Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Quick Update:

Hey there everyone Its DJ Dizzy here & I wanted to take the time to let you all know that
I'll be doing some album reviews & showing some music videos so keep a look out of things.

So until then stay awesome & rock n roll!

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

DJ'sSpotlight: An Interview with Robert Navajas

Hello everyone DJ Dizzy here I've been doing some interviews as of late & this is one I've done with a guy by the name of Robert Navajas of a heavy metal band called Bad Era as the guitarist.  So here's the interview & enjoy.

How'd you get started in music?

I got started in music when I was 8 years old. I used to take piano lessons at a Russian conservatory. At 11 I heard high voltage from AC/DC, changed my life, picked up the electric guitar and never stopped since then.

Who are you're biggest influences & inspirations?

That's a tough one!! Obviously AC/DC got me started so it has a very special place in my heart, I think they are the most amazing band in history. I also remember the first time that I heard Pantera, when I was 16, that was also a life changing event that not only changed my way of playing but also changed the way I aproached life, the attitude...Everything. As a guitar player I would have to say Dimebag Darrell, Zakk Wylde, Tony Iommi, Eric Clapton, Slash, David Gilmour, Kerry King. As an artist in general I think Ozzy Osbourne has been my biggest influence ever so yeah, but you know I like to listen to different styles of music, so I cant leave Bob Marley, Michael Jackson or even Eminem out of the paragraph haha.How would you say music has impacted your life?

I honestly dont remember a season of my life in which music was not a big part of , my life, I mean, I remember being 4 years old and asking my  parents to put that record again in the car (that record most probably being Eric Clapton or Michael Jackson). I think music is magic really, it has a huge impact in the way you feel and can really give you that extra bump of energy you need to go through the day, no matter the circumstances, that's why I really love metal, because It can channel all of your negative energy in a positive way, just like bands like Korn or Slayer do.
Any new gigs or albums?

Shure, I play in a heavy metal band called MAD-ERA. We released a record a year ago aproximately and we are going to tour Spain along with Diablo Bulevard at the end of May. We are also recording new music for the next album that we are all very excited about. I am also compiling riffs and ideas for my next solo album, so yeah, quite busy haha!!
I wish him luck in his career & success so until then stay righteous & I'll catch you on the flipside! Rock n roll!

Sunday, September 2, 2018

DJ's Spotlight: An interview with Crimson Star

Hello there one & all DJ Dizzy here & I had the pleasure of sitting down with a band called Crimson Star who had a lot to say regarding their beginnings. Enjoy!

How'd you get started in music? Got into rock music in the late nineties and decided from an early age that i wanted to play guitar! I bought one at the age of 15, learned what a power chord was and started jamming with friends in my area.

Who are your inspirations or influences? My dream would be to earn a living off making music, but the way the industry is nowadays that simply won't happen! I'll still always want to be involved in music in some form simply for the love of it! As long as people still want to listen to us, then i'll continue to write and perform live!

What advice would offer aspiring performers? Don't expect to make money off music! Invest in some merch to sell and finally have fun! I treat it as an expensive hobby.

Any new or albums in the future? We are playing Percy's Cafe in Whitchurch on Friday 14th September which we are looking forward to! We plan on recording a new single in the next month or so to be released sometime before Christmas with a music video. 

I want to wish them nothing but the best on their success & best of luck in their careers so with that said stay righteous, rock n roll, & I'll catch you on the flipside!

DJ's Spotlight: An interview with Irene Sanchez

Hey there everyone. DJ Dizzy here & once again I had the pleasure of interviewing  an artist by the name of Irene Sanchez as she talks about her success as a singer. So pull up a chair & enjoy

How'd you get started in music?
I've loved music since I was a child. I was always singing and listening music, but I think the key

point is one day that I went to my cousins' house and he had a little keyboard. When I saw it, I

started to play it. Obviously, I played it horrible, since I'd never played any, but I really enjoyed the
experience, so my parents decided to buy me one. I tried to play The Beatles' songs on my own

and years later I started going to piano and harmony lessons. Since then, I've been studying music

(either in my piano and harmony lessons, in the university or on my own) and the more I learn, the

more I love music.
Who are your main inspirations or influences?
I think it's a really difficult question because I'm a really eclectic person. Maybe, I could say my

main inspirations are bands of classical rock, hard rock and heavy metal music, since they are the

ones I've heard the most. However, I can't deny I'm also inspired by folk metal music (by bands as

Korpiklaani, Turisas, Týr...), indie (as The arctic monkeys, Stuck in the sound, The black keys), pop

