Sunday, October 22, 2017

Halloween Playlist 1

Hey there DJ Dizzy here spinning some tunes in honor of my all time favorite holiday so with that said Lets rock this joint

This is Halloween-Nightmare Before Christmas

Glee- Thriller (Cover)

Naruto AMV- Jekyll/Hyde

Run With Us- The Morning After (Cover)

Don't Fear the fire- Steve Lunt

They're coming to take me away/I'm happy they took you away

George Thorogood- Purple People Eater

Whodini- Haunted house of rock/ Freaks come out at night

Time Warp-Rocky Horror Picture Show

Martian Hop -The Ran-Dells

Crypt Jam

The Zombie- Chubby Check

Nightmare on my street-DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince

Hopefully that should be enough for now. My name is Dizzy I'm you're rock n rolling DJ STAY FROSTY EVERYONE!!

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