DJ Interviews: Kanilrós

 Here's my ubterview with musician   Kanilrós as he shared  his musicial beginngs

How'd you get started in music?

Initially I started learning piano at the local music school. Don't remember how old I was, but probably 7 or 8. Then one time when I was supposed to play at a school concert, I showed up ready to play, but my name was never announced. Turns out my teacher forgot to add me to the list. This annoyed me so much I quit.

A little later, I may have been around 10 - 12 years old, but don't quite remember, my younger brother got a mini classical guitar as a present. He didn't show much interest in it, but I ended up picking it up. My father taught me 3 chords or so and as soon as I was able to switch seamlessly between them, I started writing songs. Don't know where they came from, I wasn't trying to emulate anything in particular, the music just started forming in my head and hasn't stopped since.

I became obsessed with the guitar and started playing it vigorously. Some of my friends were already learning the instrument at that same local music school and I caught up to them pretty quickly. It was clear both to me and my parents that I needed to do this, so as soon as I could (when the next semester started), I signed up there. I had developed an interest in the bass, but was told it would be best to start on guitar, which I did. Turns out it suited me well, so I never switched to bass (it wasn't until recently when I started my solo project that I started playing the bass).

Around that time I got my first electric guitar and along with my guitar studies, I started writing more and more music and lyrics. On 11 January 1994, still months away from my 13th birthday I started my first "band". It was my friend on vocals and me on guitar and piano, but it soon evolved into a full rock band. Since then I've been writing music and playing with underground rock bands. The first album I was a part of (with my band at the time Kanis) was released in 2003 and my current band Thingtak released an album in 2006. We're not very active these days and have been working on our follow up album on and off ever since. It will be released one day!

It wasn't until around my 40th birthday I started toying with the idea of releasing music as a solo artist. I started recording my compositions in the BandLab browser interface and releasing them there, but in 2023 I decided to adopt the artist name Kanilrós (which is the Icelandic word for cinnamon rose) and that year I released 3 albums. Since then I've been working on a lot of collabs with other artists I've met on the X platform (which was still called Twitter when I joined in June 2023), mainly through the Only the Host community which you should look up, some amazing artists there!

Who are your inspirations or influences?

I don't really have a lot of direct influences in my music as it primarily comes from within. But of course the music I listen to will have some indirect influence. Since I was a child, even before I started playing guitar, Queen has been my main obsession. I'm not sure I'd say they inspired me to make music, I think I would have done that no matter what. I also wouldn't say my music sounds anything like Queen, but there may be a few references here and there, albeit mostly unintentional. When I was around 20 years old, System of a Down was making it big and they definitely had an impact on me. 

Most of my life I've primarily listened to rock and metal, guitar music really. But lately this has been changing and I've become more open to new experiences. I even started listening to hip hop after getting to know some fantastic hip hop artists in the X community. If any artists are influencing me now, I'd say they're mostly artists I've found there. Most of them are not very well known, which is a shame. So much talent out there.

What advice would you offer aspiring performers?

I don't think I'm in any place to give advice and I don't know why they would want it from me, but in my opinion the most important thing is to have fun and not to overthink things. Also just make the music you want to make, don't worry so much about what other people will think of it.

How do you set yourself apart from other bands or singers?

I'm not sure I do, at least I don't think about it. I don't think there is anything new about my music I can put my finger on. At least not any of the components of it, but I also don't know anyone who has the same combination. Maybe that's one thing, my music is all over the place style and genre wise. That's the way I like it. I'd never want to be constricted to a certain type of music. Whatever pops up in my head, that's what I'll make.

Any new gigs or albums in the future?

Yes! I'm constantly working on new music and my favourite way of releasing it is the album format (even if only digitally). I've been collaborating with a lot of artists lately and a lot of those tracks are being released in 2024. I also have a few very exciting projects going I'll reveal later. As for gigs, I haven't played live as Kanilrós yet, but I will. I've been rehearsing some material with my mates and also preparing to do shows on my own. It is not a priority at the moment for me, but I've played a lot of gigs in my time with my bands and being on stage is definitely where I shine my brightest.

