Monday, November 21, 2016

The DJ's Spotlight: Ravenscroft.

Hey there one & all Its the DJ coming at you. & this time we're taking about a new group called Ravencroft with their new song called "Cauldron Of Deceit."

Feel free to give a listen to some of their stuff. Hope you enjoy it.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Spotlight: The Royals

Hey there one & all its DJ Dizzy here & I'm going to shine a light on a new up & coming group called The Royals

Here's a look at some of their songs which I hope you enjoy

Dream catchers

The New Breed

Friday, November 4, 2016

An Interview with Eric Stuart

Hey there one & all its the DJ here & I'm proud to present an interview that I had the pleasure of doing while back with actor/singer Eric Stuart. For those who don't know him he's a folk rock singer whose also known for his voice work in Pokémon & other well known shows but as part of a report he took the time to answer some questions that I sent to him.

When did you get started in music?
 -I first really picked up a guitar in 8th grade. We had a music teacher that thought it would be cool to form a rock band out of the class. He went around the room and asked what we all wanted to play. I had a guitar at home that I was messing around with a bit so I chose guitar. He taught us rock songs from all the classic rock groups like the Stones, the Who, anything we would bring him. That year we played for the school assembly and I was hooked.
What are your inspirations?
-My hero is Buddy Holly. I am also a huge fan of Bruce Spingsteen, Cat Stevens and Elvis. I have always been drawn to a good song, a cool vibe, and a honesty to the performer. I strive to do the same. I mostly write what I know. I find the listener relates more to music that comes across as real. I may put it in a story but the underlying emotion is always something I have experienced. Songwriting is my therapy. It helps me connect with people. There is nothing more satisfying than having a fan say ‘Your songs move me’.
How do you think rock music in general has impacted or revolutionized American culture?
-Rock used to be the rebellious music. The stuff your parents and society shunned so it was picked by the youth. Now that is really not the case. Rock is pop. Pop is popular. The machine behind many of the bands/artists that are out now are so groomed that there is really not a lot of rebelling. I find very few bands I actually want to listen to, let alone believe. There are exception but overall once big corporations realized that rock was a money maker it became mainstream. I am a mainstream rock guy and was never part of any rebellious band but I always played what was truly honest music. I think image over substance has ruined a lot of what rock is today. That is the risk you run when what is cool gets gobbled up by everyone, it then becomes the norm.
Any new material?
-Yes, I am in the middle of recording/producing our 8th album. It will be out by mid-summer 2012. It learns toward the guitar-driven rock/pop that I love. Strong songs with very cool production. Should be one of our best.

So anyway that was a while back (About 3 years ago.) But aside from that
here's one of his songs that he did.

Eric Stuart band- Staring you in the face

Tales from the rockers domain

Okay I got been diving through the archives of the music scene as of late & when it all comes down to it Some supposed artist that I've seen tend to worry more about there image rather than their own talents. & new singing sensations (If you can even call them that.)

It's the same thing every time just a good looking person lip syncing or taking credit for someone else's work. Even in concert these singers lip sync they don't actually sound like that off stage or in reality.  (It's either a voice track or enhancement.) & although some singers claim its their real "voice." It really is not. Also when it comes to the rock n roll hall of fame I have to side with what

Eric Stuart had to say about how they just induct random artists in there it's partly out of record sales or most downloads. What about the more iconic groups like the Beastie Boys or Red Hot Chili Peppers? Or even The Sex Pistols & the Ramones?

They've been around longer than any of today's singers & yet they get snubbed each time. Now I'll say this It should have to be not just about who's more "popular" but rather include the legends & icons. After all they set the bar for the music scene. (I may be young but I know music.) I should also mention that now some of the music isn't really as it should be. I've noticed that rock music seems to fall into the pop catagory now & speaking as a musician & rock afianado but THAT AIN'T RGHT!! In fact bublegum pop has pretty much taken over when it comes to rock music. When I think of rock that isn't what I want to hear. When you think of rock music you want a gut busting pulse pounding thumping drum solo.

The off the wall wail of an electric guitar. The soft spoken yet hard working melody of a piano & a deep sounding slap that's in your face from a supped up bass guitar. (Thats what rock music is to me.) There's nothing wrong with experimenting with other styles but don't classify it as something else.& I should mention if your at least going to give someone props when it comes to music don't ever overlook the singers that were concidered "forgotten" Cause when you least expect it they might come back just to please their fans & it's always great to have a learning experience for the next gen. Even if they aren't that well known you should give them props regardless. That & if you are planning on a career in music or show biz they thing you need to ask yourself as a performer are these

four questions:

Do you want to do this for the rest of your life?

How can your fame benefit yourself, your fans , & others?

Can your talents succeed you?

Is the world ready for you & are you ready for it?

These are some things that most up & comers forget the moment their egos take over some of them lose sight of why the got involved in the biz & what they set out to do because its a matter of I can do & say what I want with no limits & this is why they burn out. & It should be more about talent rather than image or gmmicks. They may work but in the long run stuff like this can wear on your fans & you should care more about your music rather than that or anything else.

One last thing: As much as it's cool to use a stage name or alter ego the best thing to do is to save it for the stage or when you're performing. Its cool just don't go overboard. Because I've seen enough of that Don't turn yourself into a gimmick or sell yourself out because as a musician that's the last thing you want to do. & if you want to be a good role model here's a thought STAY OFF THE DRUGS!!! PEOPLE ARE WATCHING YOU!!!

