Wednesday, June 23, 2021

DJ Interviews: The Rebel

Hey there guys, here's my interview with The Rebel. 

Well my name is Gerald Mckinley-Roath aka The Rebel. ..I've been singing and playing and writing since the age of 12 I'm self taught no lessons I'm right handed but play left handed still strung right handed way I play upside down I write different and diverse songs raw in your face style I'm not just one style I'm many styles I do country rockabilly rock metal and punk and blues and gospel. ..I got into it cause my mom and dad both played and sang and my Grandma too so I watched and studied then taught my self influences vary cause 

I have a lot from Michael Jackson to the Beatles to Elvis to randy Travis George Jones Waylon Jennings Johnny Cash um randy Rhoades Zakk Wylde.....Motley Crue & all kinds of influence s....50s 60s 80s music and sum new music too many to mention.

my advice would be never ever give up on your dream and be true to your craft always and believe in yourself no matter what. ...even if theirs haters out their ....stand your ground for the passion and love of music ...

new cd soon but I have many singles out and I juts released a new one called down on my knees full production. ....

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