Friday, October 27, 2017

Another band update

Hello one & all DJ Dizzy here just a quick heads up. My band Pyrostorm & I shall be recording some new tracks in the upcoming month the thing is we've been having a few set backs due to money problems & busy schedules but we'll be getting things together soon enough.

Other than that we hope you enjoy our music for we're working hard to make this happen since our main goal is to be the first ever hard rock band to feature visually impaired performers. So we ask that you show support & wish us luck. Thanks again. There's a Pyrostorm coming!

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Halloween Playlist 2

Here's another playlist for you to rock out to.

They're coming to get me again

I'm glad they took you away

Hex Girls

Monster High Freaky Tracks

Fight Song

We are Monster High

Witching Hour

 Boo York Movie Musical:
Shooting Stars

Steal The Show

Boo York

Search Inside

Love is like a storm

Zombie Shake

Ember McCain -Remember

I put a spell on you- Bette Midler

Halloween Playlist 1

Hey there DJ Dizzy here spinning some tunes in honor of my all time favorite holiday so with that said Lets rock this joint

This is Halloween-Nightmare Before Christmas

Glee- Thriller (Cover)

Naruto AMV- Jekyll/Hyde

Run With Us- The Morning After (Cover)

Don't Fear the fire- Steve Lunt

They're coming to take me away/I'm happy they took you away

George Thorogood- Purple People Eater

Whodini- Haunted house of rock/ Freaks come out at night

Time Warp-Rocky Horror Picture Show

Martian Hop -The Ran-Dells

Crypt Jam

The Zombie- Chubby Check

Nightmare on my street-DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince

Hopefully that should be enough for now. My name is Dizzy I'm you're rock n rolling DJ STAY FROSTY EVERYONE!!

Friday, October 13, 2017

Not The Sellout- Lyrics

(Verse 1)

Underneath all the glam

deep down I feel like a robot

at your beckoned call.

Do this, do that well to them

I say thanks but no thanks.

Trying to be someone so hot

When we all know they’re not

Between you & me I’m

better off doing my thing.
Try to make me the star
you want me to be
dude that’s not me.


Busting out from this prison

Make your move yeah I dare you.

Don’t change me for the better.

I’m shouting this out from my soul.


I'm not the sellout you want me to be
There's only one part I'd rather play
That of the real me.


(Verse 2)

Superstars everywhere
Ruling their tricked out golden hell.
The last I want to do is hide in a
frozen faced shell.
Not about endorsements
You won’t catch me on any billboards.
modeling material things
None of that matters to me.
Selling out is what I won’t do
From it all you have to break away.

(Repeat chorus)

(Instrumental, Guitar solo)

(Chorus repeats)

I'm not the sellout you want me to be
There's only one part I'd rather play
That of the real me.

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Goodbye Tom Petty

Hello once again its the DJ with some sad news: Rock icon Tom Petty has died at the age of 66 from a cardiac arrest.

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Hard Rock Hero- Lyrics

Hard Rock Hero - Lyrics

(Verse 1)
To make it somewhere or anywhere
It takes a lot of blood sweat & tears
I had a lot to learn when I started out
Had to dig in deep to face my fears.
Now I’m finding myself
Playing a different role
I got a spark burning within my soul
Nothing’s going to stand in my way
I’m going to get loud I have a lot to say.


I’m not on the sidelines no not anymore
I’m out to rock & maybe settle a score
Dare anyone to call me a zero
Life can play it rough
But through it all I’m staying tough
I chose my path that of a hard rock hero.

(Verse 2)
I’ve mastered the razor’s edge
No way I’ll ever stop
My will gives me strength
& its taking me to the top
I got the light within
& it’s really shining through.
No way I’ll let the haters
Tell me what I can’t do.

(Chorus repeats)

(Guitar solo, Drum solo)

(Chorus repeats twice)

Yeah I’m a hard rock hero!

Brainwashed Youth- Lyrics

This is another song that I wrote a while back Hope you enjoy it.

Brainwashed Youth - Lyrics.

(Hard rock instrumental)

(Verse 1)

Here we are & here we stand
mindless drones awaiting a command
Celebrity clones that's what we are
Duped into being the next big
so called 'superstar'

It's enough to make you shout
"Just what's this all about?!"
Ready for the truth?
It's about the brainwashed youth


This goes out to the brainwashed youth
we're saying this out of truth.
The SpongeBob generation
a mass marketed sensation
Pushed & pressured to stay on top
Always see it & it never stops
Get your selfies out as proof
This is for the brainwashed youth

(Verse 2)

What's happened to individuality?
It got sucked into a so-called 'reality'
Idols being placed on a pedestal
Always buying their junk
keeping them paid in full
Being told what to say or like.
You aren't controlling me so take a hike!
I'm using my mind at all times
That's the end of my rhyme! (Right on now!)

(Chorus repeats)

(Guitar solo, Bass solo)

(Chorus repeats twice.)


Where it Begins - Lyrics

This goes out to anyone with any self doubt issues Enjoy! & Remember to believe in yourself.

(Verse 1)

I find myself stuck in the mundane life.
Trying to escape all of the strife
I know that it’s a winding road.
Though I back down to the pressures
That may stand in my way.
I ease through the load & hope for
A brighter day.

I got eyes full of fire & veins full of ice.
Try to keep me down or it won’t be so nice.
As long as the voice within me say “Go”
there’s something that only I know.
I don’t know how the story will end.
But I know where it begins.

(Verse 2)
Had my share of both ups & downs.
It’s a real rush time & time again.
no one knows what’s
really around the bend.
I’ve been going on a wild ride.
While taking things in stride.
No matter how much I try.
I’m going to keep aiming high.

(Chorus repeats.)

(Guitar solo, Instrumental..)

Though I don’t know how the story will end
 But I know where it begins.