Tuesday, April 23, 2024

DJ Interviews: Lord Vynil

Here's my interview with singer.gamer Lord Vynil who sat down with me to share his musical beginnings, enjoy,

My name is Lord Vryll, hailing from the Bronx,NY but now in Watertown,NY so i guess i hail from there now. My music is definitely somewhere around Hyperpop,Hyperrap,Rap,Trap,Rock, somewhere there i’d like to think. I got started with music in 2019, Juice Wrld, my biggest inspiration and the reason i got started at the time had just passed and i was simply only messing with the idea with a friend, playing in a makeshift band i was tryna get started in college and really exploring options as school wasn’t for me, i was holding up a promise i knew i didn’t wanna keep, and then shortly after that my great aunt passed, devastating everyone in my family and being the source to my very first song. From there i just kept making music.

My main inspirations? Kinda change depending on my situation, my main inspiration are Juice Wrld, Ericdoa, MGK, Avenged Sevenfold with some like random inspirations throughout like the month or something, like my own “flavor of the month” type deal. Those would be people like Skaiwater, Riovaz, Glaive, Ken Carson, Uzi, Eminem (kinds flip flops with him he’s my number one favorite artist) and others. 

Advice i’d give is 3 pieces a friend gave me whom i just met recently and i got from Bryson Tiller. The first is “Just Poop it out”, whether you like it or not, just put it out. Don’t wait for it to be “perfect” or whatever, just put it out, see where it goes, it never hurts to see, if it goes no where, oh well you got another try, if it does go somewhere then capitalize on that, its your moment! The second is don’t rely on those close to you heavily cause chances are they care, just not on the level you will or ever will. That random one person or friend or time anyone speaks up and says something, go for it, “Don’t” got uploaded, taken down cause it got no traction and Bryson’s friend instantly asked what happened to is cause he was showing it to some people and they were loving the song, don’t block yourself from possible blessings. The last is from myself, the internet is not real, people are bitter 25/8, don’t take nothing said bad personal, the average attention span is shortening faster and faster so its easier to be quickly negative cause something hasn’t hooked someone. “Never judge a book by it’s cover” lost it’s meaning years ago, now your cover has to be your climax essentially, ruining the book, don’t give in. Be you.

How do i set myself apart? By never releasing music lol. No but in all seriousness that’s a problem i have myself where since i put something out and “it goes nowhere” because i didn’t tell people, i didn’t promo, whatever my case or excuse i pull out may be, thats my biggest issue, i’m waiting for a miracle i need to make happen, not just life. Other than that, i feel as if my cadence is what sets me apart, i may end up using the same flow but my vocal inflections for certain beats and vibes i think are un-matched. My favorite story to tell is a time i recorded a song that wont ever come out with my brothers and his ex at the time, and i had no idea what my verse was gunna be as i was going next. So i used a scraped Ski-Mask like song, mind you this song is a drill song damn near, a category i’ve never dabbled in, changed my delivery and voice a bit and it was the hardest verse on the song according to everyone, all because i basically yelled on the mic causing my brother wanting to go in after me, and finish out the song in the same way. Now a-lot of his songs including some form of yelling in his own variation of course, but that’s thanks to me (i’m claiming all that credit idgaf) (shout out Plutooo @Just.Plutooo on instagram) .

Any new gigs or albums? Songs coming yes, albums? I don’t know about that, at-least not yet. Gigs? I wanna get back into doing more open mics to get my name bigger and go from there, but we’ll see. I just had my first child so time’s a bit limited but we’ll see! 

Saturday, April 20, 2024

DJ Interviews: DK (Diamond King)

Here's my interview with singer/music producer Diamond King

-Ive been doing music all my life.Growing up at age 9 watching my Pops and uncles do they thang caught my attention.I Write,Mix,Master,& Make my own beats.

-Lil wayne is my inspiration because he reaches out to everybody in his music nomatter what TOPIC the song is about.Wayne motivates me to the fact that only you are in control of how far your music goes in the game,If anyone as a artist today have the patience to create a song and record it,then He or Her gotta want to become somebody enough to put a lil tlc behind that track and promote it Dedicationis the Key to alot of upcoming artist today.

Advice for other performers, Rehearsal as much as possible. Always pray before you go on stage and always keep the energy level as litt as possible.The crowd is your everything once infront of them lights.

Me myself i always keep me some headphones with my music only! I'll never rent space in my head for another artist to take me off track.I't took me a while to find myself as of who ive become today. Either I was to nervouse thinking my music not good enough or will i get booed off stage,
Quote:Always give 110% fuck what anybody else think of me or have to say because doing good or bad youll always get talked about.

