Wednesday, July 7, 2021

DJ Interviews: Spunky Munkey

 How'd you get started in music? 

Always had an ear for sound and many songs meant things to me at various points in life. I did not play an instrument till my early 20's.  Got into playing guitar seriously then though, always kept a guitar close by, took lessons, practiced 2hrs every day. Played a lot of cover tunes, then later on got into writing songs.

Who are your inspirations or influences?

For musicians, my 3 influences were Page, Blackmore and Hendrix. For inspiration, if a song idea is coming to me I will usually come up with a few chords on a guitar shortly after picking it. Other times a current issue in society might arouse my attention or I may develop an opinion on something which could become a song title. Obviously, cliche words are sometimes good song titles.  Another inspiration is the creation of a new song itself, all the work and creativity that goes into that. I sometimes look back at some songs written and say for example that's an interesting chord sequence or rhythm etc.  Other times I think, how did I pull that off, which can inspire something new.

What advice would offer aspiring performers?

Develop the skills as a player, singer, songwriter etc, practice consistently. When you are ready and you know that you have something together, test it out to make sure that others think you are ready. Perform live as much as possible, find a good manager and have a vision of who you are and where you want to go. Find people who think the way you do.

How do you set yourselves apart from other bands or singers?

The competition is with yourself, the songs you write, the way you play guitar and the guitar solos you make. Musicians are family so there should be room for everyone's uniqueness and creativity.

Any new gigs or albums in the future?

As Spunky Munkey a large number of songs have been created. The best received CD was "The Clones" one.
Currently new songs are released as singles and there is usually a new song always in the works or a song idea. The latest release is The Explorer.

Lo-Fi on this list denotes the master is lost and the song was not recorded again. There are probably more legacy songs to add, once they are located, if that be the case.

Spunky Munkey Songs

1.10,000 Photographs (single)

2.911 Love Call (single)

3.Alive (single)

4.All I Can Say (single)

5.All My Loving (single)

6.All the Way (single)

7.Amy (single)

8.Are You Happy (single)

9.Bad Jazz: A Little Wow

10.Bad Jazz: Bad Jazz

11.Bad Jazz: Love 3d

12.Bad Jazz: Love Is a Flower

13.Bad Jazz: Paint the Sky

14.Bad Jazz: Say My Name

15.Bad Jazz: Slide Down the Road Sideways

16.Bad Jazz: So High

17.Bad Jazz: Thick of It

18.Bad Jazz: Tied Up in Love

19.Bleed Into Your Heart (single)

20.Bombs Away (single)

21.Brand New Way (single)

22.Bring on the Beat (single)

23.Carmel (single)

24.Clones: Love Comes from the Mind

25.Clones: Love Control

26.Clones: Take a Chance

27.Clones: On Top of You

28.Clones: So into You

29.Clones: One Life

30.Clones: I Do Care

31.Clones: Groovin Smoothly

32.Clones: Heartbrake

33.Clones: Foot Loose and Fancy Free

34.Clones: Hold on Tight

35.Clones: We Are Tribe

36.Clones: Wild Love

37.Clones: How Did You Die

38.Clones: She Loves You Ya

39.Cmon for the Ride (single)

40.Combat Zone B (single)

41.Connect (single)

42.Crazy Tonight (single)

43.Dazy Day (single)

44.Deep Blue See (single)

45.Rolling On (single) not released

46.Deep Inside You (single)

47.Don't Look Back (single)

48.Double Trouble (single)

49.Dream More Than Words (single)

50.Easy Breezy: Color of Love

51.Easy Breezy: Be With You

52.Easy Breezy: Fire Love

53.Easy Breezy: Dance With a Stranger

54.Easy Breezy: Smooth Buns

55.Easy Breezy: Somewhere in the Universe

56.Easy Breezy: Hey Mr Jones

57.Easy Breezy: Say Maybe

58.Easy Breezy: Tell Me Why

59.Easy Breezy: To Yesterday

60.EL Loco Ghosto: Grooving Smoothly

61.EL Loco Ghosto: One Shiny Moment

62.EL Loco Ghosto: Spaceship Galaxy

63.EL Loco Ghosto: Kayla

64.EL Loco Ghosto: Suck It Up

65.EL Loco Ghosto: Hot Shaker

66.EL Loco Ghosto: I'm Cold

67.EL Loco Ghosto: Peace and Love

68.EL Loco Ghosto: Let's Rock N Roll

69.EL Loco Ghosto: Lover's Cross

70.Evergone (single)

