Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Let me hear you scream-lyrics

Let me hear you scream- Lyrics.

(Verse 1)

Tonight we’re going to let loose

No time for holding back.

C’mon & join the party

Let’s get loud.

Rile up the crowd with our hardcore sound.

Tonight is going to be memorable.

It’s something extreme.

So if you can I want to hear you scream!


Feel the fire as we bring the heat.

Really going to bring the beat.

We’re on the scene

We’re going to make you scream.

Throw your hands in the air

all of you people everywhere.

Shout it out

(Verse 2)

Let your head go straight up

Ballistic we’re coming at you full force.

Nowhere to run or hide let’s hear 

you shout till you get hoarse. 

We’re going to rock you

off the dance floor.

Really pour it on &

leave you begging for more.

(Chorus repeats)

(Guitar solo, Keyboard solo.)

This night is going to be extreme.

We want to hear you scream!

(Chorus repeats twice.)

We want to hear you scream yeah!

Shout it out!

Monday, February 19, 2018

DJ's Spotlight: An Interview with Hidden Scars

Hello everyone Its DJ Dizzy here now recently I did an interview with Hidden Scars. Take a look,

Okay how'd you get started in music?

When I was 7 my friend from across the street and I would shimmy the lock to his Uncles room while he was gone  all day. That's where we would keep all his KISS records and  mags. Eventually we got our own KISS cassette collection going, and would dress rehearse KISS shows to their music. It wasn't until 6 years later than I actually picked up a guitar from a homeless guy who was camping in my Dad's backyard, which led to me learning to play, write, and sing, and start my own band by age 14.

How would you say that music has impacted your life?

It has been the deciding force of everything I've done with my life since I was a kid. It defines who I am as a person, and it reflects everything that goes on in my life from relationships to mental emotional and spiritual highs and lows. It also has helped me to look at the world and the universe from an objective and open point of view.

Who's your main inspiration?

I could never name one single person as my main inspiration. Trent Reznor, David Lynch, and Anton LaVey come to mind. Other than that it is the flow of life, and the movement of nature both dark and light that keeps me inspired. People and moments that come and go. 

Any new gigs or music in the works?

Hidden Scars is a brand new project that will be fully active this Summer '18 with a fully produced EP release, music video, and live concert tour dates around the U.S. Please visit HiddenScars.com for updates, demos, and lyric videos.

What advice would you offer to any up & coming bands or performers?

Manifest your own destiny. Don't settle for 9-5, 40 hours a week modern day slavery. Don't let anything or anyone pull you away from your music. And do not wear out your local market by playing the same bar/club circuit in your home town. Get yourself out there and play as far and wide as possible.

& there you have it Hidden Scars is a band that does nu metal which I hope that you enjoy & I wish them nothing but good luck in everyone of their endeavors.

So until then be radically righteous & Catch you on the flipside!

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Music of Treva whateva

Hey there everyone DJ Dizzy here I'm spotlighting an artist that deserves props where they're do.
That of Treva Whateva.

He's done some good work from what I've heard so far & as an up & coming DJ I have to say he's a real inspiration musically. I was introduced to him through a song he did for a promo for Naruto which is called Dustbowl. But here's some of his tunes so feel free to give a listen.




Driving Reign


Turn & Waist


So until then be radically righteous & Catch you on the flipside!

A poem for Chuck Berry

A poem for Chuck Berry

A real & true rock n rolling pioneer
who mad music for one & all to hear
The legend introduced to many generations
through many decades your songs & music
are forever a true inspiration.

Though you left the world at your peak
which to us was way too soon
you left us dancing & your guitar playing
was enough to make us swoon.

You'll forever be a musical icon
Who taught us that rock n roll
will never die because of you
your message & music live on!

Hail hail rock n roll medly


Grammys 2018 review

Hey there one & all its DJ Dizzy here doing a review of the this years Grammys

Well this years awards were something to remember along with some of the performances but the thing is that most award shows are more about politics then about achievement & this proved to be just that.

Now I saw bits & pieces of the show & there were some moments that were okay but what I really thought was good was Logic's memorial tribute with his song inspired by the phone number of the suicide hotline (For those who hadn't have guessed.) But from what I noticed some of the acts were more about politics

So I want to rant a bit about this & other award shows that center around music. I just want to say that while the Grammys does spotlight true artistry I feel other awards show should do the same like the American Music Awards for example used to be about that & the performance itself even when they went live you could see that a lot of hard work was put into it.

And although I wasn't going to get off into it but there's also the Billboard Awards which is more about seeing who could sell the most CDs & have the most hits in a year. An award show to me should be about honoring talent & not just about who sold the most records or had the most hits. in some cases you do see that.

So those are just a few thoughts that I have about the Grammys & other award shows though it was more rant then review some stuff just had to be said regarding award shows. 

DJ's Spotlight: An interview with Lady & the Clowns

Hey there everyone DJ Dizzy here & I just recently did an interview with a group named Lady & the Clowns. To which I asked them some questions. Special thanks to them.


.Lady and the Clowns

How'd you all get started in music?

We started playing by chance and then for fun, or probably because we didn’t have nothing better to do.

We’re inspired by the everyday life experiences. We write about everything that surrounds us. To us write is a vital necessity and to play is a primordial impulse

How has music impacted your lives?

Music impacted our lives in a very good way, we can’t image our life without it, without days spent in practice room and up and down on stage. It is a sort of teacher who contributed to our personal growth.

How do you set yourselves apart from other bands?

In a world full of emerging bands and singers there is a huge difficulty in distinguish yourself. We believe that the only way to reach people is to be yourself and transmit your feelings through words and music. To be an original band means to be humble and believe in your band mates’ friendship. Experience taught us that public is able to perceive this fundamental aspect that goes beyond the genre of music you play on stage. About our music, right now, we are working on the mixture of sounds between hard rock and disco music, inspired by 80’s with a preponderant bass, catchy drums and a charming voice. The final goal is to create simple music, usable but not expected.

Any advice to any up & coming bands or singers?

Our advice firstly, is to believe always in your capacities, to do not let people stop you even if you think it is not worth the pain. Secondly, surround yourself of true friends who are able to have fun on stage. Everyone must have clear in mind their own role in the band and be as passionate as you in build something worthy. If the crew do not cooperate, the ship sinks.

Truer & wiser words were never spoken so I wish them nothing but luck in everything that they do so here's to you Lady & the Clowns!

Be radically righteous & rock on!!