Friday, July 1, 2016

The tools of songwriting

Hey there one & all DJ Dizzy here &  if there's one thing that I truly love its music but writing song especially cause its a great way to express yourself, Your feelings, You name it. But if you want to write a good song well have no fear cause I can help you. Sometimes writing a song isn't easy but just follow these steps & you'll soon know just what to do. Here let me give an example this is a song that I had wrote for the fun of it. Now take a look at its structure.

Wild as I wannabe- Lyrics

(Verse 1)

Some people think that I’ve got

Nothing going on. well here’s some news

I’m about to prove you wrong.

When it comes to a good time

I know where it’s at

I know how to have fun

That’s a well known fact.

Get ready to see another side of me

cause let me tell you

I’m as wild as I wannabe.



Nothing tame or anything but

Ordinary that’s because I’m as wild as

I wannabe. I’ve got a need for speed

And a full on rush of energy

Check me out cause I’m wild as I wannabe.


(Verse 2)

Being calm & cool

Is sometimes a bore.

There’s to more to me

then being the girl next door.

I’m a fireball that’s ready to

Explode. Be ready cause

I’m ready to unload.

Call me a menace but

There’s a whole lot more to me

Better recognize

I’m as wild as I wannabe.

(Chorus repeats)

(Guitar solo.)

(Chorus repeats)

Check us out we’re as wild as we wannabe!

Now the intro is what starts things out this is the base of the song. Next comes the verse. What this does is to help tell the story of the song. Now it can sometimes come in early depending on how it starts out.

Next is the chorus which is the hook of the song which repeats itself & sometimes can offer a different set of lyrics. Though it can be catchy no less.

The second verse of the song helps move the story further along leading up to the chorus.

Now the bridge of the song is what comes after the chorus this offer something new & unexpected.

Lastly you come back to the chorus which ends the song depending on how many times it repeats & sometimes an instrumental fade out can come up.

Now song writing can be very tough at times  cause some of them can tell a great story depending on the topic but its not just about the words but also the music which makes all of the difference.

So it helps to have the right melody whenever you write a song. When I write a song I think about how I want it to sound so if I were to pick something upbeat I'd use some major notes

But if you want something dark or edgy then you'd use some minor notes but also use bass notes but not too many cause it can come out sounding murky. Song writing is a great way of self
expression depending on what mood you're in.

But here's some tips to help you remember:

When writing a song keep it short but not too simple.

Nothing too preachy or over the top or cliche.

Always be original.

Make it something relatable.

Have fun with it.

I hope this helps you out with your song writing & as I did say always have fun with music should give you a feeling of euphoria & most of all have you wanting more.

Here's an example of a song that does just that.

Trans-Seberian Orchestra- Sparks

So follow these tips & get started.

Music theory part 3: Scales, Modes, Stens, & Intervals

Scales are what start on a stave in a tone which can go either forward or backwards. They’re done by tones & semi tones. They start off on the major scale with A sharp ending in G while the bass scale starts with G ending in A Sharp.
Intervals work as the main note acting as the root while the second is the tonic & the third note is the sub tonic. They’re numbered by 1-5 with perfect octaves, The octaves which are major go to minor as well.
The start out with F major with a number calculation. C uses one semi tone. Semitones make up a major third which go from A to G & are numbered individually. By counting up to the note of the scale you write out the number in an interval there’s always a tonic that becomes semitones making up the perfect interval in a song.
Modes are a 7 way system which consists of Ionian, Dorian, Phygrian, Lydian, Mixolydian, Aeolian, & Locrian. To help better remember this is a catchy acronym will work such as. Idiots Dig Playing Loud Music At the Library.
Modes are a series of tones & semi tones or whole or half steps. It all depends on which mode you’re using when you play & the difference is that they only use all white notes.
Stems are used to indicate the note you’re playing on the scale. They contain the note head which is on the bottom or sometimes the top. The stem points up or down at the middle line when the note is attached to it depending on where it is on the middle line.
The main difference is the upward notes are for high & higher voices such as soprano which is the high female singing voice while alto is for lower voices meaning the notes would be downward.