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DJ Interviews: Phoenix & SilverVoodoo

Hey there all DJ Dizzy here & I had the honor & pleasure of interviewing Phoenix & Silvervoodoo who had so much to say regarding their musical beginnings.

Formed in late 2015, Phoenix and The SilverVoodoos is an emerging original indie rock band from Asquith, SK Canada.    They have been described as having a “Black Sabbath vibe” and have been compared to the “Runaways”.  Audience feedback declared Phoenix and The SilverVoodoos “a Rock and Roll revival”! 

When Phoenix met the SilverVoodoos they decided to collaborate, and magic started to happen.  Phoenix and the SilverVoodoos have teamed up with AMUSE, which has been extremely helpful with digital distribution of their music.

Phoenix and the SilverVoodoos released their first two live singles, “Til I Die” and “Sick and Twistid” in 2018.  In early 2019, Phoenix and the SilverVoodoos were fortunate to be chosen to work with Recording Arts Institute Saskatoon (RAIS).  Their first official single “Slip Away” was recorded, mixed and mastered by the students at RAIS and released in early 2019.  Fans couldn’t wait for the album, so Phoenix and the SilverVoodoos will be releasing a self-titled EP which consists of some of their music, such as “The Price”, “I Like It” and a remastered version of “Sick and Twistid.” 

You can find Phoenix and the SilverVoodoos music on most streaming media sites including Spotify and iTunes, or you can visit their website

How did you get started in music?

PHOENIX found love in music at an early age when exposed to bands like Metallica, Judas Priest, and Testament.  Her family recognized her love of music and enrolled her into piano lessons when she started school.  Phoenix has been writing songs and playing music ever since. By high school, Phoenix was actively involved in the school choir and arts programs, as she continued her piano lessons.  Phoenix combined her skills and knowledge, taught herself to play guitar, returned to her one true love “Rock Music” and started her own rock band.  Phoenix has been in several previous bands, including “Phoenix Christ”, “Phoenix 1669” and “The Unlight”.  Phoenix has been an artist under direction of “HMP Recording & Development” (Vancouver, BC) and Rosner Management Services, where she participated in the “Rise Up Tour 2015”. Phoenix opened for Marianna’s Trench when they performed in Saskatoon. Phoenix is very excited to take her new band “Phoenix and the SilverVoodoos” from the basement to the rock music scene.

R0LAND has been playing his guitar most of his life.  Roland brings his electronic expertise to the band, further enhancing the band’s unique tones.if

LINDA took violin lessons as a child and tried clarinet and flute in high school.  Eventually, Linda decided to play drums and she’s been rock’n it out ever since.

Who are your inspirations or influences?

Phoenix finds inspiration in bands such as Bush, Nirvana, Marilyn Manson, Eminem, Godsmack, Union Underground and The Nu Metal Scene.  Phoenix is the visionary for the band, writing the music, lyrics and arrangements.  Phoenix writes her songs about her own life, being a women, love, loss and experiences on the planet earth.  Phoenix believes that music is a universal language and has many fans from throughout the world.  

Roland says his inspirations and influences are too numerous to mention, everyone from Al Di Meola to Frank Zappa (a-z).

Linda enjoys all music.  Some favorites are Godsmack, Metallica, Golden Earring, Pink Floyd, Yes, Rush, Brian Adams, Shania Twain, Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, Black Sabbath, Jan Arden, Andre Rieu …. Really the list could be endless.  Linda is currently enjoying and listening to a number of independent musicians that she is discovering.

What advice would you offer aspiring performers?

As we are just starting our musical journey, we don’t think we can really offer any advice.  We like to be ourselves, we like to practice in our jam space (which we have lovingly named “la la land”) and we support and respect each other.  We’re currently working on self-promotion, which is extremely difficult.  We are a team, we love playing music and we are loving our journey.  We even find humor in those bumps in the road, like playing in a “wrong venue” or one with poor quality or a non-working PA system.

Enjoy your journey, follow your dreams and do your work so that when you get the opportunity you are ready !!!!

How do you set yourselves apart from other bands or singers?

We are a three piece band whose music is loud and powerful with Roland’s heavy guitar, Phoenix’s rugged vocals and her grinding guitar licks, combined with Linda’s engaging beats.

We have a great band name, with a unique logo that Phoenix created.  Also, Linda and Roland are a couple.

Roland has an electronic background and he loves to experiment with sound and tone.  He has been able to create several guitar pedals that give the band their unique grungy sound.