71.Exxotica (single)

72.Firebright (single)

73.Fly Away (single)

74.Foot Loose Fancy Free (single)

75.Get Wild (single)

76.Give a Little More Love (single)

77.Ground Shaker (single)

78.Hand in Hand (single)

79.Hand N Hand (single) different version

80.Happy Town (single)

81.Heady Heart (single)

82.Heart Song (single)

83.Hit Suspicion: Fly With You

84.Hit Suspicion: It's the View

85.Hit Suspicion: Love Is the Energy

86.Hit Suspicion: It's Everything

87.Hit Suspicion: You Love Me Up

88.Hit Suspicion: Meant to Be

89.Hit Suspicion: Don't Get Buried Alive

90.Hit Suspicion: Shake It

91.Hit Suspicion: I Want to Love

92.Hit Suspicion: Pleasure and Pain

93.Hit Suspicion: Happy You and Me

94.Hot Spot (single)

95.I Don't Wannabe (single)

96.I Feel It With You (single)

97.I Remember You (single)

98.I Won't Be Home Tonight (single)

99.I'm Your Sunshine (single)

100.It Fits Right (single)

101.Jason Knocker (Halloween) (single)

102.Just Bibbly: Tin Man

103.Just Bibbly: We Are the Dream

104.Just Bibbly: Dynamite

105.Just Bibbly: Get on the Beat

106.Just Bibbly: It's My Time

107.Just Bibbly: Clearlight

108.Just Bibbly: Dream Highway

109.Just Bibbly: Love and Light

110.Just Bibbly: Breathe

111.Just Bibbly: You Send Me

112.Just Rocking On (single)

113.Keep the Rock On (single)

114.Kick Start (single)

115.Leisure Holic Fan (single)

116.Lies (single)

117.Living the Good Life (single)

118.Living the Life (single)

119.LO-FI Xcess: Btdt

120.LO-FI Xcess: Train Rolls On

121.LO-FI Xcess: City Baby

122.LO-FI Xcess: Like Father Like Son

123.LO-FI Xcess: Average Man

124.LO-FI Xcess: Bernadette

125.LO-FI Xcess: Brothagoode

126.LO-FI Xcess: Corner of No Love

127.LO-FI Xcess: 3 Words

128.LO-FI Xcess: Diva Divine

129.Love (single)

130.Love in the Candlelight (single)

131.Love Love Love (single)

132.Love Play (single)

133.Love Stalker (Halloween) (single)

134.Made in the Shade (single)

135.Mrs D (single)

136.My Party Town (single)

137.Nothing New (single)

138.One Heart One Song (single)

139.One on One (single)

140.Our Dancing Days (single)

141.Our Name (single)

142.Paid the Piper (single)

143.Paint the Sky (single)

144.Pan D 2020: Around and Around

145.Pan D 2020: Blackpink Return

146.Pan D 2020: Get on the Beat

147.Pan D 2020: Go for Broke

148.Pan D 2020: Goes to Show

149.Pan D 2020: I Want To

150.Pan D 2020: It's Just Love

151.Pan D 2020: It's the Headway

152.Pan D 2020: Long May We Run

153.Pan D 2020: Right Here Right Now

154.Planet Love Dove (single)

155.Power and Passion (single)

156.Put Your Heart Into It (single)

157.Real Love (single)

158.Red Hot (single)

159.Relectric: You Won't Find Me Around

160.Relectric: Slowly Sinking

161.Relectric: Deal Is Done

162.Relectric: Get the Funk Out

163.Relectric: Blues Feel

164.Relectric: Out of Sight

165.Relectric: Every Little Thing

166.Requiem: All or Nothing

167.Requiem: American Dream

168.Requiem: Around Here

169.Requiem: Cute Rocker Chick

170.Requiem: Friend

171.Requiem: I Don't Know Why

172.Requiem: On the Edge

173.Requiem: Shine on You

174.Requiem: These Daze

175.Requiem: We Still Need More Love

176.Rock Your Heart (single)

177.Rock Your Locks Off (single)

178.Say It (single)

179.Shadow in your Eyes (single)

180.Shake It (single)

