Saturday, July 1, 2017

Fire it up-Lyrics

  Fire It Up

(Verse 1)
I got the music in me
Without a doubt. So fire up the mic
Cause I’m going to belt it out.

When the music plays I hear its call
Feel the beat surging.
I’m off the wall.
I feel it flooding my very soul
It makes me want to lose control
I’m feeling the heat
& it makes me want to rock n roll!

Fire it up I got the feeling
Like House pain jump around
Across the ceiling
When the music’s wall to wall
Better take heed to its call. Yeah!

Nothing like an adrenalin rush
One time’s never enough
I’m ready to fire it up!

(Verse 2(
It’s a real euphoric sensation
Come & feel it all across the nation
Cut loose cause tonight we’re
Getting loud & wild.
This is no time to play it mild.
Normally I go with the flow
But when I’m near a stereo
That’s when I explode!

(Repeat Chorus)

(Guitar solo, Instrumental.)

(Chorus repeats twice)

C’mon & FIRE IT UP!

Sasuke Must Die- Lyrics

Sasuke Must Die
(Intro Hard Rock Instrumental.)

Coming from a past of animosity
It’s as clear as the eye can see.
Frustration wrapped in cries
Cause your clan was killed before your eyes.

I’m sorry that it must end this way
You now know that power corrupts.
For your deception you must pay.
The time is now to end this.
No holding back fear.

Sasuke must die
Pay for all that he’s done
Vengeance rules his broken soul.

Save him from the monster that he’s become.
A rival has been reborn through anger & scorn.
It’s time to end it all
Sasuke must die.

A mind & heart full of rage & hate
You’ve now awoke your fate.
You’re no longer the person
that I’ve come to know.
Thought I was able to break through
But there’s no point in saving you.
I’ll have to give the killing blow.
Jealousy has you possessed
Time to put it all to rest.

(Repeat chorus)
(Guitar solo.)

(Repeat chorus twice.)


Back off- Lyrics

Back Off!- Lyrics


Back off cause we take no mess

Go on & put us to the test

I dare you to try to take us out

We’ll show you what rock’s all about.

Try to step to us you’d better back off!


(Verse 1)

We’re only saying this once

You’d better come with some game

Once you take in our sound you’ll never be the same.

Take a listen as it crushes down

We’re coming in loud our time is now.

Here we come ready or not better keep your

Cool cause its going to get hot.


(Chorus repeats)


(Verse 2)

Here we come now

We’re ready & packing a lot

Think you can defeat us?

Sorry to say but that’s a not!

You may have the battle in your

Favor but prepare for the war

We’ve got the skills & we’re

Prepared to settle out this score.

We’ve got the real power by the hour


(Chorus repeats.)


(Guitar solo, Keyboard solo.)


(Chorus repeats)


Better Back Off!

More to know- Lyrics

More to know- lyrics

(Verse 1)
You think you got me all figured out
it’s time to show you just what I’m all about.
I’m not that same person that you used to know.
You say that you can read me like a book
Get in close & take a better look.
Where’s that person that you knew before?
Well I’m back with something more.


There’s a lot more to me then just what you think
Get to know me for what’s underneath
I’m no wind up doll or a punching bag for show.
There’s a lot more you know.
Take a good look at what you see
There’s a whole lot more to me.
There’s a lot more to know.

(Verse 2)
I wear no labels on me
So don’t bother giving me one.
I rather wear a badge of pride
Till the day is said & done.
Don’t give me a trophy
Or entitlement to rub in one’s face.
I got just what I need to put the haters in their place.

(Chorus Repeats.)

(Guitar solo, Instrumental) 

(Chorus repeats )