Saturday, November 21, 2020

DJ Interviews: The Turnstiles

Hey there everyone DJ Dizzy here & I had the pleasure of viewing a punk band by the name of the Turnstiles who had a lot to say regarding their musical beginings

  1. Callum (singer) kind of got everyone together. I think we were just the only four people he knew who played instruments, but there was a chemistry there straight away. Wasting Away, our first single, was the first song we wrote at our first practice, and now it gets sung back to us at gigs. That’s something we never would have imagined during that session.

  1. Obviously bands like Fontaines DC, Idles and Shame have really opened the door for post-punk guitar music at the moment, although I don’t think we sound anything like any of them. We get Amyl and the Sniffers and The Chats a lot, which is fair, they’re probably more direct influences of our sound.

  1. Don’t wait around hoping to get asked to play gigs. We tried to get in touch with so many venues without response at first, which can be demoralising, but in the end we just started putting on our own gigs, and after they got attention, local venues started getting in touch with us. There’ll always be somewhere that’ll let you rent the space for a night, get all your friends in, get them pissed, put on a good show, see what happens.

  1. I don’t think there’s a conscious effort to set ourselves apart really, we just write songs that are fun to play, and that we think will get a crowd rowdy. You can’t control these things, if people respond to you they do, if they don’t they don’t. 

  1. We’re headlining The Cellar in Galway on January 11th, as well as The Kasbah in Limerick on February 8th. New single is on the way too.

Turnstiles hail from Galway City in Ireland and have been together less than a year. They started off doing covers and now have a set list of their own blistering punk material.

Their first proper gig (not in a living room) was supporting a band called Felonies. They have built up extensive live experience and in December 2019 are supporting The Clockworks (signed by Alan McGee’s Creation Records) in Dublin and Galway. They had their first headline gig in Galway’s Róisín Dubh in November in Nov 2019 and have further headlines booked in January (Cellar Bar, Galway) and February (Kasbah, Limerick).

In September 2019 they released their first single Moving Forward/Wasting Away on Spotify. And they also won the Star Nation band competition in Whelan’s Dublin – press here. Some local articles here and here

The line-up is:

Callum Mitchell on vocals. 22, born in South London and lived there until he was 12. Now lives in Galway. Massive Arsenal fan. Loves the Stone Roses

Colm Sweeney on lead guitar. 22, born in Galway, previously played in band called Two Trees.  Big fan of Red Hot Chili Peppers

Cillian Ryan on rhythm guitar. 21, from Tuam Co. Galway. Previously played in a Tuam band called The Kegs. Influences include Pixies and Arctic Monkeys 

Jake Tiernan on bass. 20 from Galway. Main lyricist in the band. All time favourite artist is Bob Dylan and loves The Fall and Talking Heads. Previously in a band with Colm called The Vibe. 

Luke Mulliez on drums. 20 from Galway. In his first band. Current favourite is Girl Band.

Tracks to stream/download, videos and their social signals can be found at

Their manager is Richard Blowes

Special thanks to them for doing this interview & I wish them luck in their careers. So until then I'll catch you on the flipside. Stay awesome & rock n roll!

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