Any new gigs or albums in the future?   

We’re releasing our self-titled EP in the very near future (we’re going to have a party !!!) We are going back to studio this winter to record tracks for our album, which will be released in 2020.  

Special thanks to them for this interview & I wish them nothing but luck in their music. So until then I'll catch you on the flipside! Stay awesome & rock n roll!

Monday, October 14, 2019

DEAD BOYS - Sonic reducer

DJ Interviews: Destiny Returns

Hey there everyone DJ Dizzy here & I had the pleasure of speaking with Neil Smith of the band Destiny Returns who had a lot to say regarding their career. Enjoy!
How'd you get started in music?
First off, Destiny Returns is basically the collaboration of two musicians, Neil Smith and Jim Gorski who started playing together back in 1976 in Neil's parent's garage in Monrovia, California.  We originally called the band Destiny and over the years worked with various other musicians, but the nucleus was always the two of us.  During this time we played pretty much all of the major nightclubs in Los Angeles (FM Station, Ice House, Gazzari's, the Troubadour), as well as back yard parties and basically any and everywhere.  We even played a Labor Day concert at London Bridge, which consisted of several shows over a few days, the final show was a culmination that drew an audience in excess of of 10,000 before it was eventually stopped by the local Arizona police as having grown too large, which by the way, actually caused a riot.  It was around 1985 that this rendition of the band finally split up and Jim and I went our separate ways (Jim went on to play top 40, and I went to College).  It wasn't until 2017 that we reconnected via Facebook, and one thing led to another when Jim asked if I would write lyrics and sing on a project that he had been working on.  That return collaboration led to the song "Stand Or Fall", and the beginning of "Destiny Returns".  Since then we have re-released much of our old music and written and released numerous new material as well.
Here is some info with regard to each of our paths before our first meeting in 1976:
How did you decide to start music?
Neil- My older brother Tom played music (guitar) and sang in various bands and as a duo playing stuff like Simon and Garfunkel, so being dragged around to their gigs and watching them practice in my parents dining room I decided to take up an instrument, so I started playing drums at about age 6 or 7.  I played drums in marching bands, and such until about age 15, when I switched over to guitar pretty much permanently.  

Jim- My father caught me rolling a Matchbox Car on the keys of our piano at home and it chipped the keys, so he said since I damaged the Piano I would learn to play and respect the instrument.  My father played 16 different instruments and sang opera, thus, I had a high bar to clear.  I was 5 years old at that time and the next ten years I studied classical music, played and competed in recitals.  After that I took private instruction for jazz music and music theory.
Who are your inspirations or influences?
The music that we have been playing all these years is probably what we've actually always liked.  Music from groups like Styx, Journey, Genesis and Yes; basically all the music that was popular in the late 70's and 80's with heavy keyboard influence and melodic rock, pop, and funk type sounds.  Vocally, I've always tried to say something that perhaps may evoke a different meaning within each listener, so they can feel free to interpret using their own individual creative input.  So much of the music scene went more towards Rap and Hip Hop, but we've stuck to our roots, as we continue to play what we like to hear.  Funny, I remember a time when someone called what we were playing Dinosaur Rock.
Where does your inspiration for the music come from?
Probably from what we hear and feel on basically a daily basis.  Much of the time Jim or I will come up with an idea and we bounce it off each other, and low and behold the music just seems to take shape.  From there I generally listen to the music over and over until I get an idea, or motivation there the lyrics just seem to come forward.  Generally the words just come out of me (seemingly from nowhere) and I keep working those lyrics until it says more or less what I want to say.  Often times I'll attempt to invoke the listeners own thought process by the time I've finished.
I guess our aspirations are to be able to make enough money though our music to support ourselves comfortably without having to work our "daytime jobs".  I'm in fabric sales and Jim drives for Uber and Lyft.  Other than that we're both doing what we like in making music and sharing it with anyone who likes to listen.  Jim has a captive audience when he's driving, and often tells me about the remarks people make when they find out that it's us that they've been listening too.  He once told about a passenger that he picked up at the airport in Las Vegas who was listening to one of the songs and proclaimed that he'd heard the song before on the radio back in UK, and that he and his blokes really loved it; only to find out that it was "our" song.  He said "what the heck are you doing driving people around you should be performing in the UK".....
What advice would offer aspiring performers?
Wow, this is really tough.  Now days, the industry has obviously changed so much since we were just starting out in the '70's.  There is access to so much more sophisticated recording equipment and inexpensively so by comparison.  Also, the fact that you can basically self distribute music now is such a cool feature, but I guess the number one thing I would say is just be true to yourself.  There will always be people that like what you're doing and those that don't.  There's always people that will tell you that you're the best thing since sliced bread and those that will say you suck.  So, just keep your head screwed on straight, don't get too high, and don't get too low, and above all enjoy the ride and the journey.  I've had very close friends that have had numerous gold and platinum records and ended up with barely anything to show for it financially, so you need to be a good business man as well....Don't sell that part of the business short.  There are a lot of really, really great musicians out there that don't have a clue about the business end of music.  Pay close attention to this aspect....
How do you set yourselves apart from other bands or singers?
I think at this point we've been working together for so long that we sort of feed off one another as far as writing is concerned.  On a recent radio program we were compared to the Alan Parson's Project, which I think was a huge ego boost for both of us as we both love that type of music, and that type of production.  We've always kind of felt like our songs might be good in movie soundtracks and such because they each tell a story about where we were or are in life at a particular moment in time, or what we've seen.  I've been compared for years vocally to Phil Collins (Genesis), which always struck me funny considering he's from the UK and I'm just a small town Southern California Kid, but it is what it is, and I'm just happy when people don't say I suck.
 Any new gigs or albums in the future?
It's been years since we've done any live shows, but we both used to enjoy the live performance aspect, and we certainly played some really great shows, but having said that it's nice to be able to have a "normal" home life, so at least for this point I think we're both happy just writing and recording.  Should a situation arise that we could do a showcase or so, it would indeed be fun.  So, we'll see, but all in all I think it's just fun to share with people our passion of music, as music is truly a universal language.
In the meantime we seem to keep pumping out new releases, and the last four or five singles and EP's have really gotten some great internet radio play, which we're really happy about.  It's interesting that our music seems to have gotten better traction in the UK, Germany and Australia with only limited play here at home in the US, but I think at this point in time the US market is still so entrenched in the Hip Hop and Rap culture.. We do have a new single already scheduled for release this November entitled "Kiss of Night", and we're already back in the studio working on a couple new ideas, so we'll see what comes out next....

