Friday, February 16, 2024

DJ Reviews: The Things I Feel by GIFT SHOP

 Hey there it's DJ Dizzy here & I'm doing a review of the song The Things I feel by the band Giftshop.

The band,

Giftshop is a New York based punk rock band who formed back in 2007, The members are Matt, Meghan, Damian, & Jordan who are highly inspired by the New York punk scene which shows alot in their music & their style. Their misic genres of choice are alt-rock & pop but mostly punk which serves as theor specialtiy.

The song,

The song uses a heavily punk inflenced sound that remotely remeniscent of the punk band Rancid there's also some elemnts pf the old school hardcore sound of the Ramones somewhat but it still manages to maintain a sound/style all its own. The lead singer's vocal style is a mixture of The Distillers Brody Dale with a hint of Wendy O Williams but manages to stay true to the her own sound by way of a rap which is very fast paced & unique.

Though the lyrics were hard to understand because it was a bit fast paced there is a hint of expressing emotion of love at its core overall it manages to get its point across without being overly muahy & is a real bop that'll have you want to mosh with your friends on the dance floor.

In conclusion,

The song offers a punk/rap style sound & is a very unique love song at that but overall its a good song that'll really get you moshing with your friends & I highly recommend them to anyone who is interested in the punk scene or is a major fan in general.

To find out more about Giftshop & their music you can visit their websote & to hear the song you can click the links below, So until then I'll catch you on The Flipside, Say frosty & rock n roll!

Giftshop- Things I Feel When I See You.


Giftshop- Webite - Music

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