Rite now far as DK ima continue flooding the web and streets with the Hottest shit. No i dont want to sighn to anybody,Im trying to make this Diamond King label Grow Bigger. Independent artist like BIG X THE PLUG,
RIP Take-Off But Migos,Young Thug,gucci,Tpain,TI & So many more Is winnin the long way. I want that whole 100% check.

I was born in a small town called Fort White fl only 1 traffic light in it. To make it out of that place doing something major in life is abnormal. Im doin this for my SON, MY MOMMA, BROTHERmy Pops and all my day ones who kept it real when i was fucked up,They kno who they are. 
Diamond King Record's
No Mistake Ent..

Friday, April 19, 2024

DJ Interviews: FirexNight

Hey there guys  DJ Dizzy here & here's my interview with the band FirexNight

How'd you get started in music?

- my dad was big into music and it was always a pretty big deal
To me but really started to get into writing in high school playing music with friends

- funny story, I am very into classic rock as you’ll see below, when I was growing my dad would let me choose the radio station but I could only pick between Christian music and classic rock radio so I would pick classic rock every time so that’s where my love of older rock music started 

Who are your inspirations or influences?

- I really like all flavors of rock music to some extent, love pop and hip hop too but some big influences for me are:

- Van Halen
- Blink-182
- Fleetwood Mac
- the Beatles 
- the killers 
- 1975
- Def Leppard 

And then some more non rock acts I like to throw flavors of in there to spice things up:
- Carley Rae Jensen
- Charlie XcX
- Nelly 
- Lil Jon/Dr Dre from a production standpoint cause they do great work
- lady Gaga/ Taylor swift 

Really if I had to condense my music down I’d say it’s 70s-80s popular rock bands + 2000s pop punk + a pinch of 2010s girl pop are the primary eras I’m gunning for 

What advice would you offer aspiring performers?

- I’m actually working on a YouTube series sort of about making music at home and tips and tricks for beginners —- 

- I would say though “music production is songwriting” is the biggest thing, your music is only as good as the final mix so getting comfortable mixing and mastering is big, and also once you get better at that stuff it can elevate your song writing game. I’m still not amazing at producing my own music but took some time to learn how to do it better and it’s made a world of difference so that would be my top option. you don’t have to wait around for someone to notice your talent and produce songs for you if you can do it yourself! 

How do you set yourselves apart from other bands or singers?

- I think I have an ear for fun catchy music - it’s a lot to ask people to try a new band out I know that myself so I try to make music that leaves you in a good mood and is memorable, I try to put a lot of easily memorable parts for audience so they can pick up on the songs quick etc 

Any new gigs or albums in the future?

- working on a full Album! “Dive Bar” planning 10-12 songs for it and hope to be done in 2024! Will be on Spotify and SoundCloud and apple etc! 

Thursday, April 18, 2024

DJ Reviews: Peter Bloom Band- Random thoughts of a paralyzed mind

Hey there everyonw, DJ Dizzy here & I'm back with another review that of The Peter Bloom Band 7 their album  Thoughts  From A Paralyzed Mind.

This band is fronted by a well known Canadiam radio personality Peter Cugno (Pronounced Koon yo) who is also a well known voice actor perhaps best known for his role popular anime Beyblade amongs other projects but in his spare time does comedy songs & also his own brand of music he not only speaks in English but is also  very fluent in French which really shows in his songs for his album to whivh I'll be reviweing.

The songs,

The songs are done in French  & the music for it has a coffeehouse type feel to it what with the accoustic/electric sound which does give it a poetic feel in a good sense but overall has a really mellow vibe & Pete's singing is very soothing & smooth & beautifully expresses his feelings by way of storytelling in his songs. One song I reaally enjoy in particular was called Courage Mon Amour (Careful My Love) I really like it because of his singing & how you can really feel how he  sings straight from his heart & soul & how the accoustic guitar really captires the story with it.

I also like the fact that this album showcases how he sings in French as well because its like seeing him in a different light which is something that you rarely get with other artists, i heard him speaking in English but to hear him singing fluently in French is a real treat & to be honest it is pretty romantic that I admit.

