Sunday, May 23, 2021

DJ Interviews: Phoenix Crista

  Started as a music lover at a very early age (2etc) and would sing along to almost anything

That grew into a love of playing music and singing I was enrolled into royal conservatory of music for piano lessons around 5/6 and did that into my teenage years
That grew into a love of all genres and soon guitar playing
I bought myself my first guitar at age 21 and starting teaching myself how to play based on my knowledge of piano playing

That stemmed into the dream of building my own rock band...and here I am .

Influences vary from all genres
I have heavy grunge influences (Kurt cobain, bush x, silver chair etc)
As well as rap dance and metal
I am a lover of all music.

Life lessons and my life experience also play a part into my influence 
All of my writing and guitar playing seems to stem from an experience I’ve survived . Those come through in all of my musical projects.

3)my main advice is to remain authentic to your passions in life. Stay positive 
Fight through challenges with love in your heart 
And keep in mind there is a place in music for everyone

4)our  combination of old rock sounds vs new rock sounds mixed with quite alternative lyrics 
Also, for a new band we have mostly older members which is quite different in this day and age

5)We have just released a new song on our platforms (Spotify, Amazon, Deezer etc) called “Star Mirror”

We have a new single being released on May 21st called Follow You and there will be announcements after that release on the next singles

We have an album worth of material on our website as well as Spotify

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