Sunday, June 9, 2024

DJ Reviews: Electronic Dreams by Electowve


Hellp one & all its your friend DJ Dizzy here & I have yet another music review this time featuring another Electowave song Eectronic Dreams

The song,

Now this song truly does live up to the elctronic sound which Electowave clearly shows & it is a decent bop for the dance floor & it really captires the EDM vibe of things it also uses an array of synth type sounds to really emphasize it along with some added vocals. Not much to say exceot that Electowave really prove that they're masters of honing their craft when it comes to the EDM/electronica scene & they really show their flair/passion for it & their mastery has really taken them far along with their originality.

In Conclusidion.

Electronic Dreams is a good song for  night club scene or a rave depending on if you're heavliy into the electronic sound but its a good song to jm to no less & Electowave have proven that they're truly unique & original with their electronic sound so this song get a 10 from me.

You can give a listen & judge for yourself via the link below & until then I'll catch you on The Flipside!

Electowave-Electronic Dreams

Electronic Dreams (

Saturday, June 8, 2024

DJ Reviews: Deciever by Carmila

Hey there guys, DJ Dizzy here & I'm back with another music review this time round I'm reviewing a new track called Deciever by Carmila.

The Band,

Carmila is a female fronted metal band that formed back in 2017 in Sweeden & they have a sound that's different from all of the metal bands I have heard very unique They really remind me so much of the band Halestorm which is a favorite band of mine but other than that they do have a sound thats all their own courtesy of the female lead & their music really says it all.

The Song,

The song itself has a thrash type feel to it as the lead singer really shows it with her fire vocals & melodic sound at best & the video for it is very visual what with a mix of animation & live action & the use of many camera shots from different angles & perspective which really made the video come alive but other than that I though the song had some well done voicals & the maetal instrumental gave it more of a thrash feel which is a good thing.

In Conclusion

Carmila & their new song are a smash hit in my book & its one song that I highly recomend & suggest that you check out & you can also feel free to check out some of their other tracks via their Youtube channel but overall I give their new track Deciever a 10.

To view the video click on the link below & here;s hoping that you enjoy the song & until then I'll catch you on The Flipside!

Carmila Deciever video & Youtube channel

Carmilla Deceiver Official Video (

Carmilla MetalBand - YouTube

Thursday, June 6, 2024

DJ Reviews: Electtronic Dance Night by Electowave

Hey there folks, uts DJ Dizzy back with another music review featirong a new track by none other than Electowave as they have cooked up a new song that of Electronic Dance Night.

The song,

The song really captures the electronic part of it since it has it has a EDM type feel to it & it has a sound that transcends & the vocals for it spoke more about the music aspect of it which is something that I gathered from it but the tune itself had some decent  progressions though the voicals made it alittle hard to keep up with.

I'll also say that it really kept true to its theme which was to let the music take center stage & to let it move you which is what I thought it was they were aiming for bur I digress. It really was an Electronic Dance Night but other than that it;s a real bop if you're into electronica.

In Conclusion

The song itself heavily emphasizes its theme & while it ws very unique  its still a decent bop if you're into EDM or electronica while thats not really my cup of tea I give this song a 10 mainly because of how they let the music mostly did the talking for it.

You can hear the song in the link down below so until then I'll catch you on The Flipside!

Electowave- Electric Dance Night

Electronic Dance Night (