Sunday, September 2, 2018

DJ's Spotlight: An interview with Cadaver Soirree

Hello everyone DJ Dizzy here I just did an interview with another up & coming bands & I do this because to introduce people to new bands & artists who want to share their music. So take the time to sit back, relax. Ladies & gentlemen Cadaver Soiree!

How'd you get started in music?
Neil - I started as most kids do, there was always music in my house, my father was into music in a big way, I didn't know it at the time but he had been a musician himself. When I was seven or eight I was listening to Louis Armstrong and I really wanted to be able to play like him, fortunately I managed to get trumpet lessons at school ( which was a surprise to my parents as I hadn't told them ) and it took off from there. I persisted with brass playing through school and 3 years at music college. With all the bands I was in, ranging from brass bands to orchestras to acid jazz and soul, I was at one point playing upwards of 150 gigs a year. I picked the bass guitar up at college when I was 16, and have been trying to get my head round it ever since.

Who are your main inspirations or influences?

Neil - initially it was the music of my parents, so 60’s and 70’s guitar based stuff to soul and a touch of jazz and classical. It was only when I reached my teens that I started to branch out into modern rock and metal, Pantera were a big influence on me as well as White Zombie and Sepultura.

How would you say music has impacted your life?

Neil - Definitely, I've done things, seen places and met people I wouldn't have even known existed if I hadn't started. I'd probably be working in a factory now without it. It's also helped me as a coping mechanism when my father passed away, I find it to be an emotional release when things get on top of me.

What advice would you offer aspiring performers?

Neil - you don't have to be a Steve Vie or a John Petrucci to be a good musician, as long as you enjoy what you are doing and can convey that joy to your audience, you're doing it right.

Future gigs and releases - we've just played a gig in London which was for the release of our new single " Cordyceps ", it was also the last gig for our current singer Nate who will be moving onto new projects. We have a new singer working with us now and have given ourselves a couple of months to get back up to speed for an all day event at "the underground " in Bradford on September 1st 

Cadaver Soiree is a band that I recommend that you check out & give a listen to so here's to nothing but good luck in their success. 

So  that's all for now so until then I'll catch you on the flipside Stay awesome &  rock n roll!

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