In Conclusion,

This is an album that I highly recommnd that you check out even if you're a first time listener since he does awesome work as a voice over artist & musician & I'm sure that you'll develop a real liking toward his music & singing as I have so I give his music an overall 10.

You can check out his album Thoughts of a paralyzed mind via the link below & until then I'll catch you on The Flipside! Stay fristy & rck n roll!

(1) Pensées Au Hasard (D'un Esprit Paralysé) - YouTube

(1) Pensées Au Hasard (D'un Esprit Paralysé) - YouTube

Tuesday, April 16, 2024

DJ Reviews: Shoshana Ami- Back Together

Hey there one & all its DJ Dizzy back at you with another music review, this time its singer Shoshana Ami with her new song Back Together 

Shoshana Ami is a singer who's based in Brooklyn New York who also prodiuces her own work which is very admirableshe lso demonstrates that he has alot of edgey sounds to her music which is what I'll be reviewing. 

The song,

The song has sort of an accoustic/electirc type feel to it as she talks about how she's been wanting to reconnect with an old friend of hers & be able to recreate some of the good times she once had after being on a hiatus which is what I sort of gotten from it but overall its still a good bop nne the less The video for it on the otherhand  leaves alot to be desired since it looks like she's imposed alot on a TV screen & involves alot of special effects but the song is a decent banger that much I will say.

Her vocal style sounded a bit auto tuned but was still decent bout & I also admire how she produces her own works at that & writes her own lyrics so I imagine that we'll be hearing more from her in the near future.

In Conclusion,

While the song itself is a decent bop music wise but the video on the one hand wasn't really the best but the song is still a good listen. so its a 7 out of 10.

You can view the video by way of the link below & until then I'll catch you on The Flipside! Stay awesome & rockn roll!

Back Together - Shoshana Ami - Official Music Video (youtube.com)

Monday, April 15, 2024

DJ Reviews: Marianne Kester Broken (Revision)

Hey there veryone, DJ Dizzy here & I've got a music review that of singer Marianne Kester's new song Broken which is a revision.

Marianne Kester is an accoustic folk/pop singer who specializes in poetry type songs & she does an amazing job with the lyrics & she takes alot of inspiration from poetry in her music & is also heavily influenced by not just poems but nursery rhymes which is what I had gathered from this following song.

The song focuses how there so many things that're broken such as roots, stems, flowers, minutes, & hours to say the most & it even depicts it in the video & the song itself uses a folish rock type tone to capture the lyrics & it also speaks on how we need to be able to repair things that have gone wrong in our lives hard as we try but overall its got a good message & a great folkish rock feel to it. Marianne's gentle singing voice also compliments the folk rock tones to the song itsef  as for the music video it spells things out in the litteral since which is a good thing but as to the song which is a revision they really hit the nail on the head when emphasizing the lyrics of the song.

In conclusin,

Broken revision is a song that I highly recommend that you give a listen to & the video is a real look at how even the things that were once broken can be repaired in time with a litte love & time & if you haven't heard the song or seen the video there will be a link down below to check it out but overall its a good listen so I give it a 10 out of 10

So untill then I'll catch you on The Flipside! Stay frosty & rock n roll!

Marianne Kester Broken revision.

Broken (Re-envisioned) (youtube.com)

Saturday, April 13, 2024

DJ Interviews: Cherenkov

 Here's my interview with singer Cherenkov who sat down with me to discuss his mucial orgins

How'd you get started in music?
I started off playing guitar. I'd always wanted to be able to play, so bought myself a cheap electric guitar and started to learn. Pretty soon I’d found my way round a few cover versions and even written a few of my own. 
I jammed a bit with friends, but it never really came together, so I really then just played for pleasure.
A few years later I was asked to play bass in a friends band “Sons of Sandoz”. We soon had a few tracks down and started gigging. I really enjoyed that and learned loads in the process. 
Sandoz didn’t last too long. After that I played in another couple of bands, but life got in the way. 
I carried on playing by myself at home and writing a few bits. I recently figured I’d try to get some stuff recorded. I set up a home studio and Cherenkov was born.

