Saturday, May 8, 2021

DJ Interviews: All From Nothing

  I first started writing songs long before learning how to play a guitar when I was about 10-11 years old.  It just was something I loved doing and have had a love for music as long as I can remember.  I grew up like most kids in the 80s listening to their parents music in which my parents were big into all of the 70's and 80s rock bands, anything from Led Zepplin, Rolling Stones, Tom Petty, the Cars, Bruce Springsteen, Janice Joplin and then of course all the hair metal from the late 80s.  Grew up listening to a lot of mid to late 80s rock, early influences were Guns N Roses, Green Day, Nirvana, the Offspring and currently really like Rise Against. I consider myself having a wide spectrum  of music that I really enjoy and just depends on the mood that I am in as to what I am listening to.  The biggest advice I can suggest for other musicians is to do it because you love it, don't forget that as there is constant ups and downs of and shifts of momentum as you see success and then humbled back to earth as the progress can vanish just as quickly as it came.  Find your why, if you do it because you have a story to tell, know that you can still help others, even if it isn't to large crowds and a large audience and that making a difference in some positive way for even just one person is something to work off of.  I personally have made it a challenge to myself to be  a difference in other people's lives as much as I can and I like to write stories in my songs, about different issues that maybe can help whomever is listening to know they are not alone.  For myself, I just try to remain true to myself and what I like doing, the world will continue needing original people, expressing your talents how ever they fit within you, we don't need copycats.  Stay true to what you enjoy doing and work on your art to continue growing as a musician, song writer and focus on staying creative.  I have been told I have a unique voice that you don't hear from most other bands, I would say that is what makes myself unique.  As of now we are busy recording new music with the plan to release a full album late this summer/fall and with some changes internally within the band, we had our bassist recently leave to spend more time with family and doing things he wanted to do, we are busy on the new material and working with a new bassist that we will be announcing here in the next month or so.  Any other quesitons, please don't hesitate to reach out, thank you Dizzy! 

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