Tuesday, February 27, 2024

DJ Intervirews: LYHE

 Here's my interview with  pianist, LYHE who shared their musical origins

How'd you get started in music?

i started playing music at the age of 25 with the mao and the use of samples. i quickly turned to a small master piano. but i knew nothing about notes and harmony. but the pleasure of creating my own sounds was great. one thing leading to another, i started playing the piano, working for hours on end and leaving nothing undone. i then took piano lessons, where i learned a lot about harmony. a few years later, i took a musical training course that enabled me to obtain a piano teacher's diploma.

Who are your inspirations or influences?

my influences are quite varied. they range from reggae, dub, pop rock, electro, ambient, downtempo, lo-fi and solo piano. i make music on inspiration. i'm very open in my compositions. i like to bring out the emotional side of music.

What advice would you offer aspiring performers?

the best advice i can give is to work and work some more. whether it's your instrument or it's compositions. it's in failure that we learn the most. never give up.

How do you set yourselves apart from other bands or singers?

I don't know if I stand out from other artists, but it's clear that the emotional side of my music is really important to me. 

Any new gigs or albums in the future?

I am currently finishing a Pop Rock EP in collaboration with an English friend Duncan Butler who writes the lyrics and sings on my compositions.
I'm also on Lo-Fi piano album.

Monday, February 26, 2024

DJ Reviews: Plus One by Speedy Ortiz

Hello everyone, DJ Dizzy here & I'm doing a review of the song Plus One by Speedy Ortiz so hold on tight cause we're about to rock!

The Band,

Speedy Ortiz is a band comprised of singer/songwriter Sadie Dupius who was inspired by many music artists Liz Phair & The Foo Fighters to name a few & then would soon incorporate some of their sounds into her own music as she demonstrates in her music she also manages to also take inspiration from anime in the video in which I'll be getting to right now.

The song,

The song is has sort of of an alt rock/punk vibe to it & the vocal styling are like a mixture of Liz Phair meets Foo Fighters type vibe & the band does a really good job of capturing the essence of the alt rock sound in the song & in their music, The video was a bit fast paced & sort of had of a flash animation feel to it & spoke on meeting up with friends which is what I had picked up from it but overall a very interesting piece at that so this a good song to listen to when you're getting ready to go out to catch a show which it emphasized. The song also captures the influences of the many artists that the singer is influenced by both in vocal & in instrumental & they all do a good job of making that sound their own.

In Conclusion,

Speedy Orti is a bad that I highly recommend to anyone especially first time listeners & this song is a good tune itself & you can really hear how much of effrt & inspiration go into every detail of the Plus One tune itself. If you want to learn more about Speedy Ortiz then feel free to check out their Youtube channel & their website via the links below & until then I'll catch you on The Flipside.

Stay frosty & rock n roll!

Speedy ortiz- Plus one video

Speedy Ortiz - Plus One (youtube.com)

Speedy Ortiz-website

Speedy Ortiz

Sunday, February 25, 2024

DJ Reviews: Follow Me by Nina Martiene & Electowave

 Hey everyone its DJ Dizzy here with another music review this time around its the song Follow Me by Nina Martiene 

The song,

This song talks so much about growth & following day to day journey as you progress through whatever those days might bring & Nina really emephasizes that point throughout the song & the music style of it has an accoustic/synth coffeeshop vibe to it but is still an overall good song to listen to no less but the overall message of the song is that we all need to make changres & progress & be ready to face whatever the week or life might bring us its an overall good song, Nina vocal style for this song gave off a coffee shop/lounge singer type feel especially for this song which is what I had gotten from it

In conclusion

The song itself has a good message to it & is one that I recommend because of of its mellow coffeehouse style groove & it'll get you motivated to keep going. If you'd like to hear it for yourself & decide then feel free to check out the Youtube link below & until then I'll catch you on The Flipside!

Stay frosty & rock n roll!

Nina Martiene -Follow Me f

FOLLOW ME - Nina Martienne (Offcial Music Video) 💖 (youtube.com)

Saturday, February 24, 2024

DJ Reviews: Cherry Medicine by Ace Frehely

 Hey there folks, DJ Dizzy here & I'm reviewing the song Cherry Medicine by Ace Frehely.

