Tuesday, December 20, 2022

DJ Interviews: ISEE

 Here's my interview with singer, ISEE


2:20 AM (5 hours ago)
to me
1-how’d i get started
my friend around a year ago started producing beats for fun. When i saw how proud of his stuff he was i told myself i had to try. I honestly needed purpose in life too and saw the opportunity to fill that space i went for it as consistantly as i could. Now its just a must do for everyday 

Id have to say post malone for his easygoing vibe and oliver francis. Oliver francis made me feel my own memories in a nostalgic way through several of his songs. What i felt from his music was real.i work everyday on music trying to make music that makes me feel like his music does

Hate yourself all you want but never stop. When i started id depress over the fact that my music sucked but maybe an hour later id be making beats again. Just keep doing it like you need it to breathe

4-what makes me original:
I mean besides the fact that im a french canadian making music in english, id say simply that ive always been unique in what i do.

5-next gig or album?:
working a lot on marketing these days but i got a single comming thats going to hype tf outta anyone listening.im going FUBAR

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