Saturday, November 18, 2017

Back off- Lyrics


Back off cause we take no mess

Go on & put us to the test

I dare you to try to take us out

We’ll show you what rock’s all about.

Try to step to us you’d better back off!


(Verse 1)

We’re only saying this once

You’d better come with some game

Once you take in our sound you’ll never be the same.

Take a listen as it crushes down

We’re coming in loud our time is now.

Here we come ready or not better keep your

Cool cause its going to get hot.


(Chorus repeats)


(Verse 2)

Here we come now

We’re ready & packing a lot

Think you can defeat us?

Sorry to say but that’s a not!

You may have the battle in your

Favor but prepare for the war

We’ve got the skills & we’re

Prepared to settle out this score.

We’ve got the real power by the hour


(Chorus repeats.)


(Guitar solo, Keyboard solo.)


(Chorus repeats)


Better Back Off!

Unlimited- Lyrics

Unlimited- Lyrics

(Verse 1)

You think I’m worthless?

There’s a lot more than you think.

You want to see what I’m really all about?

Well here it comes so don’t blink.

I’m not just you’re average girl next door

Deep inside I’m a whole lot more



There’s nothing strange about me

I’m as tough & strong as I should be

I’m unlimited & that’s all I wannabe

I’m not slowing down till all’s said & done

I’m just looking for a good time

So lets have some fun

No way I’ll ever quit

Cause I’m unlimited


(Verse 2)

I’m the type that’ll see a task through

I do things my way that much is true,

I’m all revved up & ready to go

If there’s one thing you can’t tell

Me it’s a certain word no.


(Chorus repeats.)

(Guitar solo, Drum solo.)

(Chorus repeats)

No way I’ll ever quit cause I’m unlimited!

Righteous Indignation- Lyrics

Righteous Indignation- Lyrics

What's this weird sensation?

(Hard Rock Instrumental)

(Verse 1)
I'm so sick of all the injustice in the world.
I already know its tough to be a girl.
tired of being misjudged becuase I was born blind
& this is one girl thats gonna speak her mind.
& all I wanted was someone to look up to.
I have a lot to say hope I come in loud & clear
This is a message that I want you to all hear.

Righteous indignation flows in my soul
I feel it surging out of control.
Tired of hiding so get ready to fight.
It's up to you to make things right.
I know its  hard but I got a life to live
& my all is all I can give.
Get ready to feel the sensation of
Feel the sensation of righteous indignation
(Repeat 3x)

(Verse 2)
Skinny models here, there, & everywhere
Why can't knowledge make you stop & stare?
Why do we worship beauty when it only fades away?
that some things about it are all fake?
To all the stars that I once knew then
believing in you was a huge mistake.

(Repeat chorus)


(Repeat 3x)

(Guitar solo, Instrumental)

(Repeat chourus)