Saturday, February 10, 2024

DJ Reviews: In The Long Run

 Hello everyone my name is Dizzy & I'm your well known rock DJ bringing you anohter music review this time around on the new single by Nina Martieene titled, In The Long Run as produced by band Electowave,

Now after hearing this song I have to say that it has a very deep meaning about life & how we learn & grow from its experiences in the long run hence the name & the music style for it was a blues rock type instrumental with some folkish undertones but features an epic backup by the eletric guitar which heavily emphasized the song & helped to balance it out as well.

The music video for it was mostly just a literal day at the beacj  & exploring many places & incloded a bed of roses to say the least which also emphasized the meaning of the song'x message of that how we all take a journey & the time to do some reflecting on life experiences  be it through personal growth or the places that we;ve been, I say this because I too have had my fair share of eperiences & have been on some jourbneys of my own & so this is one song that I can honestly relte to. I'm sure that if some of you out there are willing to give the song a listen then I'm sure that you too will agree with the message of the song.

Nina has a decent & smooth vocal style that borders on the blues rock kind of sound with a hint of soul & she really gets the point across without having to overexagerrate the singing so I have to say that she did a fairly good job on her end.

Overall this song delivers both a good message about looking through lifes journey through many p;aces & in the long run looking back on our experiences regardless of what they might be. I''ll be leaving a link to the video for those who'd like to have a look & until then I'll catch you on The Flipside! Stay fristy & rock n roll!

In The Long Run- Nina Martieene

IN THE LONG RUN - Nina Martienne 💖 (Official Music Video) (

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