Wednesday, May 15, 2019

DJ Interviews: ATomic Kaveman

Hey there everyone DJ Dizzy here & I sat down with a group who answer to Atomic Kaveman who had a lot to say regarding their humble beginnings.

Responses by Atomic Kavemen singer, Morey 

How'd you get started in music?

As a teenager, my best friend got immersed in heavy metal guitar. I didn't like metal and had little motivation for learning instruments. It took a couple of years but my musical taste changed and I found that I was halfway decent as a vocalist.

Who are your inspirations or influences?

I take a lot of my style from strong baritones; Danzig, Elvis, Ian Astbury, Jim Morrison. I take a page from Mike Patton in that I try to be versatile as I can and make each song sound a little different from the others. 

What advice would offer aspiring performers?

Don't bank on external success. Music can be personally enriching - just do it without an expectation of appreciation from others.

How do you set yourselves apart from other bands or singers?

We didn't set out to be different, but it sure turned out that way. On the plus side, we fill a niche for those who appreciate raw, heavy rock and roll. The drawback is that it's harder to get gigs when you're not part of a popular subgenre.

Any new gigs or albums in the future?

Our drummer injured his arm so no gigs at the moment. We're writing though and hope to release a new EP around September. We're taking a little more time with this one but the music remains raw and unfiltered. If you liked our first record, you'll dig our new stuff!

Special thanks to them for doing this interview & I wish them nothing but luck in their career. So until then I'll catch you on the flipside! Stay awesome & rock n roll!

Saturday, May 4, 2019

DJ Interviews: Elizabeth Everts

Hey there everyone, Its The DJ coming at you with an interview featuring a talented singer, songwriter  whose name is Elizabeth Everts Who spoke on her humble beginnings

How'd you get started in music?

My Dad liked to play The Beatles or folk songs on the guitar and I would sing along with him while he played.  When I was 8, I ended up sitting at a piano during a wedding reception with a woman who was a piano teacher (I only met her that once) and she showed me things that I apparently picked up on well.  She recommended to my parents that I take piano lessons, which I did for the next 14 years.  

Who are your inspirations or influences?

Major influences for me have been The Beatles, The Doors, The Red Hot Chili Peppers and Tori Amos.  On the classical side the biggest four would be Beethoven, Schumann, Janacek and Berio.  In jazz music my top four influences are Charles Mingus, John Coltrane, Miles Davis and Cal Tjader.

What advice would you give to aspiring performers?

Just because you are nervous doesn't mean that you are not cut out to perform.  Being nervous is not only normal but also an indication that the quality of your playing/singing matters to you.  Also, not everyone is going to like what you do and try not to let that shake you.  Be yourself.

How do you set yourself apart from other bands/singers?

I think that the influences of rock, jazz, classical and experimental music that I have heard and played in my life are mixing in a similar way in each song I write, which is slowly culminating into a unique "Elizabeth" style.

Any new gigs or albums in the future?

On May 25, 2019 a new five-track EP will be released.  It is called "Contraband" and contains songs utilising drums or electronic drum beats, Fender Rhodes and/or piano and vibraphone.  There is one solo song included - containing just piano and voice.  It will be available on all digital platforms or as physical media for purchase on my website.

Special thanks to her for this interview & I wish her luck in her career. So until then I'll catch you on the flipside! Stay awesome & rock n roll!

Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Night Sabers - Tru Kvlt Black Metal

DJ Interviews: Makuta

Hey there everyone its your old friend DJ Dizzy here & I sat down with a band who call themselves Makuta & they had so much to share on their music & their success.

How'd you get started in music?
We (MAKUTA - Jane, Aleata, Rose, and Doug) all grew up in a musical household, so music was always present.  From growing up singing and playing in church (from the moment we could first make noise!), to studying classically, music has been one of the few constants in our lives.  We don't remember a time when we weren't writing songs, singing, and playing music!

Who are your inspirations or influences?
We have so many inspirations and influences, and honestly, they grow by the day.  But, for us as both a band, and as individuals, some tried and true ones are Queen, Prince, Cher, Elton John, Dolly Parton, Bill Withers, Stevie Wonder, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Heart, Harry Nilsson, Danny Elfman, Louis Gottschalk, Twisted Sister, Alexander Scriabin, AC/DC, Fleetwood Mac, The Eagles, and My Chemical Romance.  Beyond musicians, we are inspired and influenced by art work, films, and travel.  We always strive to be open to our surroundings; to be present and inspired by what’s around us, at any given time.  