Special thanks to them for this interview & I wish them nothing but luck in their music so until then stay awesome & rock n roll!

Saturday, October 12, 2019

DJ Interviews: Dave Zetlin

Hey guys DJ Dizzy here & I had the pleasure of sitting down & getting to know an artist named Dave Zetlin who had a lot to say regarding his success

How'd you get started in music?

Piano lessons as a boy (favourite composer “bonkers Beethoven”), but even before that I could play by ear; then playing along to 70s rock LPs, and then playing London pubs and clubs as keyboard player (and occasional backing vocalist) of a band called deEssen. Amongst other places we played the Rock Garden, Upstairs at Ronnie Scott’s and many Saturday nights at a crowded North London pub, the Stapleton Tavern. Buying an analogue TEAC tape machine got me interested in the possibilities of overdubbing.

Who are your inspirations or influences?

My early influences were Dave Sinclair of Caravan, Keith Emerson of ELP, Tony Banks of Genesis, Jon Lord of Deep Purple and Ray Manzarek of The Doors, plus (more electronic and more European) Jean Michel Jarre, Vangelis and Tangerine Dream.  In other words, keyboard players who could play a lead to match any guitarist.   But also guitarists like Joe Satriani, Steve Hackett and Bob Fripp.

Taking the question in a different direction, in the last 10 years I have been inspired and influenced by other independent musicians and the DJs who play our music. Sites such as SoundCloud and the Free Music Archive have been around for years while new blockchain platforms like Musicoin and Choon are setting up.  These not only give access to a global audience but also to likeminded musicians who are always positive and friendly in their comments.

What advice would offer aspiring performers?

I could say believe in yourself, visualise where you want to end up, work hard (practising, song-writing, promoting and publicising), make your own luck and if you do get a recording contract don’t get ripped off. 

Or have fun doing what you enjoy, play live, use social media, and if someone pays you to have fun that’s an added bonus.

How do you set yourselves apart from other bands or singers?

Who else has as their logo a cactus wearing sunglasses?

Any new gigs or albums in the future?

All my new tracks are uploaded to SoundCloud.  The better / more popular ones end up on other sites and I enjoy making YouTube videos to accompany them.
Special thanks to him for doing this interview & I wish him lots of luck on his music. So until then stay awesome & rock n roll!

