Saturday, February 17, 2018

DJ's Spotlight: An interview with Lady & the Clowns

Hey there everyone DJ Dizzy here & I just recently did an interview with a group named Lady & the Clowns. To which I asked them some questions. Special thanks to them.


.Lady and the Clowns

How'd you all get started in music?

We started playing by chance and then for fun, or probably because we didn’t have nothing better to do.

We’re inspired by the everyday life experiences. We write about everything that surrounds us. To us write is a vital necessity and to play is a primordial impulse

How has music impacted your lives?

Music impacted our lives in a very good way, we can’t image our life without it, without days spent in practice room and up and down on stage. It is a sort of teacher who contributed to our personal growth.

How do you set yourselves apart from other bands?

In a world full of emerging bands and singers there is a huge difficulty in distinguish yourself. We believe that the only way to reach people is to be yourself and transmit your feelings through words and music. To be an original band means to be humble and believe in your band mates’ friendship. Experience taught us that public is able to perceive this fundamental aspect that goes beyond the genre of music you play on stage. About our music, right now, we are working on the mixture of sounds between hard rock and disco music, inspired by 80’s with a preponderant bass, catchy drums and a charming voice. The final goal is to create simple music, usable but not expected.

Any advice to any up & coming bands or singers?

Our advice firstly, is to believe always in your capacities, to do not let people stop you even if you think it is not worth the pain. Secondly, surround yourself of true friends who are able to have fun on stage. Everyone must have clear in mind their own role in the band and be as passionate as you in build something worthy. If the crew do not cooperate, the ship sinks.

Truer & wiser words were never spoken so I wish them nothing but luck in everything that they do so here's to you Lady & the Clowns!

Be radically righteous & rock on!!


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