Thursday, June 10, 2021

DJ Interviews: Endless State

Hey there everyone 

 I got started back in 1995,when I got my first drum kit for Xmas and started a band with my college friends,I’ve been drummer for a few bands since then,mainly a band named Novice who where quite well known here in Northern Ireland.Novice split back in 2012 after I moved out to California to live,and once homesickness kicked in,I returned home late 2013..Novice never reformed so I decided to go solo and start ENDLESS STATE.

My influences are the UK synth sounds of the late 70s and 
80s,bands like Depeche Mode,The Cure,Human League,Siouxsie and the Banshees as well as heavier bands like The Sisters of Mercy and The Seattle Grunge scene..mainly Nirvana.

My advice for any aspiring performers out there would be to just follow your heart and go for what’s right for you! Pick up a guitar and just mess about with it till it makes a noise that’s good enough to start writing your own material,it doesn’t matter how badly you play as long as it comes from the heart and your passionate about what your doing!

I set myself apart from other performers because I’ve been at this for 26 years now and the others seem to be half my age! Lol seriously though,my sound is slightly old school..industrial,synth with big drums and heavy melodic guitars!! It’s very 80s in places as that’s when I really 1st fell in love with music.

I don’t have any gigs coming up as I tend to be a recording artist and give the world my music that way..I do however have a new Album coming out next month! ‘END OF DAYS’ drops on June 11th and will be available to download on all digital platforms.

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