Monday, June 14, 2021

DJ Interviews Grunge Norris

 Hey there guys here's my interview with Grunge Norris enjoy!


I got started around the mid 90’s as a vocalist & lyricist fronting a band with some school chums. We played mainly covers of bands like Metallica , Red Hot Chilli Peppers , Nirvana & The Kinks to name but a few. Around about 97/98 I started to learn guitar simply for the reason I was never very happy with the music other people put to my lyrics so I took up guitar simply with the aim of being able to write my own music with my own lyrics. I never thought I’d be good enough to end up as a guitar playing frontman but here I am nearly a quarter of a century later & very glad I took that decision in my formative years.


I have too many influences really to list each one but I’d say the main influences on me that inspired me to actually become a musician myself would be Nirvana & The Doors. I was transfixed by both those bands as a kid & they would really be the prime influences on me pursuing music as a career. My main influences for the next record I’m working on though would be , Kyuss , System Of A Down , Melvins , PJ Harvey , Iggy Pop & Jackson C Frank. I am also very heavily influenced by 90’s hip hop artists such as Wu Tang Clan , KRS 1 & Gangstarr to name but a few. In the 00’s Jack White was also a huge influence on me turning me on to people like Robert Johnson , Son House , Blind Willie McTell & other greats from the delta blues genre. I am also very heavily influenced by the films of Stanley Kubrick , Quentin Tarantino & The Coen Brothers so often take reference or inspiration from those guys too.


My main advice to any aspiring performers & artists would really be just enjoy yourselves , enjoy the journey & take a moment every now & again just to enjoy the view from where you are at that point. Whether at the beginning the middle or the end of your journey try & enjoy each stage. When I was younger I was far too goal oriented. I never took the time sometimes to just appreciate the journey that I was on & the distance I’d already travelled. I was so laser focused on the end game that in some respects that made me make some bad decisions which we all do it’s just part of the learning process. But my main piece of advice would just be enjoy it.


Well if you Google ‘ Grunge Norris ‘ there is only me so I’d say I’m unique in that sense. I think maybe what sets me apart at the moment is the genre hopping of the last record ‘ Bad Monkeys ‘ although with the follow up that I’m currently working on I hope to be a bit more specific than I was on the last record. It’s a very difficult question to answer really & one I’d be more comfortable leaving to others. I’m simply Grunge Norris no relation to Chuck.


As of this moment in time due to the clusterfuck that is Covid 19 I have no gigs or live performances planned for the immediate future. I’m kinda in between band mates at the moment as well so there’s a lot I need to do before actually getting out & performing again although I do hope to get out playing live again in some capacity at some stage in 2021 & am planning also at some stage to do a live acoustic set over the internet. I can however inform you though that I am currently working on the follow up to Bad Monkeys as we speak. I have a plethora of new songs to choose from and at this moment in time it’s a possibility that I may indeed have enough material to release 2 records once I can get back in the studio again & start laying down some stuff. I hope to start doing that ASAP & at the moment am just demoing all my new stuff at home.

Ok Dizzy hope that’s cool for you tried my best to answer all questions as concisely as possible. If there’s anything else you need from me or you think I’ve overlooked then let me know & I’ll be happy to answer any further questions you may have.

If not let me know when the interview will be live & I will share the link with all my followers on Twitter.

Special thanks to him on this interview & I wish him lots of luck. So until then I;ll catch you on The Flipside! Stay awesome & rock n roll!

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