Monday, December 4, 2017

Stay Frosty-Lyrics

his is a song that I wrote over the weekend that I hope you all enjoy.

Stay Frosty- Lyrics

(Hard Rock Instrumental)

(Verse 1)

There are times when days

can get way too tense.

Too much to do it hardly makes sense.

There are times that I want to leave life behind

But there’s a phrase I learnt to

Help ease my mind.


You’ve got to stay frosty

Brave whatever comes your way

Just stay frosty

Don’t be scared to seize the day

There may be times when enough is enough

But through it all you’ve got to stay tough.

You may play it cool

But I’ll stay frosty

(Verse 2)

Fight the enemy within

Keep on believing

Soon enough you’ll win

Don’t be scared to face adversity

This is how it has to be.

(Chorus repeats)

No way we’ll

Ever give up the fight

We find the strength to do

What’s right.

No matter what adversity

We’ll always stay frosty

(Guitar solo, Instrumental)

(Chorus repeats twice)

You may play it cool but we’ll stay frosty.

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