(for example Lana del rey, Marina and the diamonds, Mika, Halsey, Lady Gaga and Melanie

Martinez), jazz, video games music, Spanish bands and even industrial music bands as Diary of

dreams. I also must talk about Leonard Cohen whose sensitivity is an example to follow for me.
How would you say music has impacted your life?
Music has always had a great impact on my life. I'm a sociable and talkative person, but it's always

been difficult for me to express my emotions and understand those of others, so music ended up

being the way of expressing myself, the bond that unites me with the world. It's also a kind of

home when things go wrong, it's where I take refuge when I am sad, angry or anxious. Music is

only sounds, but our interpretation of these sounds, are magic.
What advice would you offer aspiring perfomers?
to not give up, it may take years for someone to notice your music. I also believe that our

generation of artists is lucky to have social networks, so it's a tool that we should use to make our

music known.

Any new gigs or works in the future?
As always I will be uploading instrumental music to YouTube, but I plan to work with some

colleagues who are singers to also publish some vocal songs that I have with lyrics. I hope that

could be possible very soon and that you like my new songs
I'm an aspiring performer too, so I don't think I'm the best person to give advice. I think the point is

I wish her nothing but luck on her career & so until then I'll catch you on the flipside stay righteous & rock n roll!

DJ's Spotlight: An interview with Cadaver Soirree

Hello everyone DJ Dizzy here I just did an interview with another up & coming bands & I do this because to introduce people to new bands & artists who want to share their music. So take the time to sit back, relax. Ladies & gentlemen Cadaver Soiree!

How'd you get started in music?
Neil - I started as most kids do, there was always music in my house, my father was into music in a big way, I didn't know it at the time but he had been a musician himself. When I was seven or eight I was listening to Louis Armstrong and I really wanted to be able to play like him, fortunately I managed to get trumpet lessons at school ( which was a surprise to my parents as I hadn't told them ) and it took off from there. I persisted with brass playing through school and 3 years at music college. With all the bands I was in, ranging from brass bands to orchestras to acid jazz and soul, I was at one point playing upwards of 150 gigs a year. I picked the bass guitar up at college when I was 16, and have been trying to get my head round it ever since.

Who are your main inspirations or influences?

Neil - initially it was the music of my parents, so 60’s and 70’s guitar based stuff to soul and a touch of jazz and classical. It was only when I reached my teens that I started to branch out into modern rock and metal, Pantera were a big influence on me as well as White Zombie and Sepultura.

How would you say music has impacted your life?

Neil - Definitely, I've done things, seen places and met people I wouldn't have even known existed if I hadn't started. I'd probably be working in a factory now without it. It's also helped me as a coping mechanism when my father passed away, I find it to be an emotional release when things get on top of me.

What advice would you offer aspiring performers?

Neil - you don't have to be a Steve Vie or a John Petrucci to be a good musician, as long as you enjoy what you are doing and can convey that joy to your audience, you're doing it right.

Future gigs and releases - we've just played a gig in London which was for the release of our new single " Cordyceps ", it was also the last gig for our current singer Nate who will be moving onto new projects. We have a new singer working with us now and have given ourselves a couple of months to get back up to speed for an all day event at "the underground " in Bradford on September 1st 

Cadaver Soiree is a band that I recommend that you check out & give a listen to so here's to nothing but good luck in their success. 

So  that's all for now so until then I'll catch you on the flipside Stay awesome &  rock n roll!

Saturday, September 1, 2018

DJ's Spotlight: An interview with Replicant Theory

Hey there everyone DJ Dizzy here & I sat down with a band whose called Replicant Theory as they sat down to speak on there success/ So pull up a chair & enjoy!

How'd you get started in music?
like nearly everyone else, I started playing music in high school when I bought my first electric guitar when I was 16.  Up until my early 20’s I played in and out of different local bands and things just never really clicked.  When I started focusing on home studio recordings on a Mac with GarageBand things slowly took off and all of the pieces came together.

Who are your inspirations or influences?

There are a lot of influences that have guided my sound.  Probably the biggest ones would be Nine Inch Nails, Pink Floyd, Placebo and U2.

What advice would offer aspiring performers?
advice?  No matter how much you practice or prepare for a gig or anything else, shit happens…  guitars break, singers forget lines, the PA system at the venue does not work, etc.  Be prepared to have failures, it is not always like the dream of instantly stepping on stage and being a rockstar.  Enjoy the good moments and when things get rough, remember the good times and learn the best you can from your missteps.  

