Friday, December 1, 2017

In this together- Lyrics

(Verse 1)

There was a time we had obstacles
In our way but through it all we
made through okay at first we
started weak & just a bit rough
But in the end we suddenly got tough
There might’ve been times we wanted to runaway
But through thick & thin at the end of the day


We’re all in this together no matter
what life can dish out
We’ll weather the storms forever
because in the end
We’ll show the doubters
just what we’re all about

(Verse 2)

We worked to hard to give up
No way we’ll ever quit (No way!)
We’ve got true strength on our side
(Yeah, yeah, Hey!)
We know the sky’s the limit
We know that true enough
We’ll wear our bravery as a badge of pride!

(Chorus repeats)

No way we’ll ever quit
The sky’s the limit. We got strength on our side
We’ll wear it as a badge of pride.
(Repeat 2x)

(Chorus repeats twice)

We’re in this together no matter what
We’ll show the doubters what it’s all about!

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