Thursday, June 24, 2021

DJ Interviews: Hire the Puppets


1. My Mom and Dad and really the whole family are all musicians going all the way back to our ancestors. My mom started singing in a band when she was 12 and got me started learning when I was three. I joined my first band also at 12 and have been playing ever since.

2. Influences, hmm, that's a long list! Love the Beatles, The Misfits is who introduced me to punk rock, Nirvana, Primus, Operation Ivy and the list goes on. I just love music of all kinds and learn a lot from each style. Punk, Alt, Grunge, Industrial, Jazz, Folk, Metal, Old school Rap, R&B, Funk and Soul are some of my top favorites. 

3. Well, first is always be true to yourself! Don't try to sound like this band or that artist. Be willing to step out of your comfort zone and try something new. Be willing though, to listen to feedback. Others can often hear what you can't. I personally have a small team of people that I know will give me the truth about my songs and I use them to review each and evdry song before releasing. There are a handful of unreleased songs because they didn't get good feedback. Lastly, practice practice practice and keep writing even if you think it sucks. Writing hones your skills and teaches you a lot and eventually you will find your sound. 

4. For one, I am disabled. I was hit by a drunk driver while riding my Motorcycle to a volunteer job I was starting that day. I lost my right leg, crushed my right hip, lost my entire left back muscle and crushed most of my teeth. I could play many instruments and sing but before that I was primarily a drummer. I still play drum on all my tracks but as far as being a drummer I just can't play long enough to preform shows. With the encouragement of my wife and friends I turned to writing and recording. Since I have only been at it for a year, my sound is still evolving and I think with this new song "Bury The Rhythm" I am closer to what will end up being the sound, style and esthetic of Hire The Puppets. 

5. I am currently working on a full length album which I am planning on releasing vinyl albums as well. This album will be an introduction to this new sound of HTP. 
As for shows, I have a whole bunch of requests to play gigs but, with no backing band I have to turn them down. I have someone for bass but need a drummer and keyboard player. I suppose I could just go accustic or play live with my songs as a backing track but I want to give my fans the best show I possibly can and I feel like seeing one guy on stage stuck behind a microphone would be boring. So, I would rather wait and give my best then to go out there and disappoint. 

Hope I didn't ramble to much. Feel free to cut the answers down if ya need. If you have any more questions I'd be happy to answer them. Thanks again for this opportunity! 

Many Blessings to you! 
Corey Ravns (Colagrossi) 
Hire The Puppets band

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