Any new gigs or albums in the future?
I have stepped away from playing live in my city with other bands and am just focusing on Replicant Theory as studio only.  I have 3-4 collaborations in the works right now and once those are buttoned up, will be starting to work on another full length album.  Expect releases throughout the rest of 2018 and 2019

I wish them nothing but luck in their careers & their success so until then stay righteous & I'll catch you on the flipside! Rock n roll!

DJ interviews: Three Left

Hello everyone DJ Dizzy here & I did an interview with a band by the name of Three Left as they sat down to talk about their success. So sit back & enjoy

Question #1- Every member in Three Left got started at a very young age as music inspired everyone of us to some degree to play bass,guitar,drums or sing. Music was a way for us all to escape and explore ourselfs and to make friends and be excited at a time when music was involving. We saw ourselfs making into the music scene one way or another because being a musician back in the early 80's and 90's, you had a better chance than you do these days just because of various customs that have changed the landscape of the bissness side.

Question #2-  Music from all genres have inspired us all to some point! Weather it be country to rap, to jazz to rock n roll, it all has played a role in us as musicians at this point of our careers! We never as musicians stay focused at one style of music! We exploit everything in our song writting ability to take our music to the next level! In todays world of making music, sometimes you have to be different in that role because it seems like everyone is doing it yeah know?

Question#3- Good question! At this time for Three Left as a Independent band, we like to say having creative control and doing what best suits the band in that role. Our goal is to make a  Impact with our style of metal/hard rock and do it with our flavor and swag instead of trying to sound like someone else! Theres bands out there that all sound a like, as for us, we are trying to make our spacific brand and style and show everyone that we are a real band and not just a internet band with good numbers!

Question#4- We get asked this quesion a lot really, and it is this simple! Do it because you like making and playing music! Don't ever stop praciticing and focus on what goals you want to impact for yourself! Patence is the key, it does not happen over night! Lol!

Question#5- Three Left does have 2 Cd's that are available throught Cdbaby. The links are listed below. You may purchase them and or you can find us on Spotify,Instagram,Facebook,Twitter,Etc with all the links to these sites below to keep up with the band see what we have planned for the rest of 2018 through 2019!

Our Self Titled Cd link- https://store.cdbaby.com/cd/threeleft

Our newest Cd, "The Calling"- https://store.cdbaby.com/cd/threeleft2

Bands Bio- 
! New Cd release,"The Calling", is out now streaming on Spotify and for purchase on Cdbaby!! Formed in 2006, This 5 piece metal/hard rock group that hails from Milwaukee,Wi, has been out there busting their asses playing shows all over the Midwest shredding stages with the likes of Prong, Devour The Day, October Rage, A Killer Confession, Superbob, Bobaflex, Royal Bliss, Seasons After, 10 Years, and American Grim. Shows like Summerfest, Taste Of Wi, and 95 WILL RockFest 2015, and the annual Srimfest in the area, brought the band great success in playing for bigger crowds plus, building on some really unforgettable live performances.Chad, Rich, Dan, Ron and John are all active members of the local non- profit organization MAAM, that raises funds and donates instrument's for all kids in the music programs in the public school system of Wi. The guys are currently preparing for thier 12th annual Toy's For Tot's Benefit for 2018, in which they help raise money and receive new donated toy's, for a discounted ticket price, for less fortunate kids at Christmas time in the surrounding counties in the area. Three Left has also won Homegrown Hit Of The Day honors in April 2015 with " Beating Around The Bush" on Rock 95 WILL, a local Wi Fm station, and again in 2016 for "Stand Up" off the self titled Ep. With the new single, Whiskey Bent And Hellbound," off of the new Cd, they have found magic in a bottle once again having won the honor here in 2018.
"The Calling" is a modern interpretation of Three Left's aggressive groove metal roots. The first single of the new Cd, "Whiskey Bent And Hellbound", has been getting awesome reviews from radio around the world like, Europe, Japan, Germany, Brazil, Mexico, Australia, Russia, as well as playing on select Fm stations around the United States. The band finished up it first leg of #thecallingonyoutour2018 in which they did 7 dates from late March to the middle of April. Minnesota,Ohio, Nashville, Fort Worth, Texas, Jackson, Tenn, Chicago, and back to Wisconsin for a summer Tour of the shows they play annually, so stay tuned....

