Tuesday, June 29, 2021

DJ Interviews: Neoborn Caveman

 Hey there all, Its the DJ  & heres my interview with Neoborn Caveman



1. That's an interesting question. Probably at the age of ten when my cousin took me to a rock concert... :)

Later on I took several and different paths to find my real voice and sound. Although there was scarcity when it came to owning instruments this I believe just made me more creative. For so long I wanted to be "Bon Jovi", but you know, I had to realize that job had already been taken. :)

As my life changed I also took different directions, ultimately I self-resigned, self-isolated from all the noise and composed only healing music and classical piano suites for a decade.

And when my life took an unexpected turn, I came out to heal through music, and show an optionable path for anyone who feel undre rock bottom and lives behind the rainbow.



2. To think of, musically speaking it's hard to find good inspirations since I find pretty hard to distinguish a person from his/her art. Well, Michael Jackson, Sting, Jon Bon Jovi, Johann Sebastian Bach, Luciano Pavarotti come to my mind at first with some local artists and heroes. You know, hearing one or two songs like Child In Time by the Deep Purple, or the early The Europe all count into. And yes, would have been glad to meet and talk to David Bowie...



3. This is something I also often ask from other artists... It might sound strange and less fashionable, but just rely onto your actual inner thoughts, embrace the struggle to meet the real you and use that. Be brave to be vulnerable, that's human and shows strength. Forget, honestly, just forget the trends and all the "success stories". Prince got "that" fame by his 6th album. Bon Jovi only got "that" big after their 3rd album yet they prefet the 5th as the real them. Bruce Springsteen had 10 years prior to become "the Bruce Springsteen". Elton John was thrown hot-dogs at in his early career. Yet, they always dared to experiment and renew themselves, despite every odds. I think, in many, many ways it's harder today but if you are real, honest, authentic and have integrity, those matter more than a fancy virtuousity or glimmering dance-skills. Anything you can do at a campfire, by the river with no electricity that matters. Never listen to the naysaysers, not even to your inner one, you are worthy, you are capable, you have potential.



4. I always want to invent every single sound in my songs - though I also tried samples - and be real what I want to say. You know, there is this fine balance where you are putting yourself out and still train, practice and only accept the most professional outcome possible. On my latest album, "The Break-up Therapy", I was working with Grammy winners and nominees, all had magnificent humbleness to accept and willingness to contribute. And I write for the people not for myself, though I find myself in the songs, too. And I always experiment and challenge myself.



5. Well, right now a meditative, healing song is coming out, titled "Spring Change". This year I've already released 5 other singles... I'm currently recording a talk-show where I co-host, that will air this summer. And well, the new album "Mirrors Have Just Muted Cries" is almost ready, so, that'll come soon.

Plus, after a longer hiatus, I'm going to give more interviews and talks from now on.

Special thanks to him for this interview & I wish him luck in his music so until then I'll catch you on The Flipside. Stay awesome & rock n roll!

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