Thursday, December 22, 2022

DJ Interviews: Keith Shaw

 Here's my interview with singer, Keith Shaw

1) How'd you get started in music?
I didn't start playing guitar like a lot of people do in their youth. My music journey came much later in my 40's. I was determined to learn how to play and purchased a guitar without knowing a note or a chord! I played with a band for about 9 years and then had to stop. I didn't do anything musically for years, until about 8 years ago. In my second incarnation, I started to write original music and lyrics and in 2017, started recording. Since then, I've produced a number of singles and 2 albums that have been aired worldwide.

2) Who are your inspirations or influences?
My influences are always changing! Most recently, I have been inspired by singer-songwriters like Bob Dylan, Keb' Mo', Robert Johnson and other blues / americana style players. Who knows who it could be in 2023. But, I am most comfortable in the singer-songwriter pocket.

3) What advice would you offer aspiring performers?
Learn to write music and lyrics. Build relationships with radio stations and shows if you create recordings and want to get them out there. Watch out for the scammers that want your money and promise the world. Be patient.

4) How do you set yourselves apart from other bands or singers?
Writing music and lyrics I think is my biggest way in creating my own space. When I do play live, 95% of my sets are my original music. I'm quite proud that I can fill a 2 to 3 hour show with my own songs.

5) Any new gigs or albums in the future?
My second album, "Tacos and Beer" was just released on 15 December 2022 with the title track beginning to get airplay on radio and of course all the streaming services, etc. I have approximately 20-25 songs in my portfolio with some that should start to come together for an album in 2023. Performance-wise, I did quite a decent number of shows and local festivals in 2022, while recording "Tacos and Beer". I'm actually looking to step back and focus on just writing and recording as my primary focus. The creation of a new song, and taking that all through the production, engineering, and marketing is where my comfort zone is. But, things could change as they tend to do.

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