Saturday, September 2, 2017

World be still- Lyrics

This song goes out to anyone in pain or has lost someone along the way. I hope that you enjoy it

World be still find peace once again

(Verse 1)
Somewhere out there there's a sister wondering
what tomorrow will bring
Starring on with teary eyes
hoping one day to see the light
Somewhere  out there there's a brother
working hard for his family
making ends meet in a tough world
staying strong & putting up a fight.

Though it's tough we do what we can
to keep our hope & faith alive
we've got to come together
if we ever want to survive.


World be still find peace again
Through new beginnings we'll soon
find no end

(Verse 2)
In the skies we see the spirits
reborn in all of the stars
living on & telling us
to take our lives & goals far
Though we've lost many along the way
They're in our hearts everyday
keeping watch & guiding us
Never leading us astray.

Light a candle for all to share
Let it be a beacon of love
to fill the air

(Repeats chorus)


Come together one & all
together we stand divided
we fall.

(Chorus repeats)

Come together one & all
together we stand divided we fall
Everybody in the world unite
come together & find the light.

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