What advice would offer aspiring performers?
Work hard and don’t be afraid to make mistakes.  When you do, in response work hard to educate yourself on every aspect of what you do.  Write, produce, and engineer your own music, book your own shows, make cold calls, direct your own music videos, load in and load out your gear at shows, design your merchandise, the list goes on.  Educating yourself is basically free.  It comes by doing.  Beyond that, with the amount of information readily available from those around you, the Internet, the library - there’s no longer an excuse to not be able to take ownership of your art.  We certainly don’t know everything, but we’re excited to never stop learning.  Right alongside all of that, be grateful for every single person who takes the time to listen to your music and come to shows.  They are THE most important people, so do everything to show them that and never let them forget it.  Without them, there would be nothing.  

How do you set yourselves apart from other bands or singers?
We just strive to always be our most authentic selves.  As cliché as it may sound, it's the truth!  We are passionate about what we do, which fuels us to work hard, and never settle until we have done the best we can.  In terms of "our sound" or "style", we don't fight what comes out naturally.  We embrace it - we let the song dictate what it is.  We also put on blinders when we are in writing and recording mode.  It's a very insular and immersive process, by choice.  We don’t care for, or follow trends - if we love something, we do it, regardless if its popular at that current point in time or not.  We follow our gut and heart, break the rules, and make up our own.  Plus, we're more interested in the shelf life of a song, the long game.  A great song is timeless, and that’s the benchmark we aim for always.  So, shake all that up, and out comes who we are!

Any new gigs or albums in the future?
Yes!  We have SO much music and touring planned for this year (and next year!).  For starters, we will be performing at the Grammy Block Party in Washington, D.C., on May 10th, which will then kick off a summer + fall tour in support of our new, upcoming album.  We recently released one of the songs from the album, called “Us”.  We always want everyone to feel like they are a part of what we do, because... well... they are!  They're 100% the reason we do what we do.  So, for this first song, we invited everybody to send in a sentence to say something they never said before, out loud, with us, together.  We were absolutely overwhelmed by the flood of beautiful and devastating messages we received.  We compiled as many as we could, and featured them in the video (link:  For all our upcoming tour dates, music releases, and happenings, you can keep up to date at, or via our social media pages - Facebook (, Instagram (@MAKUTAMusic), and Twitter (@OfficialMAKUTA)!  If you're reading this, we'd love to see you at a show!  

Special thanks to them for this interview & I wish them luck n their music. So until then I'll catch you on the flipside! Stay awesome & rock n roll!

DJ Interviews: Kambridge

Hey there folks, DJ Dizzy here & I had the pleasure of interviewing a band who call themselves, Kambridge

How'd you get started in music?

We all started playing as young teenagers and I think it was just the time we grew up in all that raw early metal influenced us. It was kind of the thing to do where we grew up around Detroit area. We all just stuck with it.
Who are your biggest inspirations & influences?

As a whole I can say are number one influence in this band without a doubt is Metallica but we have many others to the god fathers Sabbath, Pantera, Slayer, Tool ect.
Although we don't strive to sound like any of them we want to be our own band and have that creative freedom of being different.

Any advice to any aspiring musicians or singers?

The thing we would want to say to any aspiring musician is to never give up and self promote as much as you possibly can and do it because you love it because its your art your passion and the world needs to hear and see your message.

How do you set yourselves apart from other bands?

We don't really go out of the way to set ourselves apart from the crowd were really not worried about what the other guy's are doing. We believe in our music and we play from the heart and we just want to bring some good music to the people and have some intresting art in our videos and play great shows!

Any new gigs or albums in the future?

We have some great new material maybe some of our best work coming soon and we are making the plans for shooting another video. James our singer is having a baby very soon and were all stoked about the new addition to the Kambridge family can't wait for the little guy to get here. So after the baby gets here and things settle down we have a show scheduled for July 7th opening for the Kenny Hill Group at the Token Lounge and will be booking more!

Special thanks to them for doing this interview & I wish them nothing but luck in their careers & until then I'll catch you on the flipside! Stay awesome & rock n roll!