Thursday, May 6, 2021

DJ Interviews: Late Night Frequency


“Hello guys, greetings from Malaysia! We are Late Night Frequency (LNF), an Indie Synth Pop Band all the way from Putrajaya, Malaysia and we are announcing our official single and music video release this week on the 20th April 2021 (Tuesday). 

Here is our press release with all of our promo materials on one google drive for your reference and use. Looking forward to hearing from you soon!”


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KUALA LUMPUR, April 20, 2021 (Tuesday) – Malaysian Synth Pop Band, Late Night Frequency today released their debut single, “Fun Lust Love” with it’s official music video (MV) on all streaming platforms and premier on TAPAU Asia’s website.


Fun Lust Love” is taken from the upcoming album by Late Night Frequency, also known as LNF, an independent band from Putrajaya which has a strong influence of synth pop and synthwave music. The upbeat song has a touch of city pop to it as it brings you the 80s vibe but in a modern kind of way. Frontman, Moja, wrote it early last year as it was the only thing that was keeping him sane during the first lockdown. Imagine electronic synths and funky guitars accompanied by retro drums and catchy vocals,  playing through your car radio as you cruise your way on the highway, it’s the perfect tune for a late night jam.


“Fun Lust Love” official MV was produced by Juicy Brain and Alam Bunyian, their very first collaboration together for a video production. The result? Mind-blowing. The MV took a cinematic approach and narrates as a short-film. The story started in a bedroom where the main character, a girl, got into a fantasy world with a playful werewolf by accident, was then brought into a world of collage and ended up back in her bedroom just to find that the werewolf is now in her reality. The MV ended with a plot twist that gives viewers the chance to come up with their own interpretation. The MV features LNF’s frontman as a cameo in the beginning of the MV for a couple of seconds, which gave it a nice touch. With the talented Aznie Azmi acting as the main actress of the MV, “Fun Lust Love” official MV is expected to garner attention from many.


LNF recently performed their debut live performance in front of a crowd during Malaysia’s first #HariGigKebangsaan at Alam Bunyian’s Disko Senyap, a silent-disco themed gig in Ruang, Subang Jaya on 11th April 2021. They also performed at Malaya Roll’s Santai Malam livestream event the night before, with LNF frontman performing as the werewolf himself on both nights. Appearing as a persona, Mr Wolf as he called himself, during their performances, made LNF live performances a special and a more life-like experience as a whole.


With the release of “Fun Lust Love” official audio and official MV, LNF is set to release more singles and MVs later this year, leading up to their debut album launch, “Diskografi” by end of this year. “Diskografi” will feature 9 to 10 English and Malay tracks with collaborations with hip hop artists such as Asyraf Nasir, Aiman Nomad and Ichu. While the album is still in progress, LNF have shown to be a promising act both online and also on the ground at gigs and concerts.


The Putrajaya-based band is relatively new in the Malaysian music scene but their members are all seasoned musicians from various indie bands, notably Monalyssa, Kolar Hijau, Shuuna and A. Limin. With humble beginnings playing in underground indie shows across Malaysia and even Thailand for the past 7 years, LNF is set to synth their way into Malaysia’s music industry this year, pulling attention locally and internationally.


“Fun Lust Love” was recorded and produced by LNF themselves, mixed and mastered by Taja Meet Uncle Hussain and is distributed by Spinnup, a digital music distributor owned by Universal Music Group.


For updates, follow LNF at their very own website,  and all of their other social medias; Youtube Late Night Frequency, Instagram @latenightfrequency , Twitter @LNFrequency , Soundcloud and Facebook; Late Night Frequency.

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