Thursday, February 8, 2024

DJ Reviews: Dance Time by Electowave

Hey there everyone its DJ Dizzy & I just recently checked out the new album Dance Time by Electowave & for some that don't know who Electowave =ia, they're a techno based band who specialize in electronic music & they have a unique sound.

The following songs I sampled were Dance the Planet, Sound of colors, Ready To Fight, & Dance it. Now each song has a mashup of vocals & an electronic/ambient sound to them with a hint of electronica. 

The song Dance The Planet supposedy sent a message of peace & how music should comfort the world & well we do need more songs like that with the way things are right now but other than that its got a decent beat with it along with some vocals mixed into it.

Ready to Fight mainly emphsized the music & not so much the lyrics but its still a decent song  with some touches of techno & electronica mixed in. While the title might be misleading its still a decent song.

Sounds & Colors will also havi=e you bopping to it &because of its ambient/electronic prescence & it'll have you really seeing some colors as well as get you moving & also experiencing this ambient sound in a most unique way.

So in conclusion Electowave's new album is a very well done piece of work & fir sime of you first time listeners of Electowave feel free to sample some of their music of their album & be sre to check out more of their music whenever you get the chance & for any long time listeners of this band  I encourage you to check it out.

I'll be leaving you all a link to check out their new & here's hoping that you all enjoy it. Untill then I'll catch you on The Flipside! Stay frosty & rock n roll! 

Dance Tine- Electowave

Dance The Planet (

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