Thursday, October 13, 2016

How to start a band complete with tips

Hey there all its your old friend DJ Dizzy here & here's a tip on how to start a band. I had the pleasure of finding some videos online as you'll clearly see

Follow these tips to starting a band & you'll soon be on your way. Also here are some tips of my own to really get you on your way. Such as:

There's no I in team: For one there's always some breakout star in a band or group & you have to remember that you & your band are a team & you all play a part no matter what it is. So the thing to do is check your ego at the door unless you plan on going solo.

How you sound makes all the difference: Know this how you sound is very important. If you had lessons be it singing or an instrument put them to good use but most of all remember to put in some serious time be it a whole or half hour you should always remember to practice. which brings me to this.

Always Practice: No matter what time you have day or night be sure to make time for practice.

Pick decent members: When it comes to certain members of a band or group you should always audition the right people & of course make sure their priorities are on fleek with yours & if they check out & of course  be sure they can play an instrument & offer some tips.

Its all about having fun: Music should be about having fun never anything frivolous like fame or money.

Lookout for each other: In addition to being a team also remember to lookout for one another cause at the end of the day & each session you always have to remember that its all for one & one for all. A band is also composed of some good friends that'll help you anyway they can.

Keep it clean: When I say this I mean take care of yourself health wise. The last thing you want to do is go on performing with strep throat or a fever. So always take care of yourself. & this also goes for swearing.

Don't blow your voice: Remember this being apart of a band means that you should always have a decent sounding voice. so take care of that & your main instrument.

Keep these tips in mind & soon your band will be on its way. & of course always remember no matter what part you play its always a team effort.

Saturday, October 1, 2016

How to play rock drums

Hey there all DJ Dizzy here check out this 6 part tutorial on how to play rock n roll drums. They teach you everything but if that's not enough here's more vids.

How to play rock drums 6 part vids

Beginner songs 49 part vids

Make your own drum set (Bonus vid)

Hope these vids help out Enjoy!

Thoughts of a DJ: Deejays: Musicians or Jukeboxes

Hey there DJ Dizzy here. Now here's a question that I want to raise to all of you. Now I was reading this in a book just a while back & they had an interesting question which was are DJs considered true artists or just jukeboxes who sample other people's music?

Well here are my thoughts though most deejays are regarded as people who play & sample another artists music keep in mind that they're also famed producers & they do also do their own music such as mixing it with computer programs via Garage band. But also incorporate actual musical instruments into their mixes.

You also have deejays that prefer to use old school methods such as vinyl records whenever they handle music. But to me deejays are true artists that create their own music their music is either meant to make us get up & dance or just take us on a journey into our minds help us escape reality for just a minute. However there are some who recreate another artists music from their own revision of how it should sound to them some of them have also produced other famous other artists.

Though I'm a DJ to be I say that no matter how we want to regard them or what you want to say about them DJs all have something to bring even if its from other artists. But overall they should be regarded as artists no matter what method of mixing that they use. So it really doesn't matter you can still be an artist even if you sample another's work but a true artist is true to their craft no matter what some else might have to think or say.

So with that said  here's some tunes by some up & coming DJs called Fluer East


Thoughts of a DJ: What music really means

Hey there once again & I'm going to talk about something that's very important to me. That of what music really means. Same with the talent behind it.

Now there are a lo of people who do music form many different genres but if anything its the same each time when it comes to that. Most singers being about their range rather than singing the song. I can't tell you how many times I've heard a lot of that. its quite common with singers who mostly do  soul or rock.

Also you can put the blame on some of these singing competitions that are on TV i.e. American Idol (Which is cancelled thank goodness.) & The Voice. They get promised a contract which will guarantee them something that even they know they'll never get. But also you should know for a fact that shows like that are fake. The reality behind that is that its all a set up for selling a product.

Also there are a lot singers that value image & style over substance instead of true talent or the song itself as I stated before. This is one of the main reasons some of these singers get to be overrated because in some cases there are some that are just in it for the fame or to just be heard or feel better or superior than everyone else well to me that's not what music should be about. it should be about the feeling you get  whenever you play an instrument or hear your first song on the radio, it should be a feeling of euphoria & the passion that you have for it. Also take the time to really hone your craft because there are a lot of these so called artists who just want to take the easy way out. when it comes to wanting to be a star& if you spend your time chasing the spotlight then you'll find yourself missing out by obsessing.

I can’t stress this enough there’s nothing wrong with having a passion for something but the key thing is to not make it into an obsession the more you make an obsession of something the less appealing it maybe later on. It soon loses its luster or its rush. 

I should also mention that there a lot of critics out there that want to say that have very weird & strange opinions of how music should sound but here's the thing the reason for that is many people have different tastes in music & most of all different ways of playing so naturally there's always going to be  musicians out there  that do their best to appeal to an audience of some kind. Thats why they  work  to hone their craft as best they can.

So to all of you singers & musicians out there take notes & give a listen. To put it short you don't really need to have an over the top singing voice in order to be a great singer or really be flashy just to appeal to anyone all you really need to do is keep it subtle & have a passion for what you do & because thats what most people really want to see & to me that's what music really means.

How rhythm works

Hey there all DJ Dizzy here & for those who don't quite know how rhythm works. It uses mostly a mathematical formula that of sub division as you'll see in this video

 Square One- Rhythm song

Let me know what you think & if this helps out.