Saturday, December 17, 2022

DJ Interviews: Eric Spence of Letters To Mercy

 Here's my interview with songwriter/performer Eric Spence of the band, Letters To Mercy

I got my start in music at an early age, after watching my father play his guitar when I was 10 It was all to clear to me that music was my true love because of the emotional connection it gave to me.

My inspirations are raw feelings and how I see the world as it is presented to me distorted or honest.My influences are the Cure, David Bowie, Prince and B.R.M.C.

My advice to other performers is to make sure you are always engaged w your audience and remember no matter what happens to never stop.Also remember it's a show so make it something  that they wont forget.

How do I set myself apart from other musicians, well I can start by astablishing my own genre of music NewCenturyPopGlam. Also I don't follow the trends necessarily I do my own thing because if its good then it will hold its own regardless. My fans appreciate that more than just fitting in,I believe.

New shows and releases
I have no shows planned as of yet for 2023
I have been working on a select bunch of cover songs that I will be releasing as well as new material for the new year and hope to get you into NewCenturyPopGlam. 

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