Sunday, November 5, 2023

Dizzy's Soapbox: The Story of Radio AAHS a.k.a AAHS World Radio

Hey there guys, DJ Dizzy here & this time around I want to talk about something that's been on my mind, I've been reminiiscing about some stuff from my childhood that of some radio stations from when I was growing up.

When I was little there was a local station in my hometown of Minneapolis called Radio Ahhs which was a radio station dedicated to playing kids music it was meant for both older & younger kids in general & its tagline was 'Great Music For Great Kids' & they meant it. Besides being the first & only station meant for kids one thing that really set it apart was that this was a station that was on the AM dial  (AM 1280 to be exact.) Usually the radio stations on the AM dial were all talk & news radio & you rarely ever got some that played music especially where I grew up. (There was another AM station that played classic R&B but that's about it.)

Radio Ahhz would prove to be a big hit amongst its local listeners so much so that it even spawned some CDs of their most popular tunes. In fact I remember going to school & the teachers would put it on for us & we'd jam out to it at times. They also gained critical acclaim from many parents because of its family friendly content it also featured decent prizes & give aways that focused more on education & there were some kids who acted as the deejays next to adults which was also a plus for both parents & teachers alike.

Soon after it was rebranded into Ahhs World Radio in an attempt to expand their listner's base But in the year of 1996 another station came along that of Radio Disney (Which was AM 1440) & that's when a battle for the airwaves began only for Ahhs World Radio to lose due to declining ratings & listnership & soon bankruptcy. (See the following video Battle For The Airwaves for details.) In time Radio Disney would become the only kids station on the AM dial to be geared toward teens & tweens featuring many teen pop artists in the late 90s & early 2000s, only to further change theor format later on & increse their brand more & more & extend to satelite radio.

Now as for me I was more into Radio AHHS because it had so much to go on next to decent music they also had some good shows to go on as regardless of weeks ir weekends morning or night. It was like there was a special friend that was always there for you via the airwaves to make you day & gave you some comfort from a hard day.

So my final thoughts would be this was a real treat for kids to listen to & if you had the pleasure of listening to either of these stations on whatever radio affliate ythat carried either of them then consider yourself  lucky that you got to listen to them. To be honest it was very rare that you'd come across a radio station that was aimed towards kids epsecially to be featured on the AM dial like both of them were but to be honest it would be nice to see some kids radio stations to make a comeback although there's Kidz Bop let's be honest they're just kid friedly versions of popular songs, at least with a kids radio station you got a lot of variety & it gave kids something to listen to when there wasn't anything else to do be it satelite radio, Music Choice or anything else.

To learn more about either of these stations check out the following video in the link below. Until then I'll catch you on The Flipside. Stay frosty & rock n roll!

Radio Disney & Radio AANS= Battle for the airwaves.

Radio Disney & Radio Aahs: Battle for the Airwaves - YouTube