Saturday, October 5, 2019

Album Reviews: Saboteurs

Promo cover art
SaboteursDance With The Hunted 4 May 2019
Two introverts struggling with the mundanities of life in an East Midlands market town. Bottling it all up and ready to explode. The quiet ones are the worst they say but there's nothing quiet about Saboteurs' outpouring of pent-up emotions on their debut LP, 'Dance With The Hunted'.

The band's 2018 debut EP attracted a growing fan-base and recognition by BBC Introducing, Richer Sound's Artist of the Week and as finalists in Radio Wigwam's Rock Act of the Year. But shoulder surgery for their lead guitarist led to frustrations and a violent split with the rhythm section.
With the pressure valve on their creative outlet closed off, the band's songwriters - Ben Ellis (vocals/guitars) and Rick Whitehead (guitars/vocals) - went into a dark place. But this became the catalyst for an explosion of new material. The opening track, Splintered, was written soon after and it shows: 'The shame will never end but I'm coping on my own. The ones I left behind - they just fade out'.
In Over and Doubt, the chemistry between the songwriters becomes clear, 'This suffering will bind us to the end'. And it's a curious bond. The first four tracks juxtapose Whitehead's guitar-driven riffs with Ellis' melodic vocals and acoustic - contrasting styles glued together by the relentless pounding of drummer, Hamish Dickinson (who also produced the album at Phoenix Sound).
There's no let up with the soaring chorus of I Think My Face Hates Me or the brooding title track, Dance With The Hunted. There's no shortage of surprises either - from the acoustic led Break Down to the nu-metal screaming on Traces. And by the time it's all wrapped up in the thumping dystopia of Marooned, you're left wondering what it's all about but let it repeat. And repeat again.

With influences as diverse as New Model Army, Biffy Clyro, Neil Young and Thrice, Saboteurs' debut album, 'Dance With The Hunted', is due for release on 4 May 2019.

'We just can’t do trends. We end up chucking in elements from all manner of genres and smashing them together'. Well, it works.
And with a new rhythm section in place - Pete Botterill (drums) and Geoff Standeven (bass) - the band will be hitting the road again with live dates across the UK.

Focus Tracks:
05. Marooned
01. Splintered
06. I Think My Face Hates Me

Thursday, October 3, 2019

DJ Interviews: Carmila Band

Hello, one & all Its DJ Dizzy coming at you with another interview & this time I had the pleasure of sitting down with metal band Carmila who had a lot to share regarding their success so sit back, relax & enjoy!

How'd you get started in Music?

I have been play something as long as i remember. I had my first band when i was 16 and recorded my first songs when i was 17.

After a injurie i had to quit play for 15 years. When i started again it was from the beguining. Then i play in different cover band for many years.

One day i just quit and say i need to do something that is mine. That is me. So i started Carmilla as project. We started to record ” I am the Danger” and find Oksana at the net. We decide to meet and record that song. The day after we decide that we all want to do a album. Different member have been involved but now we all feel that we are a band.

Who are your inspirations or influences?
Its been many thru the years. To start with it was Ramones but it fast move over to AC/DC and later Thin Lizzy. Deep Purple has always been a huge influence. Iron Maiden Yngwie and Gun s roses during the 80is. Butt hen something happens i start to listen to Pantera and that lead me in to  In Flames Entombed and the Swedish death came in to my life. Today my biggest influences are Lamb of God and Arch Enemy

What advice would offer aspiring performers?
What ever you decide to play in instrument and music just have fun. Try different things and different music.

Listen to advice but go your own way. If you play what you want to play you will never fail.

How do you set yourselves apart from other bands or singers?
I think and hope that we make and do what we like and want to do? If we want to do a slow song we dare to do it.

We just play metal music our way as we like it. But we have a great singer in Oksana. To be honest she is top 10 when it comes to Clean/Growl combination as we see it. We got a extrem talent drummer in Dennis and Felix is world class bass player. S we are blessed to be able to the music we want.

Any new gigs or albums in the future?
At the moment we are in the studio and pre recording our new album. We had a great gig summer but we all feel that we need to record a few new songs. Our intentions are to realise new music Q1 2020. We often hear that we are better live and that makes us so proud. We all do this for the gigs and we will be back on stage next year better than ever.

Special thanks to them for this interview & I wish them nothing but luck in their sucess & career so until then I'll catch you on the flipside! Stay awesome & rock n roll!