Wednesday, March 1, 2017

I'm Not your baby-lyrics

This song goes out to all the girls out there. Enjoy!

I'm not your baby-lyrics

(Verse 1)

You can put in in a short dress
Make up, jewelry, & take down my hair
Suddenly you say I’m yours
Then your friends want to stop & stare
But one thing I’ll never be
Is a piece of your property.
So listen up real good
Cause I’m saying this only once.

Just because you claim I got some skills
I’m not one of your cheap thrills.
I’m not someone you can call out
On your little score card.
I’m not your female dog
You want respect from me
Well let’s get something straight
I’m not your baby!

(Verse 2)

You smooth talk your ways
All day filling up my head with lies
Your words & your appearance
Are just nothing but a disguise
I’ve got you all figured out
We know what you’re really about
Give a listen!

(Chorus repeats)

(Guitar solo, Instrumental.)

We are a sisterhood we are proud!
Everybody shout out loud!

(Repeat twice)

(Chorus repeats twice.)

Call me what you want

But I’m not your baby!

An interview with Scott Mccrd

Hey there once again its The DJ coming right at you with another interview that I did this time it involves singer Scott McCord whose best known for his work in the Total Drama series & Bakugan. He also does music as the leader of his band called The Bona fied Truth.

1) I got started in music by my mom. She was a piano teacher that taught classical music. She plopped me down on the bench at the age of 6 and got me playing. At that age, I was already well versed in Elvis, 50s and early 60s rock, and early Beatles music. I had a Mickey Mouse record player and played all my mom's records. I did that instead of toys a lot of music in our house - rock and roll and classical. Bands came along a little later - in high school. I played keys in my first band, and eventually moved out front and started singing and playing a little guitar.

2) My inspiration comes from all kinds of things, people, wife is a big inspiration. My life with her and our daughter is what's most important, and everything I experience and discover through them and with them is what usually gets infused into the music and lyrics. But I am also inspired by books, paintings, conversations, movies - music is very cinematic to me - I have very filmic experiences with music and see a lot of my songs as scenes almost, like they could be from a movie. Artists of course - Al Green, Van Morrison, Los Lobos, Sam and Dave, Tower of Power, Bob Marley and of course the Beatles to name a few...I love Julian Schnabel's films and art, Picasso and Paul Klee, Terrence Malick's films and The Walking Dead! My wife and I love that show;)

3) Yes! New material coming your way May 2012. The band is in preproduction with our producer working and reworking new songs, old songs and recording our debut album in early January, here in Toronto. We are recording the entire band "live off the floor" just like they used to do it at Motown and Stax Records. We've also recorded a whack of live shows over the last year, and we will be releasing a bunch of live material in the spring as well. So, lots of Bonafide music coming next year. We are very excited.