Saturday, September 1, 2018

DJ interviews: Three Left

Hello everyone DJ Dizzy here & I did an interview with a band by the name of Three Left as they sat down to talk about their success. So sit back & enjoy

Question #1- Every member in Three Left got started at a very young age as music inspired everyone of us to some degree to play bass,guitar,drums or sing. Music was a way for us all to escape and explore ourselfs and to make friends and be excited at a time when music was involving. We saw ourselfs making into the music scene one way or another because being a musician back in the early 80's and 90's, you had a better chance than you do these days just because of various customs that have changed the landscape of the bissness side.

Question #2-  Music from all genres have inspired us all to some point! Weather it be country to rap, to jazz to rock n roll, it all has played a role in us as musicians at this point of our careers! We never as musicians stay focused at one style of music! We exploit everything in our song writting ability to take our music to the next level! In todays world of making music, sometimes you have to be different in that role because it seems like everyone is doing it yeah know?

Question#3- Good question! At this time for Three Left as a Independent band, we like to say having creative control and doing what best suits the band in that role. Our goal is to make a  Impact with our style of metal/hard rock and do it with our flavor and swag instead of trying to sound like someone else! Theres bands out there that all sound a like, as for us, we are trying to make our spacific brand and style and show everyone that we are a real band and not just a internet band with good numbers!

Question#4- We get asked this quesion a lot really, and it is this simple! Do it because you like making and playing music! Don't ever stop praciticing and focus on what goals you want to impact for yourself! Patence is the key, it does not happen over night! Lol!

Question#5- Three Left does have 2 Cd's that are available throught Cdbaby. The links are listed below. You may purchase them and or you can find us on Spotify,Instagram,Facebook,Twitter,Etc with all the links to these sites below to keep up with the band see what we have planned for the rest of 2018 through 2019!

Our Self Titled Cd link-

Our newest Cd, "The Calling"-

Bands Bio- 
! New Cd release,"The Calling", is out now streaming on Spotify and for purchase on Cdbaby!! Formed in 2006, This 5 piece metal/hard rock group that hails from Milwaukee,Wi, has been out there busting their asses playing shows all over the Midwest shredding stages with the likes of Prong, Devour The Day, October Rage, A Killer Confession, Superbob, Bobaflex, Royal Bliss, Seasons After, 10 Years, and American Grim. Shows like Summerfest, Taste Of Wi, and 95 WILL RockFest 2015, and the annual Srimfest in the area, brought the band great success in playing for bigger crowds plus, building on some really unforgettable live performances.Chad, Rich, Dan, Ron and John are all active members of the local non- profit organization MAAM, that raises funds and donates instrument's for all kids in the music programs in the public school system of Wi. The guys are currently preparing for thier 12th annual Toy's For Tot's Benefit for 2018, in which they help raise money and receive new donated toy's, for a discounted ticket price, for less fortunate kids at Christmas time in the surrounding counties in the area. Three Left has also won Homegrown Hit Of The Day honors in April 2015 with " Beating Around The Bush" on Rock 95 WILL, a local Wi Fm station, and again in 2016 for "Stand Up" off the self titled Ep. With the new single, Whiskey Bent And Hellbound," off of the new Cd, they have found magic in a bottle once again having won the honor here in 2018.
"The Calling" is a modern interpretation of Three Left's aggressive groove metal roots. The first single of the new Cd, "Whiskey Bent And Hellbound", has been getting awesome reviews from radio around the world like, Europe, Japan, Germany, Brazil, Mexico, Australia, Russia, as well as playing on select Fm stations around the United States. The band finished up it first leg of #thecallingonyoutour2018 in which they did 7 dates from late March to the middle of April. Minnesota,Ohio, Nashville, Fort Worth, Texas, Jackson, Tenn, Chicago, and back to Wisconsin for a summer Tour of the shows they play annually, so stay tuned....

I wish them nothing but luck in their success & their career. So until then be righteous & rock n roll!
Chadwick Davis--Vocals
Rich Czebotar--Guitar
Dan Beall--Guitar
Ron Hardcastle--Bass
John Miller--Drums

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