Who are your inspirations or influences?
I love all kinds of music but was really into thrash/death metal for a while. Slayer, Sepultura, Orbituary, Napalm Death etc. I loved the intensity of it. Although I’m not making metal I think there I’ve brought a bit of intensity of it with me. 
I guess what I’m doing now is a little closer to Nine Inch Nail Nails or Ministry. Perhaps with more of a dance music edge to it courtesy of bands like Underworld and the Chemical Brothers. 
I think I’ve also been influenced by bands such as Death in Vegas and Unkle.
I don’t set out to write or record any particular kind of music. Often the idea I start with churns out a very different end result.

What advice would you offer aspiring performers?
You need self belief and belief in the music you are producing. There are many, many people that will criticise you and tell you that your stuff is no good, especially when they're hiding behind social media. 
It can get you down so some self belief is essential. 
Play with a wide range of people. You can learn something from everyone. Keep an open mind.
Accept any gig you are offered. You can rehearse every day of the week, but you need to practice playing live, how to set up, sound checking, working with other bands. There’s a lot to learn.
Finally, do it because you love it. 

How do you set yourselves apart from other bands or singers?
That’s a really difficult thing to do. I think bringing some of that thrash metal/industrial intensity into electronic music makes what I do a little different. 
Hopefully, each track I put out is different enough for me not to be shoehorned not any specific genre, but I guess that’s for others to decide.

Any new gigs or albums in the future?
I’d love to have my music heard live, but I’m not sure how practical that’d be. I think I’d just plug my Mac in to the PA and stand about with a beer like Andrew from Sleaford Mods.
Release wise, I’m just putting finishing touches to my next track ‘Oh, She (The Destroyer)’. Hopefully that’ll be released next week.
After that I’m working on a couple of collaborations. One with my old band mate and friend David Jones. We are going to release a 3 or 4 track EP called ‘Gods of Shark Reef”.
This was a project we started a while ago with the aim of making music using what everyone has in their pocket. The three tracks we have are all recorded in to an iPhone using GarageBand.
One just needs a finishing touch and then that will be released. 
David Jones is a great solo singer songwriter. He’s got loads of stuff out there and I’d recommend checking him out. 

The other collaboration is with another friend Jim Claybrook. Jim is the singer in a great rock band Black Hole Jets. Definitely check them out. Their recent stuff is some of the best rock I’ve heard in a long while. 
Jim has written a track that he wanted me to work on. I’ve nailed the basic structure and now we just need to find time to get the vocals down and add the icing to the music. 

I’m really excited about both of these projects. After that I’ll start working on more new stuff by myself. 

Sunday, April 7, 2024

DJ Reviews: Junah Soleil – Fou de toi

Hello one & all its your old friend DJ Dizzy here coming at you with another music review this time I'm featuring a singer by the name os Junah Solei & their new song Fou de toi (Which means crazy about you.)

Junah Solei is a French pop singer who has also worked with famed French prodicers/musicians Electowave & have developed this bop of a tune, She posesses a mellow yet hypnotic/childlike sound with her vocal style which is also on the enchanting/mesmerizing side as well which is something very unique just as much as the song.

The song

The song itself kind of talks about her beng in love & going on adventures with her crush as we all have that fantasy which is what I gathered from it but the song itself has a psychadellic type vibe with a very heavily nfluennced electrinuc feel to it & they also manage to include alot of synnthesized beats & styling into the song if you're into that sort of thing but it is a decent song no less, 

In conclusion,

While this song gives off a very psychedellic/electro vube to it its got a decent beat & it also does kin of capture what Junah was going for which is making it big & traveling depending on what its about but its still a good listen depending on how you might feel or see with it  but overall it was really unique so I have to give this song a 9 out of 10.

You can view the music video here via the link below, & until then I'll catch you on The Flipside! Stay aweosme & rock n roll!

Junah Soleil – Fou de toi 💖 (Official Music Video) - YouTube

Saturday, April 6, 2024

DJ Reviews: Isabelle Boulay - Parle-moi

 Hey there everyone, Its your old friend DJ Dizzy here back with another music review this time its of singer Isabelle Boulay with her song Parle Moi (Speak to me)

Isabelle Boulay is a  French Canadian pop singer who has a very melodic yet R&B type sound to her voical style which highly compliments this song & her singing style altogether which she does really well & also still manages to really stay humble to her craft & you can also thank Electowave for their electrofying discovery & nurturing with this bewitching talent.

