Saturday, May 22, 2021

DJ Interviews: Agency Panic

 Q1:  We all started out pretty young ,playing in bands & various other music projects since our teens. We've all jammed played or been in the same musical circle's pretty much all our lives and 20 odd years later we're still playing !! 

Q2:  Between us all, our musical tastes & influences can vary ;
        Tubs can be partial to a bit of trance & dance but also Deftones , NIN thrown in 
        Lee, anything from Iron Maiden to Primus and anything with a little funk 
        Harvey ranges from The Police to Helmet 
        Myself all of the above with some Tool & Ministry thrown in to spice it up
        Hence to say we boil a pretty big stew of influences !!

Q3:  Our advice would be depending what you want from music , for us it's a release . You could say self therapy . Whatever our goals are , writing for ourselves first is the most important, that way you'll enjoy every minute of it , which in turn will make you want to spend every minute doing it, which evidently makes you better ! 
So play as much as you can 

Q4: Essentially i think that questions more for the listener than us 

Q5: Currently have a couple of tracks on the boil in the studio at the moment just  keeping it ticking over... in a nutshell there's more panic to come ! In the meantime you can check out our earlier releases on all music platforms 

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