Friday, December 23, 2022

DJ Interviews: Slower The Band

Heres my interview with Slower The Band as each member took time to answer some of  the questions Enjoy


1. Most of my family members play an instrument, so as long as I kept my eyes and ears open it was bound to happen. 

2. Just any artist who pushes themselves creatively while still having a rawness and emotional quality to their music - that can get lost sometimes when you're trying to make something experimental. Bjork is someone I admire most for getting that balance right for so long. 

3. That being a perfectionist is a good thing if you're in a band - but I think if you're an artist on your own it's impossible to get anything done. When the guys in the band start to look comfortable with the song and say how they feel about it, that collaboration gets things finished. So if you're an obsessive eejit like me, collaborate! 

4. I don't really think that's possible - the best we can do is take our range of influences and blend them together. Maybe in our area there's no one like us, but then I haven't listened to every band in a 5 mile radius. 

5. We plan to release body pillows of ourselves, as well as Nightcore remixes of the singles. 


Answers 1. When I was about 8 my dad showed me a video of hawkwind at a festival he had been to. I thought playing guitar looked so cool so I decided to play guitar and from then on I’ve been doing music. 

2. It changes all the time! At the moment it’s Black Country new road but bands like new order, shortwave set and loads of dub reggae that I was brought up on have influenced me when writing music. 3. Don’t take it too seriously. I used to get really nervous before playing live about making mistakes but really nobody will notice just do the best you can and have fun. 

4. I’m not really sure that you can do that. Any performer is always taking influence from other bands what they do well and trying to add that to their own performance in some way. It’s hard to set yourself apart from other bands or singers because you will always be similar in some way the best thing to do is try and be yourself really. 

5. Hopefully in the new year for gigging and we have recorded two other singles to come out in 2023 as well and we would love to do an album hopefully some time in the future. 


Answers 1. When I was 14 a friend randomly asked for me to make a band with him for the schools battle of the bands and told me to play drums, it never happened but I had the idea of playing drums in my head from then on. I seen a full drum kit in Costco and told my dad I wanted one for Christmas, luckily on Christmas Day I walk downstairs to a bit Liverpool red one and the rest is history… 

2. I like artists who don’t stick to the same sound they push themselves out of there comfort zone. I was brought up on Van Morrison, The Who, Lightening seeds and ABBA. But my biggest influences are The Beatles, Arctic monkeys, Jimmy Eat World, the black keys and a not very well known band Deaf Havana. I love all kinds of music tho, I’m obsessed with Eminem and at the moment I love a band called kid kapichi. 

3. If you really love it you should try to put absolutely everything into it, try make connections, network and practice whenever you have the spare time. You shouldn’t compare yourself to anyone and try be confident in your own ability don’t put yourself down, just try to enjoy every second. 

4. I think every band is influenced by someone and takes certain styles or sounds. But I do feel that we test ourselves creatively and lots of our songs sound completely different to each other which is rare because most bands find a sound they like and stick to it. We have one song that sounds like queens of the Stone Age and then suddenly we’re playing a song that sounds like talking heads. 

5. Hopefully in the new year we’ll start gigging supporting some big bands and build an audience. It’ll be great to do a sell out headline when we’re ready to promote one of our singles that will be out for the new year too. I’d love to play some festivals during the summer and play more cities outside Liverpool that I haven’t played before. Would love to release an album as well get it on a sexy vinyl. 


1 When I was a wee lad, my older brother started learning the guitar and writing music. He inspired me to do the same so I started learning myself. I also came across other musically interested people in school so it just took off from there really. 

2 Oh there are loads, I feel I like most music genres and am very open minded to new artists and styles. My favourites I keep coming back to though have got to be Daft Punk, Radiohead, talking heads and Dua Lipa to name a few. 

3 My advice would be to regularly practice your instrument, and with the band, but importantly do it to have fun. I used to put a lot of pressure on myself sometimes when performing live or practicing, when really, you're there to enjoy it and make some boss tunes. 

4 I don't think you can really, I think you're always going to be influenced by varies artists when making music whether you do it consciously or not. Though I do think we as a band try and test ourselves and push our limits by trying different sounds and things. 

5 Yeah, we plan on gigging more soon and start getting our name out there, we also wanna release some other singles we have recorded and will do it soon ™

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