Saturday, December 23, 2017

Christmas tunes

Hey there everyone  here's some tunes that'll really rock the holidays so until then enjoy! Merry Christmas & have a frosty new year  Stay Righteous! & Catch you on the Flipside!

Trans Siberian Orchestra


Wizards of Winter

Deck the halls She daisy

Barry Gordon Nothing for Christmas/ I Love Christmas

The music of Dorian Harewood

Hey there everyone its DJ Dizzy here & we're going to do some tunes bye none other than Dorian Harewood  for those who aren't too familiar with him or his work he's done some voice roles such as Biker Mice From Mars, an announcer for NBC & the movie Space Jam. But he's also done some on camera work.

He's done some well known moves such as Full Metal Jacket, Roots & a recent movie called Mayor Cupcake he's also a singer who has toured with the band the Four Tops  & has a few tunes that are a real hit so feel free to check out some of his works through this link so here's to you Mr. Harewood & thanks so much for sharing your music.

Dorien Harewood -Music

So until then stay righteous!

Monday, December 4, 2017

Stay Frosty-Lyrics

his is a song that I wrote over the weekend that I hope you all enjoy.

Stay Frosty- Lyrics

(Hard Rock Instrumental)

(Verse 1)

There are times when days

can get way too tense.

Too much to do it hardly makes sense.

There are times that I want to leave life behind

But there’s a phrase I learnt to

Help ease my mind.


You’ve got to stay frosty

Brave whatever comes your way

Just stay frosty

Don’t be scared to seize the day

There may be times when enough is enough

But through it all you’ve got to stay tough.

You may play it cool

But I’ll stay frosty

(Verse 2)

Fight the enemy within

Keep on believing

Soon enough you’ll win

Don’t be scared to face adversity

This is how it has to be.

(Chorus repeats)

No way we’ll

Ever give up the fight

We find the strength to do

What’s right.

No matter what adversity

We’ll always stay frosty

(Guitar solo, Instrumental)

(Chorus repeats twice)

You may play it cool but we’ll stay frosty.

Friday, December 1, 2017

Brainwashed Youth-Lyrics

This is another song that I wrote a while back Hope you enjoy it.

Brainwashed Youth - Lyrics.

(Hard rock instrumental)

(Verse 1)

Here we are & here we stand
mindless drones awaiting a command
Celebrity clones that's what we are
Duped into being the next big
so called 'superstar'

It's enough to make you shout
"Just what's this all about?!"
Ready for the truth?
It's about the brainwashed youth


This goes out to the brainwashed youth
we're saying this out of truth.
The SpongeBob generation
a mass marketed sensation
Pushed & pressured to stay on top
Always see it & it never stops
Get your selfies out as proof
This is for the brainwashed youth

(Verse 2)

What's happened to individuality?
It got sucked into a so-called 'reality'
Idols being placed on a pedestal
Always buying ther junk
keeping them paid in full
Being told what to say or like.
You aren't controlling me so take a hike!
I'm using my mind at all times
That's the end of my rhyme! (Right on now!)

(Chorus repeats)

(Guitar solo, Bass solo)

(Chorus repeats twice.)


In this together- Lyrics

(Verse 1)

There was a time we had obstacles
In our way but through it all we
made through okay at first we
started weak & just a bit rough
But in the end we suddenly got tough
There might’ve been times we wanted to runaway
But through thick & thin at the end of the day


We’re all in this together no matter
what life can dish out
We’ll weather the storms forever
because in the end
We’ll show the doubters
just what we’re all about

(Verse 2)

We worked to hard to give up
No way we’ll ever quit (No way!)
We’ve got true strength on our side
(Yeah, yeah, Hey!)
We know the sky’s the limit
We know that true enough
We’ll wear our bravery as a badge of pride!

(Chorus repeats)

No way we’ll ever quit
The sky’s the limit. We got strength on our side
We’ll wear it as a badge of pride.
(Repeat 2x)

(Chorus repeats twice)

We’re in this together no matter what
We’ll show the doubters what it’s all about!

Back Off! - Lyrics

Back Off!- Lyrics


Back off cause we take no mess

Go on & put us to the test

I dare you to try to take us out

We’ll show you what rock’s all about.

Try to step to us you’d better back off!

(Verse 1)

We’re only saying this once

You’d better come with some game

Once you take in our sound you’ll never be the same.

Take a listen as it crushes down

We’re coming in loud our time is now.

Here we come ready or not better keep your

Cool cause its going to get hot.

(Chorus repeats)

(Verse 2)

Here we come now

We’re ready & packing a lot

Think you can defeat us?

Sorry to say but that’s a not!

You may have the battle in your

Favor but prepare for the war

We’ve got the skills & we’re

Prepared to settle out this score.

We’ve got the real power by the hour

(Chorus repeats.)

(Guitar solo, Keyboard solo.)

(Chorus repeats)

Better Back Off!

Bang- Lyrics

Bang- Lyrics

(Verse 1)

Feel the power in the air.

Energy & excitement everywhere.

If you can hear me then scream.

I wanted to let you know that our time has come.

Just wanted to tell you that we aren’t done.


Bang that drum loud

C’mon cut loose get wild.

Tonight is something extreme.

If you’ve got the power

Then c’mon with us

Let’s hear you scream

(Verse 2)

I want to rock you

Like no tomorrow.

Escape all of the sorrow.

When the beat takes over you can’t fight.

Get hypnotized by our sound

We’re ready to show you

That there’s no where you can hide.

(Chorus repeats.)

(Keyboard solo. 

(Chorus repeats.)