The song,

While I don't know French too well I did manage to catch what this song talks about it mostly highlights growth both emotionally & mentally & not being afriad to accept your flaws regardless of how many of them you may have, It has a more toned down accoustic sound to it from what I had heard & it also has a mixture of easy listening style vibes & a sort of R&B feel to it which is something that Isabelle captires really well with the vocal performance of it.

In conclusion,

Parle Moi is definte tube that's worth listening to & it'll really get you in the mood to want to take the time to meditate & refect on your own growth & struggles & working through them but iverall is a good lsiten to for any such a=ocassion & I'll also say to Electowave that they really have an eye for discovering & working with muical talent even when it comes to their own musicla mastery. So this is one song.singer that I highly recommend that you check out so both get a perfect 10.

You can check out the song here by way of the link below & until then I'll catch you on The Flipside! Stay frosty & rock n roll!

Isabelle Boulay - Parle-moi (Clip officiel) (youtube.com)

Friday, April 5, 2024

DJ Interviews: Fractured Band

 Here's my interview with the band, Fractured who  sat down with me regarding their musical success.

How'd you get started in music?
Fractured has always been a collective idea as much as a band, inspired by the original spirit of punk in 1976 and the do it yourself ethos that came with it. Energy and authenticity have always been important. Musical talent has varied according to the musicians in the group at the time. The current line-up of Fractured came together during the pandemic, inspired by the weirdness and traumas of those years. Before that, we'd all been in various bands with varying degrees of success and enjoyment.
Who are your inspirations or influences?
There's an amazing crop of great bands out there at the moment. Kid Kapichi, Bob Vylan, Snayx, The Chats, Amyl and the Sniffers and Play Dead all resonate with us. We're also influenced by more established acts, including The Lovely Eggs, The Dickies, The Rezillos, The Ruts and others. We have a soft spot too for The Fallen Leaves. Heroes all.  
What advice would you offer aspiring performers?
Do it because you've got something meaningful to say, because you enjoy performing, and your fans enjoy it too. Those are the most important things. Anything that happens with a career in music is then always a happy by-product.  
How do you set yourselves apart from other bands or singers?
We write short, sharp punky songs that are angular but also melodic. They connect with people because they can relate to the many frustrations and pain points of life that we sing about. And we never overstay our welcome. Less is more is part of the Fractured ethos. If you can say it in less than a minute, and we often have, then do it.   
Any new gigs or albums in the future?
In 2024, we're releasing a new single every month - I'm Not Dead Yet, What. Ever. and Huevos! are the first three. Caravan Man is released on 24th April. Check those out on your favourite streaming platform. Plenty of gigs in and around Brighton. We're opening the Glastonwick Festival in Southwick on 31st May and play with legendary punks, London, at the Hope & Ruin in Brighton on Saturday 20th July, amongst others!   

To find out more about Fractured you can check out the following links below so until then I'll catch you on The Flipside! Stay frosty & rock n roll!

Links below

London at the Hope & Ruin: https://www.wegottickets.com/event/611329

Tuesday, April 2, 2024

DJ Reviews: Rock Sugar Band


Hey there all its DJ Dizzy & I've had the esteemed honor & pleasure of listening to well known rock band Rock Sugar.

Rock Sugar is a band lead by none other than voice actor extraordinaire Jess Harnel & they have a music style inspired/influenced by the 80s sound of pop & metal which they feature well in their music. They also do covers & mashups of well known songs such as 'Kickstart My Rhapsody,' & 'Don't Stop The Sandman.' To name a few I also had the pleasure of seeing them perform live & they do an amazing job.

Jess Harnell has a definte rock n roll metal sound & it really shows when he sings & you can really hear the power that he puts into his vocal performance he's not only a seasoned veteran when it comes to voice acting but also singing & he really captures  the 80s metal sound in the rendiditions of the songs & he does a really awesome job at honing his craft both vocally & musically.

So in conclusion Rock Sugar is a band that I highly recommend you check out when it comes to their musical mashups especially if you're new to their sound or are looking for a good rush. They get an all out 100 from me.

To find out more about Rock Sugar feel free to visit their website posted below & you can check out their Youtube channel for more of their music & until then I'll catch you on The Flpsode! Stay frosty & rock n roll!!

0s Pop Rock Metal Mashups - Rock Sugar Band

Rock Sugar music playlist

a rock sugar play list - YouTube