Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Let me hear you scream-lyrics

Let me hear you scream- Lyrics.

(Verse 1)

Tonight we’re going to let loose

No time for holding back.

C’mon & join the party

Let’s get loud.

Rile up the crowd with our hardcore sound.

Tonight is going to be memorable.

It’s something extreme.

So if you can I want to hear you scream!


Feel the fire as we bring the heat.

Really going to bring the beat.

We’re on the scene

We’re going to make you scream.

Throw your hands in the air

all of you people everywhere.

Shout it out

(Verse 2)

Let your head go straight up

Ballistic we’re coming at you full force.

Nowhere to run or hide let’s hear 

you shout till you get hoarse. 

We’re going to rock you

off the dance floor.

Really pour it on &

leave you begging for more.

(Chorus repeats)

(Guitar solo, Keyboard solo.)

This night is going to be extreme.

We want to hear you scream!

(Chorus repeats twice.)

We want to hear you scream yeah!

Shout it out!

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