Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Wild as I wannabe- Lyrics

(Verse 1)

Some people think that I’ve got

Nothing going on. well here’s some news

I’m about to prove you wrong.

When it comes to a good time

I know where it’s at

I know how to have fun

That’s a well known fact.

Get ready to see another side of me

cause let me tell you

I’m as wild as I wannabe.



Nothing tame or anything but

Ordinary that’s because I’m as wild as

I wannabe. I’ve got a need for speed

And a full on rush of energy

Check me out cause I’m wild as I wannabe.


(Verse 2)

Being calm & cool

Is sometimes a bore.

There’s to more to me

then being the girl next door.

I’m a fireball that’s ready to

Explode. Be ready cause

I’m ready to unload.

Call me a menace but

There’s a whole lot more to me

Better recognize

I’m as wild as I wannabe.

(Chorus repeats)

(Guitar solo.)

(Chorus repeats)

Check us out we’re as wild as we wannabe!

Friday, June 2, 2017

Musical debut

Hello one & all its the DJ here once again, Just a heads up that my new band Pyrostorm will be debuting some new songs which are all original & some videos which I hope that you enjoy.

Though it'll take some time so rest assured that we'll be uploading some videos really soon so wish us luck.

Break Out- Lyrics

Break Out- Lyrics


(Verse 1)

Being caught in the background

Can be a full grind want to

Escape from the mundane

before I go insane.

Though temptation is loudly

Pounding on the door

Some things just can’t be ignored.

Take a dive before it’s too late

Don’t leave your life in the hands of fate



Break out from the barrier

Don’t be scared to take any shots

I see the want to in your eyes.

Everybody wants something

So don’t be scared to take that chance.



(Verse 2)

I find myself burdened

by the everyday hassles of the world.

Try to play like it’s no big deal

But it never stops.

Though this feeling has

Me reeling for a change

I think now should I chase this dream?

I can’t sit by & keep asking

“What if.”  Better take the chance while I can.


(Repeat Chorus.)


(Guitar solo)


No time for asking why

Either stand back or move in.

The time is now to break away.


( Chorus repeats twice.)

(Fade out)


Rock N Roar- Lyrics

Rock N Roar -  Lyrics


Got an instrument & my voice

And I’m going to use them both by choice.

The music’s in my blood

I can feel it bleeding out.

When the beat hits me it makes me

Want to shout. (Wow!)

Not holding back anything

That’s right the time is now!



Tonight we’re going to rock n roar!

 (Leave them begging for more.)

We’re going to rock & roar

(Really rock the dance floor.)

Get rid of it hard as you try

Rock n roll will never die

We’re going to rock & roar!

(Get loud & make some noise!)


No use in holding anything back

That’s when I attack I’ve got the urge to

 Rock n roll!

When then beat hits the crowd

No doubt we’re going to shout it loud

Feel the rhythm enter your soul!

(Lose control)

(Chorus repeats)

(Guitar solo, Instrumental.)
(Chorus repeats twice.)