Saturday, December 10, 2022

DJ Interviews Chip Whitson (Chipockabilly)

 Here's my interview with Rockabilly rocker Chip Whitson

1) I can recall being 3 years old and seeing singers and guitarists on TV, and I knew at that time "this is what I want to do".   At age 13 I acquired my first electric guitar and once I had 3 chords under my belt, I recruited a couple class mates, and started my first band (High Voltage - ha ha).  We played the county fair that summer, and received a positive response.  That was all I needed to know that I would play in bands for as much of my life as possible.   

2) My parents weren't musical at all, but they had some great records in the house, and let me help myself to them as much as I wanted.  I could drop the needle on a specific album cut at a very young age.  The records we had were all the recognized early rock and roll pioneers.  Elvis, Chuck Berry, and Fats Domino.   Those artists, although well before my time, pretty much formed the foundation of my style. Going to high school in the early 80s, I was also influenced by the new wave, and power pop sounds of Billy Idol, The Knack, INXS. Lastly, one of my early guitar teachers turned me on to the Rolling Stones, and I can't begin to tell you how much that band, and their music means to me.

3) Advice? Don't be afraid to embrace the way you naturally sound.  I spent the first 20 years of my music career trying to sound and look like my musical heroes.  The result, is that I still wound up sounding like me.  You'll hear small bits of my influences, but I still just sound like me.  In the end, that is a good thing.  The musical world doesn't need a second Billy Idol, as much as I love that cat.
Also, watch how much gear you buy, if you think that alone is going to get you to the level you are seeking.  In the end, it's all about a good song.  Put your efforts into a good song.  A great song on an $80 guitar will always trump a bad song on a $3000 guitar. 

4) Going back to the previous question, I simply accept the sound and songs that naturally come out of me.  I may sound a bit rockabilly, but I think the authenticity comes through, and that has resulted in acceptance of my sound from the Heavy Metal community, the Country community, Rockabilly fans, Popsters, and Jazz folks.  The support I find via Twitter, and other platforms is incredible, and I make sure and send that support back to other music makers out there.  

5) My musical compadre, Bob Wire, and I just released a new Christmas themed rock and roll album entitled "Exile on 34th St"  (a nod to the Stones).  11 new rock n roll holiday tracks that should appeal to folks that maybe don't experience Christmas as a joyous time, or perhaps are just tired of the same old 12 songs they hear at Christmas every year.   The album is available on  - Download and/or CD, and will be available on all major streaming platforms by Dec. 17th.   For live music, I play in a cover band here in Spokane, WA. called "Big Boombox".   Live music venues are few and far between, but we are grateful to have some gigs lined up at a neat new venue nearby in Coeur d' Alene, Idaho.  Kava Bar CDA  on Jan 7th and 28th.    Expect new, non holiday rock and roll from me in 2023 as well.  At the very least an EP, if not a full album. I love writing and recording, so I'll keep doing it until they haul me away and make me stop.  

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