I wish them nothing but luck in their success & their career. So until then be righteous & rock n roll!
Chadwick Davis--Vocals
Rich Czebotar--Guitar
Dan Beall--Guitar
Ron Hardcastle--Bass
John Miller--Drums

DJ Interviews: Stone house Jack

Hello everyone Its DJ Dizzy here & I sat down to interview  Stone house Jack as they discuss their humble beginnings. Pull up a chair & enjoy!

How did you get started in music?

All of us picked up our respective instruments as teenagers and we've all played in different bands with different styles. Stonehouse Jack was formerly a rogue folk rock duo with Pip on guitar and vocals and Simon Hill on bass. it wasn't until May 2017 when Jinba Ittai EP was recorded that Stonehouse Jack began to evolve into a full four piece band.

Paul joined for the EP and Ade joined in time for our first gig at Scruffy Murphy’s in January 2018. Sandy joined on bass in May 2018, after Simon left for other commitments. We’re all connected by a deep rooted and broad appreciation of music, which brings different styles to our sound. Seeing the band evolve over the last two years has been an exciting and transformational time, and we're looking forward to what's coming next.

Who are you're biggest influences & inspirations?

We're all open minded to hearing different types of music. Stonehouse Jack enjoys a mix of influences, including 90s grunge, funk rock, heavy metal music, hard rock and classic rock. Our collections include Red Hot Chili Peppers, Incubus, Rage Against the Machine, Dead Weather, Scorpions, Joe Satriani, Led Zeppelin, Foreigner, Kiss, Black Sabbath, Tool and Jimi Hendrix.

We're also inspired by all the upcoming artists we're meeting including Alteration, Frog Maintenance Division, Hammerjack, Ethyrfield, Desperate Journalists, Secrets of Mariana and more, all of which are producing great new rock and metal music and it’s all out there now at live music venues in the UK. It's a real privilege to be part of the rock scene right now, including the New Wave of Classic Rock, where there is a wealth of phenomenal music to be discovered in the underground. 

How would you say music has impacted your life?

We'd all agree that music is a big part our lives. It's something to listen to, something to create, something to play with and enjoy. Music has brought the band together through a myriad of connections and is creating opportunities for us to have adventures, including recording our EP and gigging in other cities. It's also brought the people in our lives together, creating a sense of community and support. More than anything, music connects to feeling and being; it's an exploration of what it is to exist. You probably can't get more impactful than that. To write songs is to explore and create just a little more of everything.

Any advice for any aspiring performers?

Listen. It's so important and helps you learn. Whether you're a solo performer or in a group - listen to the music, listen to ideas, listen to experience, listen to each other and listen yourself.  We'd also say just get out there and do it. Stonehouse Jack started as two friends playing guitar for a couple of hours at the weekends. Pip and Si did the occasional open mic and now Stonehouse Jack is a full gigging band with two EPs and a music video out now. Be confident, persevere, do your research, appreciate the resources you have and get your music out there as best you can.

Be your own label. You can teach yourself almost anything online these days. It builds your understanding and without the backing of a label there’s no option but be your own web developer, marketing, band manager, logistician, production manager and more. The love of the music drives the motivation required. That's what we’ve been doing, and the range of skills you can learn taking this on is incredible. Also, it's all independent, so it comes with the benefits of freedom of expression, allowing you to refine your act freely. As soon as you start, you'll begin meeting people and with a positive attitude, you’ll find there's a huge amount of support in the arts scene. Our turning point was meeting George Shilling at a free Music producer's Guild event, giving us the first opportunity to really hear what we sound like properly produced.

Start with what you have and create for yourself, even in small steps. It's surprising how far you can go in a short amount of time. Be willing to go along with the ride. Be inspired by other's achievements and learn from them, and be grateful for any support you get along the way.

Any new gigs or albums?


Our Jinba Ittai EP is out now, available on You Tube, Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, iTunes, Deezer and others.

We've got a gig on Friday 28th September 2018 at the Flapper and Firkin in Birmingham (https://www.facebook.com/events/2051492751780639/).

We've also got a gig at The Unicorn in Camden on Saturday 24 November 2018 at Alternative Gathering supporting Duchess (https://www.facebook.com/events/1105224369617123/) .

Our social media and free streaming of our EP and music video can be found via www.stonehousejack.com

Hope that’s what you need. Please let us know if/when and where it’s published for us to share, and if you have any other questions.

I’ve attached a jpeg of our EP cover and next gig poster too, as we haven’t had time to do any band pics since Sandy joined.

Special thanks to them for this interview & I wish them luck on their success. Feel free to check out their new CD available here 


So until then Be righteous & I'll catch you on the flipside!