181.Shame (single)

182.Share It: Easy Street

183.Share It: UR My Sin

184.Share It: Touch and Go

185.Share It: Go Tokyo

186.Share It: She

187.Share It: Mr Bean

188.Share It: Share It

189.Share It: Be With You

190.Share It: Love Is All Around Us

191.Share It: Echoes and Rainbows

192.She Comes On (single)

193.Show Respect (single)

194.Since I'm With You (single)

195.Sing Like an Angel (single)

196.Sing With Soul (single)

197.Some Daze (single)

198.Somewhere in the Universe (single)

199.Sooner or Later (single)

200.Sparkle On (single)

201.Stone in our Eyes (single)

202.Talking Bout Love (single)

203.The AfterGlow (single)

204.The Collector (single)

205.The Fix (single)

206.The Spark: Automatic

207.The Spark: Bleed Red

208.The Spark: Blues Feel

209.The Spark: Brother Good

210.The Spark: Cha Cha Touche

211.The Spark: End of Free Time

212.The Spark: Hole in Your Soul

213.The Spark: Shock Me and Awe Me

214.The Spark: Soul in You

215.The Spark: You're Gold

216.The Wow (single)

217.The Zodiac (Halloween) (single)

218.Thick of It (single)

219.Tidbits Lo-Fi: Rock On

220.Tidbits Lo-Fi: Squeegee Man

221.Tidbits Lo-Fi: TANGBSTS

222.Tidbits Lo-Fi: Fly Away

223.Tidbits Lo-Fi: Gunga

224.Tidbits Lo-Fi: New Orleans is Moving On

225.Tidbits Lo-Fi: Dieing on the Sahara

226.Touch N Go (single)

227.Truth or Dare: Boom

228.Truth or Dare: Diamond Days

229.Truth or Dare: Hard Days Day

230.Truth or Dare: Hot Ride Tonight

231.Truth or Dare: Lonely Wounds

232.Truth or Dare: Love Bomb

233.Truth or Dare: Love Ya Baby

234.Truth or Dare: Mercy Mercy

235.Truth or Dare: Stranger

236.Truth or Dare: Truth or Dare

237.Under the Sun Sky (single)

238.War is Coming (single)

239.We Are One (single)

240.We're Ok (single)

241. When I Grow Up (single)

242.Where Life Glows (single)

243.While the Sun Shines On (single)

244.Why (single)

245.Wild Side (single)

246.Wildun (single)

247.Wish You Ok (single)

248.Wishing For Yesterday (single)

249.With Your Love (single)

250.Yer Dead (single)

251.Yesterdaaay (single)

252.You (single)

253.You Become (single)

254.Biddy Bros (single)

255.Tricky DJ (single)

256.NFT (single)

257.I Wonder Why (single)

258.Ticking Ticking Baby (single)

259.Drive Lo-Fi (single)

260.Heart and Soul Lo-Fi (single)

261.Still Be There Lo-Fi (single)

262.I Love You (My Lady) Lo-Fi  (single)

263.Its Up to You Lo-Fi (single)

264.Good Times to Come Lo-Fi (single)

265.Splatter Lo-Fi (single)

266.Bills Song Lo-Fi (instrumental) (single)

267.Deva Devine Lo-Fi (single)

268.Fix the Roads from Yesterday Lo-Fi (single)

269.Love Always Knows Lo-Fi (single)

270.Its Time Lo-Fi (single)

271.Tonight in my Soul Lo-Fi (single)

272.Without You Lo-Fi (single)

273.So Smile Lo-Fi (single)

274.If You Could See Lo-Fi (single)

275.Bingo Bunny Lo-Fi (single)

276.Hurtin Man Lo-Fi (single)

277.Mommas Lost Again Lo-Fi (single)

278.How Much I Love You (single)

279.Average Man Lo-Fi (single)

280.She Doesn't Love Me Lo-Fi (single)

281.Winners and Losers Lo-Fi (single)

282.Boo Hoo Boo Boo (single) Lo-Fi

283.I Should Say (single)

284.Give Me a Break (single)

285.New World Order (single)

286.Be All You Can Be (single)

287.Last Kiss (single)

288.Rythm of Life (single)

289.Certified Rose (single)

290.WW3 (single)

291.Diamond Hands (single)

292.The Explorer (single)

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