Tuesday, November 1, 2016

The evolution of the music scene.

Hello there one & all once again. Its The DJ coming at you. & this time I'm talking about how far music has come over the years. Now being an 80s baby I was exposed to a lot of music genres over the years. But growing up the really popular genres of the time were, rap, jazz, country, reggae,& rock.

In fact you couldn't turn on a TV or a radio without hearing any of them or any famous artist at the time. But before that all happened rock was simply just finding its voice way back when through spiritual music that came from songs inspired by gospel from when slaves used to sing spirituals to help them cope through a hard life. Soon those spiritual songs became gospel & then that took on a whole new form with the introduction of guitars pianos & drums soon it wasn't until a woman by the name of Rosetta Tharpe introduced the electric guitar into the church.

Soon you had Little Richard who would then then incorporate fast piano riffs & soon after rock n roll was born. Then in the 60s & 70s more artists would follow forever changing & shaping how it was played soon you had singers like Chuck Berry, George Thorogood & the Destroyers, Aerosmith, & Cheap Trick would re invent it with their own style composed of blues, & edgy driven lyrics.

Then later on in the late 70s rock then became punk & was redefined with a rebellious sound thanks to groups like the Ramones & the Sex Pistols & thea Dead Boys to name a few. Rock would then evolve even further with  artists such as the Sugar hill Gang & their hot 80s song "Rapper's Delight" (In case your wondering its the one that talks about going to a friends house & the food was horrible.) But anyway that was when rap son found a place in the music scene in the early 80s & soon rappers like Grand Master Flash along with Salt & Peppa would soon open the door for many other rap pioneers.

So then soon after you had acts like Bob Marley & acts like Kenny Rogers who then came to the forefront with their styles of Reggae & country & then such acts like Miles Davis, Charlie Barker & Herbie Hancock with their jazz genre. So if it hadn't been for such genres such as big band, new wave & classical then because of them we wouldn't have the mainstream
genres that we've all come to know & love.

Music is everywhere & its constantly changing every single day & because of TV shows we wouldn't have been introduced to some of these artists & seen their concerts. Though some of the genres are a bit advanced you can never deny the classics of how to play an instrument or hearing a song on the radio. No matter where you go let the music play on & as long as its in the air music can never die.

& most of all if you have a song or melody inside don't be afraid or scared to let it out be proud & play it loud!

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