Yeah that's a big one because if you're  going to have people emulate your over move you might want to think about what you do beforehand. Well these are my thoughts mostly on the industry & what its become & it shouldn't have to be a popularity contest cause now that's all it really is. Recird sales & downloads shouldn't matter & neither should how many Grammy's you have. The only thing that should matter is what you think. Thank you.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

How to DJ

Hey there one & all its DJ Dizzy coming at you yet again. & this time around I'm going to talk about how to DJ. Now you're probably wondering what this is all about, Well it's great to know a new skill & also although I call myself a DJ I'm one in training. & being a DJ is more about doing tricks with records & a turntable but there's a whole lot more to it than that.

In fact here are some videos that'll explain how to really hone the skills & what kind of mixer to use when your starting out.

As for me well I originally started with making mix tapes if my favorite songs when I was kid & then because of my passion for music I was asked to DJ at a local party at a summer camp. Then & there I was hooked.

Though I'm a beginner (DJ is just a stage name.) There's still so much to learn so feel free to watch these videos & chances are we'll both get the hang of it.

How rap changed the game

Hello one & all its the DJ coming at you once again. This time around I'm talking about & covering how rap really came into play. Now for those who really don't know rap got started in the Bronx New York in the late 70s but it wasn't really until the early 80s that it really branched out with  groups like the Sugar hill Gang & their hit song "Rappers Delight."

It was then & there that rap was soon born you would then have many more rap acts of the 80s Such as Run DMC, DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince. The Beastie Boys, LL Cool J, The Fat Boys, & Salt N Pepa to name a few. Pretty soon rap would then begin to find its voice though radio & mainstream media such as TV in the form of a show called Yo! MTV Raps which would then introduce many more artists of the rap genre & then soon that's when gangsta rap would then be born.

Then in the early 90s new jack swing was in full effect courtesy of major acts such as Heavy D & The Boys, KRS- One, Big Daddy Kane & many other acts. But it was rappers like Snoop Dog that would soon emerge making gangsta rap edgier than ever soon other artists of the 90s would then follow. Soon you had all kinds of acts such as  Westside Connection, N.W.A. , Lil Kim, MC Lyte, Angie Martinez, Missy Elliot & many others joining the fold.

Today rap though the genre has come such a long way with such acts as Kendrik Lamar, Nelly & more though some say its dying though its debated a little bit. You have rappers such as Lil Wayne who introduced auto tune to rap & its heavily used in pop music but I digress. No matter how you categorize it rap will forever hold a place in music & though it may come as a shock to some recently a rap group was inducted into the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame so its a sign that rap will forever be apart of the rock n roll genre & is heavily influenced by it though its mainly from the streets.

So although rap is considered dead to some people in some cases it just might be reviving with artists like Common & Talib Kweli along with Psyche Origami with meaningful & inspiring lyrics & music.

Though lets not forget those who came before them &  honor their music & though we may not hear too much from them they really brought the genre to the forefront & still continues to be a beacon in the rock n roll world.

The evolution of the music scene.

Hello there one & all once again. Its The DJ coming at you. & this time I'm talking about how far music has come over the years. Now being an 80s baby I was exposed to a lot of music genres over the years. But growing up the really popular genres of the time were, rap, jazz, country, reggae,& rock.

In fact you couldn't turn on a TV or a radio without hearing any of them or any famous artist at the time. But before that all happened rock was simply just finding its voice way back when through spiritual music that came from songs inspired by gospel from when slaves used to sing spirituals to help them cope through a hard life. Soon those spiritual songs became gospel & then that took on a whole new form with the introduction of guitars pianos & drums soon it wasn't until a woman by the name of Rosetta Tharpe introduced the electric guitar into the church.

Soon you had Little Richard who would then then incorporate fast piano riffs & soon after rock n roll was born. Then in the 60s & 70s more artists would follow forever changing & shaping how it was played soon you had singers like Chuck Berry, George Thorogood & the Destroyers, Aerosmith, & Cheap Trick would re invent it with their own style composed of blues, & edgy driven lyrics.

Then later on in the late 70s rock then became punk & was redefined with a rebellious sound thanks to groups like the Ramones & the Sex Pistols & thea Dead Boys to name a few. Rock would then evolve even further with  artists such as the Sugar hill Gang & their hot 80s song "Rapper's Delight" (In case your wondering its the one that talks about going to a friends house & the food was horrible.) But anyway that was when rap son found a place in the music scene in the early 80s & soon rappers like Grand Master Flash along with Salt & Peppa would soon open the door for many other rap pioneers.

So then soon after you had acts like Bob Marley & acts like Kenny Rogers who then came to the forefront with their styles of Reggae & country & then such acts like Miles Davis, Charlie Barker & Herbie Hancock with their jazz genre. So if it hadn't been for such genres such as big band, new wave & classical then because of them we wouldn't have the mainstream
genres that we've all come to know & love.

Music is everywhere & its constantly changing every single day & because of TV shows we wouldn't have been introduced to some of these artists & seen their concerts. Though some of the genres are a bit advanced you can never deny the classics of how to play an instrument or hearing a song on the radio. No matter where you go let the music play on & as long as its in the air music can never die.

& most of all if you have a song or melody inside don't be afraid or scared to let it out be proud & play it loud!