Thursday, January 5, 2017

Not The Sellout-Lyrics

(Verse 1)

Underneath all the glam

deep down I feel like a robot

at your beckoned call.

Do this, do that well to them

I say thanks but no thanks.

Trying to be someone so hot

When we all know they’re not

Between you& me I’m

better off doing my thing.

Try to make me the star

you want me to be

dude that’s not me.

Breaking free from the life

I once had but don’t want to know.

What’s done is done I’ve had my fill



Busting out from this prison

Make your move yeah I dare you.

Don’t change me for the better.

I’m shouting this out from my soul.


Not the sellout you want me to be

No way I’ll sell out myself or my beliefs.



(Verse 2)

Superstars everywhere

Ruling their tricked out golden hell.

The last I want to do is hide in a

frozen faced shell.

Not about endorsements

It all makes no sense.

You won’t catch me on any billboards.

modeling designer clothes

Or material things

None of that matters to me.

Selling out is what I won’t do

From it all you have to break away.

(Repeat chorus)


(Chorus repeats)

Sunday, January 1, 2017

How we roll -Lyrics

This is a song that I wrote for the fun of it & if the lyrics need work let me know its a bit rough
but other than that enjoy.

How we roll

(Hard rock instrumental)

(Verse 1)
If you thought we were done
No we aren’t through just yet
We’re just getting warmed up
Underestimating us will be something
You’ll soon come to regret.
That much you can bet.

We’ve got a spark guiding us reaching our dreams
Grabbing life by its horns &
taking it to extremes.
We’re breaking down all of the walls
So everyone hear this call.
We’re showing what we’re made of
cause that’s how we roll


This is how we roll
We’re going to break on through
No reason why it’s just what we do
We’ll keep going strong in the dead of night
Cause we aren’t going down without a fight.
This is how we roll

(Verse 2)
Nothing stands in our way
Soon you’ll soon realize
that we don’t play
You know about how hard we can rock
Well this is how we roll.

Enough is never enough
Want to try to silence us well that’s tough
We’re getting our kicks anyway we can
We’ve got luck on our side
& a decent sense of pride.
To get an ultimate rush
Is our master plan!

No way we’re never giving up
We’ll continue to keep going strong.
Self-belief is on our side
But we’ll see for how long.

(Chorus repeats)

(Guitar solo, Instrumental.)

(Chorus repeats twice.)

You know about how hard we can rock
This is how we roll!

Yeah rock n roll!

Full Throttle- Lyrics

Full Throttle- Lyrics

(Verse 1)

No one to hold me back

Nothing to hold me down

I’m coming full speed & I’m ready to go!

What is this feeling taking over me?

It dominates every fiber of my being.

I’m a real live wire that can’t be tamed.

That’s just how I play the game.

Make way I’m in full swing

Now I’m going to do my thing.



I’m a full throttle brawler

Going to rock your town

Coming at you be ready

when I throw down

No more messing around

Take heed to this sound

(Verse 2)

Without a doubt I’m going full throttle.

Be ready to feel my rage

Like being locked up in a cage

The gloves are off no way I’ll quit

You can slow me down all you like

So hear me all of you haters

Can take a  long hike.

When everything’s all said & done

I’m not stopping until this fight is won.

(Repeat chorus)

(Guitar solo, keyboard solo.)

(Chorus repeats twice.)

We’re full throttle brawlers!


SWAT Kats (Radical Squadron do or die)- Lyrics

SWAT Kats (Radical Squadron do or die.)
We’re SWAT Kats on the rise
Radical squadron do or die
(Hard rock instrumental.)
(Verse 1)
Disaster fills the air than ever before
This is plight that we can’t ignore
When the alarm sounds you’d better heed the call.
Together we’ll stand but divided we’ll fall.
We never go down without a fight
We’ll protect every day & night.
We’re SWAT Kats on the rise
Radical squadron do or die
Doing things our way is our master plan
Protecting the city anyway we can.
No way we’ll ever quit
For we have no limits
Saving & serving all of Katkind.
We’ll get radical every time!
(Verse 2)
In this together working as a team
We feel the rush & go to extremes.
To all bad guys you’re going down
There’s a new set of heroes in town.
Though things get tough we’ll stand our ground.
No matter what they say or think we’ll be around.
(Chorus repeats.)
(Guitar solo.)
(Chorus repeats twice)

New Year, New Things

Hello there one & all its DJ Dizzy here with a New Years announcement, First off Happy New year to one & all. Also in addition to some new music tutorials there's also going to be some videos featuring my band. So keep your eyes peeled for some new stuff & enjoy.