Thursday, December 1, 2016

Righteos indignation-Lyrics

Righteous Indignation- Lyrics

What's this weird sensation?

(Hard Rock Instrumental)

(Verse 1)
I'm so sick of all the injustice in the world.
I already know its tough to be a girl.
tired of being misjudged becuase I was born blind
& this is one girl thats gonna speak her mind.
Now hear this its not about looks
where you're from but it mostly
about what you do.
& all I wanted was someone to look up to.
I have a lot to say hope I come in loud & clear
This is a message that I want you to all hear.

Righteous indignation flows in my soul
I feel it surging out of control.
Tired of hiding so get ready to fight.
It's up to you to make things right.
I know its  hard but I got a life to live
& my all is all I can give.
Get ready to feel the sensation of
Feel the sensation of righteous indignation
(Repeat 3x)

(Verse 2)
Skinny models here, there, & everywhere
Why can't knowledge make you stop & stare?
Why do we worship beauty when it only fades away?
Caught off by image but we don't really know
that some things about it are all fake?
To all the stars that I once knew then
believing in you was a huge mistake.

(Repeat chorus)


(Repeat 3x)

(Guitar solo, Instrumental)

(Repeat chourus)

Wild Spirit- Lyrics

Here's a song that I wrote a while back in the form of some lyrics. It's called Wild Spirit I hope that you like it.

Wild Spirit- Lyrics

(Verse 1)
I feel a fever so hot that I’m on fire
To feel a rush is my one desire
Got to break loose from what
they call the mundane
If I don’t I swear I might go insane.
When the energy hits the air
That’s when the spark starts to flare
No turning back now
No way no how!

I got a wild spirit running free
I lose all control when I
Feel it inside of me
I’m fired up & good to go
When the rush comes out
I just want to shout
(Really belt it out!)
Can you hear it?
It’s my wild spirit!

(Verse 2)
Hungry for some action
so give me all you got
I’m on the hunt fired up
& it’s something hot
Sick & tired of always
playing nice & mild
Like all the other rebels
I was born to be wild.
Thrill seeking’s what I adore
No such thing as enoug
Cause I want more
Out looking for a good time
So hear this rhyme!

(Chorus Repeats)

(Guitar solo.)
(Repeat chorus twice.)
Yeah I got a wild spirit!

How to beatbox

Hey there guys its DJ Dizzy here & I got something that'll really get you into music. Its beat boxing.

There are many different ways & styles of beat boxing in which you can try.
But the real pioneers of beat boxing has to be Doug E Fresh & Biz Markie who brought it to the masses & soon became apart of the hip hop culture.

Soon it began to take on many forms as the years went by. People of all kinds regardless of race or gender found themselves trying out this new form. So feel free to have a look at the many different techniques of beat boxing & enjoy!