Saturday, September 2, 2017

I'm Not your baby-Lyrics

This song goes out to all the girls out there. Enjoy!

I'm not your baby-lyrics

(Verse 1)

You can put in in a short dress
Make up, jewelry, & take down my hair
Suddenly you say I’m yours
Then your friends want to stop & stare
But one thing I’ll never be
Is a piece of your property.
So listen up real good
Cause I’m saying this only once.

Just because you claim I got some skills
I’m not one of your cheap thrills.
I’m not someone you can call out
On your little score card.
I’m not your female dog
You want respect from me
Well let’s get something straight
I’m not your baby!

(Verse 2)

You smooth talk your ways
All day filling up my head with lies
Your words & your appearance
Are just nothing but a disguise
I’ve got you all figured out
We know what you’re really about
Give a listen!

(Chorus repeats)

(Guitar solo, Instrumental.)

We are a sisterhood we are proud!
Everybody shout out loud!

(Repeat twice)

(Chorus repeats twice.)

Call me what you want

But I’m not your baby!

Stand up, Stand Out- Lyrics

Stand up, Stand out

(Verse 1)

So sick & tired of being locked away

Caged up by a load of drama, being lead astray.

No more asking what & breaking down to cry

No more of being something I’m not

Though I don’t know why.

Now hear this I’m no longer a child

It’s my time to be & I want to be wild!


Stand up stand out breakaway! Yeah!

Get wild get loud every day! Yeah!

I’m not your average girl next door

I’m out for an adventure & much more

Going to show you what it’s all about

Stand up & stand out!

(Verse 2)

I may have be blind

I really like to play it rough.

The things I have are good enough.

When the time is right I’ll be

There to throw it down.

Better stand back when I rock this town!

I’ll show you how loud I can really be

Don’t ever underestimate me!

(Repeat chorus)

(Instrumental, Guitar solo.)

(Chorus repeats twice)

Don’t be scared standup & stand out! Yeah!

World be still- Lyrics

This song goes out to anyone in pain or has lost someone along the way. I hope that you enjoy it

World be still find peace once again

(Verse 1)
Somewhere out there there's a sister wondering
what tomorrow will bring
Starring on with teary eyes
hoping one day to see the light
Somewhere  out there there's a brother
working hard for his family
making ends meet in a tough world
staying strong & putting up a fight.

Though it's tough we do what we can
to keep our hope & faith alive
we've got to come together
if we ever want to survive.


World be still find peace again
Through new beginnings we'll soon
find no end

(Verse 2)
In the skies we see the spirits
reborn in all of the stars
living on & telling us
to take our lives & goals far
Though we've lost many along the way
They're in our hearts everyday
keeping watch & guiding us
Never leading us astray.

Light a candle for all to share
Let it be a beacon of love
to fill the air

(Repeats chorus)


Come together one & all
together we stand divided
we fall.

(Chorus repeats)

Come together one & all
together we stand divided we fall
Everybody in the world unite
come together & find the light.

The legend & impact of Soul Train

Hello there everyone DJ Dizzy here & I'm going to speak on perhaps a show that was a hue inspiration on American culture that of a dance show called Soul Train. It got its start in the 1970s & spanned on through 3 decades until it left the air in 2006 This show was basically a more soulful version of American Bandstand. The main host Don Cornelius (Rest his soul) Spotlighted new acts involved in hip hop & R&B as well as discovered new musical acts such as a group called Shalamar who were originally dancers on the show.  It would not only go on to take black America by storm but also be a part of pop culture as a phenomenon

Though its gone from the air it still remains a solid part of  pop culture & spans a new generation of fans regardless of age, Here's a documentary detailing on how it all came to be. To which I hope you enjoy.

Soul Train the Hippest Trip in America.

Friday, September 1, 2017

Friday Night Videos

Hello one & all DJ Dizzy here & I want to introduce you to a show that I've been hooked on since the summer. Its called Friday Night Videos. Here's a playlist of it. Enjoy!

Friday Night Videos Playlist