Wednesday, May 19, 2021

DJ Interviews: Lee Christian

 Hey there guys its your old pal The DJ here & here's my interview with singer Lee Christian.

How'd you get started in music?
At first I thought only geniuses like prince could do music but then nirvana happened and seeing kids in my local youth centre made it clear to me that I could do it too. Took a while to get any good at it but that sowed the seeds.

Who are your inspirations or influences?
Many, too many to name to be honest and not all of them are obvious in my music itself, but are a big influence on my approaches or ethics and such — Prince above and beyond all else. Other big ones would be: Nine Inch Nails, Beck, Terence Trent D'arby, Outkast, D'angelo, Ice Cube, Miles Davis, Living Colour, Nirvana & most of the Seattle and alternative rock of the 90's, Blur & the Britppop era bands, Tricky & triphop, Goldie & other dance music, lots of 60's & 70's music.

What advice would offer aspiring performers?
Decide if u want to do what other people want and maybe make money or do what u want and maybe spend a lot of money. Don't bother doing it if u can't give it your all. If u aren't having fun, it better be paying for u to have it later!

How do you set yourselves apart from other bands or singers?
Smilex are the rarest breed of band. Anyone who saw our/my on and off stage carnage and bloodshed remembers it. There are best live unsigned band awards & loads of footage still to verify that so that's easy to answer for the band. With my own stuff, I don't know... I guess I'm just weird so don't need to try as much as some people — I've always liked playing live and having as much fun as I can — even at others expense some times! Recording wise, I have never wanted to be like anyone and always try to make sounds that I haven't heard before production wise. Singing wise I just have my own voice and influences and years of experience and try to convey emotion honestly really.

Any new gigs or albums in the future?
Well, gigs are mostly down to the state of things I guess but I want to put on some soon as I can with the expanding Quickfix roster involved and I would squeeze on the bill somewhere I daresay — maybe with my awesome collective of funky musicians The Prohibition Smokers' Club who I'd like to finish a record for. Smilex recordings to work on too. Solo wise, I've been doing lots of mixing, production, mastering and remixing for other bands lately but hope to have a new single called 'vintage' out soon and an album or mini album to follow sometime soon after if I get enough time to work on it all! But rest assured any give month I am working on some music, be it recorded or live!
I sometime do little sets that are more like rehearsals or hang outs on Instagram so follow me there if u really want to catch me singing sometime soon. It's actually frustrating because I recently got endorsed by Vocalzone throat sweets I have used my whole career whilst paying for them and now I have so many sitting around because I don't get to go out and gig or even rehearse — even singing indoors is infrequent during a lockdown! hahaha! 

@leechristagram on insta
@leechristian69 on twitter

Special thanks to him for doing this interview & lots of luck to him in his band & their music. So until then I;ll catch you on The Flipside! stay awesome & rock n roll!

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