Ace Frehely,

Ace Frehely for some that don't know is best known for being in the legendary rock band KISS as Space Ace or Star Man & has charted with then with hit songs Detroit Rock City, & my perosnal fave Rock N Roll All Nite & they've been very active since the 70s but in this day & age most members have embarked on solo projects & Ace iis just one of those members.

The song,

I have to say that after hearing Cherry Medicine the song itself while as campy s t may soud  is a real banger instrumental wise & is heavily inflenced by the guitar & has a serious hard rock feel to it & Ace's vocal styling on this tracl is a mixture of Frank Zappa & Ozzy Osbourne in a good way & the overall message is that he's looking for something to cure his ails which is what I got out of the song  in this case he's reffering to a girl who he needs to keep company & we all need some medicine to cure whatever ails which is what I got from this song. Ace also really out did himself both vocally & instrumentally I felt like he took some inspo from Frank Zappa in this which is a good thing because the song souded fun, with its handbanging guitar & hard rocking instrumental through out it.

In conclusion,

This song is a definite bop & headbanger & its overall message is that we need something to look for & cure whatever might be ailing us & so I recommend that you check it out even if you're new to Ace Frehely & KISS altogether. Feel free to check out the song via the Youtube link below.

Until then I'll catch you on The Flipside! Stay frosty & rock n roll!

Ace Frehely- Cherry Medicine

Ace Frehley – Cherry Medicine - (Official Music Video) (youtube.com)

Friday, February 23, 2024

DJ Reviews: My Hero by C'mon C'mon

Hey there everyone, DJ Dizzy here & I'm reviewing C'mon C'mons song 'My Hero' so get ready to rock.

The Band,

Formed in 2022 c;monc'mon  had their first single, The Summers We Missed & have been going strong since then & they have a sound all of their own which sounds like they're inspired by garage /surf rock with a mixture of an alt sound as well & these are heavily shown in their music.

The song,

The song 'My Hero' sounds very influenced by the garage rock sound  with a hint of a surf rock type vibe along with the vocal style & the message itself speaks on looking at life & learning but more about learning from the people arpund you & learning to take on some of their traitss but also never being afraid to look back & not doing anything for the sake of notaritity which really hits home.

So overall this song has a good sound & essage to it. 

In conclusion,

The song 'My Hero' is a surefire must listen & its got a great sound with it & I also want to wish the band lots of luck in their music& also to keep going strong, If you'd like to hear more of their music be sure to check out more of their music via the links below & until then I'll catch you on TThe Flipsode

Stay awesome & rock n roll!

My Hero-C;mon C'mon

My Heroes (youtube.com)

C;mon C;mon- Music

cmoncmonband | Twitter, Instagram, Facebook | Linktree

Thursday, February 22, 2024

DJ Interviews: C'mon C'mon

Hey there guys here's my interview with the band, c'mon C'mon who shared their musical beginnings with me

How'd you get started in music?

Getting into music was not something we wanted. It came very natural to us, playing music is something we must do. 

So, we would describe it more as a necessity than an ambition or a desire.

We just fell in love with power pop records and got inspired to pick up our instruments to write, play and record these songs together.

Who are your inspirations or influences?

Just everyday life and everything that surrounds us.

What advice would you offer aspiring performers?

Someone adviced me once to not listen to anyone’s advice.

How do you set yourselves apart from other bands or singers?

We will always remain true to ourselves and treasure authenticity above anything else.
We don’t copy, we don’t follow trends, we just follow our hearts and souls.

Any new gigs or albums in the future?

We are working on a new EP, keep you posted ;-) 

Special thanks to them for doing this interview, & kots of luck to them in their music, special thanks to them for doing this interview If you'd like to learn more about them & their music be sure to check out their website & their music sites in which I'll leave the links below so until then I'll catch you on The Flipside! Stay frosty & rock n roll!

C;MON c'mon website

Clmon C;mon Music